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    Hunting a Beast! (Mission)

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    Yoriko Nara
    Yoriko Nara

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    Hunting a Beast! (Mission) Empty Re: Hunting a Beast! (Mission)

    Post by Yoriko Nara Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:40 pm

    A wild beast lurked just outside of the village, just a few meters away from the village gates. It was no small animal or something that could easily be taken care of with just one person. Oho, that would've solved everything if only the situation was so simple. But no, it was something bigger than that. And it looked bigger than average, too. A white antelope. Its crooked horns ready to ram and stab and hooves that were ready to push forward. It wandered mindlessly around the sand, but it looked like it was contemplating when it should push forward, to cause mayhem and grant havoc in the Sun Village.

    A job that would've been done a lot sooner if Yoriko's partner was around!

    The young woman stood in front of the village gates with her arms crossed on her chest and gentle taps from her foot to maintain her patience. Her katana was sheathed behind her back with a small medic bag that carried other necessities to aid her and others. The moment she was informed of what was going on and assigned this mission, Yoriko did whatever she could to get to the area of problem as soon as possible. What were the odds of a wild animal that was bigger than usual just wandering aimlessly near the village? It wasn't something seen everyday, but it was bound to happen.

    The only issue was that she was assigned a partner. Such a large creature could easily overpower a Genin. Not that Yoriko couldn't handle the beast herself. The issue also didn't rely on having a partner, but the partner she was specifically assigned with. She wasn't given much details about who she was working with, but she already figured out one thing about them: being punctual wasn't their strong suit. She couldn't handle it alone as much as she wanted to. She needed back up. She didn't want to risk the chance of screwing up this mission and taking all the blame for it.

    It took ten minutes. Ten. Minutes. Her partner finally arrived before Yoriko was about to jump at the white antelope head on. She turned her head around to take a good look at her partner. She kept a stoic expression, but she was taken aback by his appearance. He physically looked capable, but that was just on looks alone. She could only hope he wouldn't slow her down, but as of now the only thing she could do is to trust her partner. After all, they were assigned for this mission together.

    Yoriko sighed in minor annoyance as she turned her attention back to the beast. "If I didn't know any better, I would've went for the beast all by myself and wrestle it by the horns." She chuckled dryly.

    "Anywho, the beast is a white antelope. It appears to be a lot bigger than usual, so this isn't a ordinary threat as it should be..." She trailed off momentarily to spare another glance at her partner. Maybe she could quickly use this as an opportunity to perhaps have her partner redeem himself from being so late. Already regret traveled all over, but who knew? Maybe he had a thing for the element of surprise. Right?

    "That said, do you have any sort of plan on how we should... lure the animal away from the village?"
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    Hunting a Beast! (Mission) Empty Re: Hunting a Beast! (Mission)

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