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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]


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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

    Post by Kensei Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:46 pm

    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] D3sfht10

    The aroma of Spice and rum circulating through the air guided Kensei through the narrow lantern lit streets in the direction of clamoring market square within the Village of the Sun. He moved sluggishly but quickly, skipping from rooftop to rooftop. His open robe hanging over his bare shoulders bore the Uchiha sigil at its center, its sleeves flapping gently besides him. He looked good over the roof top skies his tired dark eyes laid hidden beneath his oversized straw hat, set  the well lit lower center of the village . He made an effort to avoid the local alleyway artist expressing themselves or the other miscreants of the night moving in the shadows within the surrounding area. It was his night off after all he thought, he figured he’d enjoy it while he could. He shook his head back as he caught the scent of spilled alcohol, briefly stepping quietly over the man who had started the night well ahead of his own and now found himself in a puddle of his own waist; seemingly ignoring him.

    Breaking through the darkness into the brightly streets at the main square he sighed to himself, not expecting the crowd of people moving aimlessly thought he night. He took a few steps forward before stopping for a moment, as his eyes adjusted to the brightly lit streets overloaded his senses. By the look of it one would not have guessed the time of day. Kensei thought to himself, dusting off the alleyway dust on his black baggy joggers. Music filled the surrounding area here, as lively street merchants and artist performed on every street to the appeal of gathering crowds Taverns had spilled to the streets as men and women danced on the sidewalks, drinking their sorrows away. Kensei ducked effortlessly through the dense night traffic, avoiding the larger crowds of like minded individuals whom had sought the escape from solace behind vice and sustenance. The aroma that had rose him from his slumber still the object of his desire, and now growing stronger with each step.

    He made his way forward, the wooden signs advertising the route to the famous Mo-Bots Ramen House. The front of the Ramen shop was archaic, rustic, resembling the older shops within the village. The wooden store front was a darker shade of pine, the windows tinted. The sign above was crooked and worn down yet there that did not deter the line of traffic in and out of the shop. During the day the out house of the restaurant is open and accessible for pedestrians but at this hour only the inside nightlife locale was available for seating. The night was cool, soothing and beneath the sounds of the buzzing nightlife there was a stillness that filled the village with a sense of calm. He turned to meet the busy streets once more, as to catch a glimpse of the nightlife he’d be retreating away from, before walking into through the doorway.
    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Ramusa10
    From the outside, the shop appeared no larger than the average family owned ramen house but this restaurant had more to it than meets the eyes. The main dining area was lush with plants and foliage, highlighted by the large sakura blossom planted at the center of the dining area. The high rising chandeliers lit the ceiling tops, while the surrounding walls hung stylish works of art depicting the warring periods. The authentic space was filled with the aroma of their alcohol enriched food, the smooth glossy wooden bar paired nicely with the exquisite marble floors. He pushed forward taking a seat at the bar, the bar stools were plush and comfortable to sit in, he noted as he relaxed back in his chair.

    A gentleman standing in front of their massive display of wine, spirits and other alcoholic temptations behind the bar followed Kensei’s with his eyes. He was older than Kensei but not by many years and was dressed in somewhat professional attire upon meeting Ken’s eyes, he returned it with a smile. Kensei ran his fingers across the slick bar as he pondered his order.
    “can I help you good sir.”
    “Ill have the Hiyashi Chuka, and your strongest Sake. Leave the bottle here. Please.”
    His voice was scratchy yet he spoke softly to the man, his hands interlocking in front of his face as he drifted into thought awaiting the highly anticipated meal.

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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty Re: The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

    Post by Meloku Fri Apr 10, 2020 1:32 pm

    The day had been a busy, event filled day, with way to many exciting surprises going on. The young Meloku had only been in the Sun village for a few weeks, and had not really spent much time walking through the village. While she was not a shy person, it was hard for her to blend into a village where she knew no one, and had no connections. So, earlier that day she had decided to venture out, wearing a nice outfit, and see what exactly the village had for her. Needless to say, the day did not disappoint as it threw all kinds of things at her. She was first mugged by a street thug, who carelessly decided to steal her purse. Then had an encounter with the thug and another sun villager who just happened to be there during the scuffle.

    She was tired, but was not ready to go home just yet. She was a social person, liked to be around people and loved the nightlife. So now that the day was coming to an end and the sun decided to set, it was her time to shine. She readjusted her dress, made sure she had all of her belongings, and decided to check out the main section of the village. Strolling through the bazaar, Meloku could tell why so many people talked highly about the Sun Villages night life. Everything was starting to pop of, between the smells of food and liquor, the sounds of dancing and bands playing in the distance. The streets were illuminated with various lanterns and lights flashing to bystanders to entice them to enter their establishments. She was star struck, strolling through the streets captivated by all of the things to see and do.

    First, she needed a drink though, before she found anything else to do. After a long day of walking through the streets and interacting with strangers, it was time to relax and unwind. Now, the real test was to find a place that would cater to her taste. Most of the places she passed by where just normal street vendors or local bars filled with sloppy drunks and loud gross men. She needed something more classy, more up brow. Thats when a certain place caught her attention, a small little shop nestled between other buildings. It looked older, but cute, and low key, like it had character and class. Stepping through the doors proved she had made the right choice, as her vision was filled with elegant dining tables, beautiful art work and well placed floral to entice those looking to enjoy their night.

    That is when the bar caught her eye, the massive shelf of various drinks glowing beneath a well lit bar. A particular bottle of blue liquor stood out, enticing her to stroll over and take a seat at the bar. Her light pale skin glowed beneath the lights as she placed her small white purse on the sleek counter top, and took her perch on the soft chair facing the bar. The bar tender was currently assisting the man next to her, a tall looming man with long black hair and a long black shirt. "Edgy" She thought as the bar keep brought a bottle of sake to this stranger next to her. She patiently waited her turning, searching through her purse for a few coins, ready to down a smooth glass of something to relax her.

    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] 4a4-2-2

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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty Re: The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

    Post by Kensei Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:27 pm

    The whole bar was serenaded by the sweet strings of the classical tunes strung from the live orchestra at the darkened side of the Restaurant. The music had compelled the gathered compatriots into a mesmerizing state of soothing nostalgia which added to the calming gloom the restaurants aesthetics gave off. Eyes closed Kensei had found himself lost in the lucid trance, every music note strumming a moment in his childhood. Inadvertently missing the arrival of his meal, Kensei found himself momentarily lost in the lucid state only further enhanced by the smell of broth and steaming pot of sake in front of him. That is until he found himself interrupted by the introduction of a new individual to the tranquil scene. His eyes open slightly, his peripherals catching the blonde Kunoichi at the bar besides him. "Strange girl, how does she manage out in the sun." She was a young girl similar in age as himself but incredibly pale, Kensei noted to himself as he looked her over underneath his large straw hat. Her wrinkled dress and quickly done hair gave him the impression her night had not gone as planned.

    “When sitting at a bar, no matter where you are or the circumstances! You best make sure you offer every man, women, or child a drink Dammit! What Don’t look at me like that Wolf! If his parents didn’t want him to be drinking he wouldn’t be sitting in a goddamn bar!”
    He opened his eyes letting out a soft chuckle as he shook himself off the pleasing memory, he lifted his hand politely catching he barkeeps attention. He removed his hat placing it on the counter to the right opposite to the blue eyed shinobi. “If you’d be so kind to get the lady whatever she pleases. And of course the bill for the bottle  unless of course you’d be interested in partaking in this sake with me. They say it's the best in the sun village though not the strongest but well, Id have to be the one to judge.” He spoke cheerfully  as he turned to her meeting her glance for the first time. He looked down at his food his eyes boggling at the sight of the magnificent plate. He gave a short bow to the man the expression of pure joy stretched across Kensei’s smile. “This looks delicious, please express my gratitude to the chef. What is his name and yours? I might trouble the two of you again soon for more. If I can afford it at this the rate that i'll be going.”He bellowed, as he uncapped the bottle of sake placed infant of him and poured it into the wooden glass set before him.”

    The barkeep shook his head with a pleasing smile before responding softly. “ I am Hedo, and your chef tonight was Mon-bots one of the sons of  Mo. Your evening along with any of your guest is taken cared of on the house. Your family has done its share part in continuing the legacy of this restaurant, and village. We’ve honored your kin for ages here, do us the honor of continuing this tradition!” The man spoke dutifully and proudly as he gave Kensei a smile before turning to the Kunoichi and awaiting her order. Kensei was caught off guard by this , looking over the man for a moment with puzzled eyes before lifting up his cup in his direction and gracefully bowing. He had not yet grown accustom to his clan affiliations and the relationships they influenced. While recognized by others as a Uchiha had yet to truly feel like one, However, he knew he could not refuse a request such as this.  “I will not dishonor your request. You have been far too gracious and kind as a Host Hedo. I will not forget this kindness.” He downed the drink almost instantly and proceeded to refill it, turning his attention to the girl besides him.

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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty Re: The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

    Post by Meloku Tue Apr 14, 2020 5:42 pm

    She had originally had her attention set on the bottle of wine nestled behind the counter, its soft liquid glowing under the light that sat above the bar. Her focus was transfixed on the bottle, that she barely noticed the man beside her turn his head, and speak. He first spoke to the bartender, offering to get her whatever she wanted, he then turned his gaze fully on her, offering to share in the sake he had just uncorked. She was not sure at first if he was truly speaking to her, as she had not met to many friendly people yet. Then the sweet smell of the sake entered her nostrils, and she had to admit, it smelled good. She turned gently, the long blonde hair swaying side to side as her light blue eyes met the mans. It had been a long day, and maybe she did need something a bit stronger than her normal flavor of wine.

    Then the man turned once more, speaking directly to the bar keep, whos name was Hedo. In addition to the drink, the man had also ordered a plate of food, the aroma of which was now filling the immediate area. It was a very delicious smelling bowl of food, but her attention was more on the conversation the two men were having. Hedo had offered to cover the mans entire bill, food, sake and all. He spoke of the mans family and what they had done for both the village and this place specifically. She could not help but be intrigued by this, did this sloppy, ill dressed man really belong to a noble family. He took the hat off, sat it next to himself and turned to face her once more.

    She crossed her legs and smirked, never breaking eye contact. "You must be pretty important around here huh, if the house is offering to cover your entire tab. Must be nice having friends in high places." She smirked lightly, putting her purse away. "And if that offer still stands, i think i will join you in that sake, since it seems like you can afford it." Meloku let out a light giggle now, half hoping the man was true to sharing, but mainly because she was tired and really could not control herself now that she had a moment to relax.

    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] 4a4-2-2
    Yoriko Nara
    Yoriko Nara

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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty Re: The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

    Post by Yoriko Nara Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:59 pm

    The best time was always the evenings where the sun was down and the moon was its replacement in the sky. Albeit Yoriko never really enjoyed the cooler weather when it was dusk, but the desert always looked so beautiful at night. In an evening where there's nothing else to do but to relax and have some time for the young woman to travel to the bazaar and let loose. She enjoyed visiting the area, especially if it was dark or getting dark since the scenery looked like an entire different section of the village. The large crowds and busy streets was what also gave it its charm.

    Since Yoriko was off duty, she decided to slip into a more comfortable attire. Her hair deviated from its usual style of being let down to being tied into a single ponytail with a few bangs hanging in front of her forehead. Under the black light open sweater she wore was a simple white t-shirt. She wore black shorts with sandals to match her entire outfit. Both hands were shoved in the sweater's pockets while she diligently shift her way through the populated area. It was an inconvenience, but it was what made the bazaar more lively.

    Yoriko was on her way to Mo-Bots Ramen, a name all villagers should know. She couldn't remember the last time she went by herself. Before that, she'd always come with her parents. It was most likely due to the fact that her taste ventured out to other restaurants that weren't ramen based. She didn't grow tired of it, but felt like she needed to try something new.

    She stepped into the restaurant and took in a deep breath followed by a satisfied sighed. It still smelled the same like the last time she came in. And it looked like it was still popular with no signs of slowing down in business any time soon. She could already feel herself smiling with memories rolling into her head. Though, she didn't visit to remember. She came to relax. Her eyes were set right for the bar and noticed it was already full of people, but noticed a seat next to two people.

    "I'm not so much of a drinker, but I hope it's still okay for me to invite myself in." Yoriko called as she approached the man and woman to take a seat, spoken with a gentle tone with a soft smile.


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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty Re: The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

    Post by Kensei Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:42 pm

    Kensei let out a short sigh before breaking eye contact, closing his eyes , leaning back in his seat, and shrugging nonchalantly in response to the blue eyed girl. “Don't think much of it really, Im a nobody here.” He stirred the small cup in his hand raising it in the air as if he were toasting. “We’re drinking at the expense of those who’ve actually made a lasting name for themselves, so let’s be grateful to them with every shot we honor them. The genetic lottery of life has left me with a share of the privileges they’ve afforded us, even if undeserving, nothing more. As for friends, well.… It matters little at this time actually and I’ll spare you the thoughts. Anyway, by all means feel free to indulge, its best to never leave a man or women to the thoughts of their drunken haze. Tell me what should I call you anyway? ”

    He hid the shame that had crept along his face behind the cup he raised to his lips, her remarks had left a sour taste in his mouth as he acknowledge his privilege, the sake now feeling weighed down by a sense of guilt.  He allowed himself a brief moment in his thoughts, inhaling the enriched allure steaming off of the cup of alcohol before taking a short sip. Opening his eyes he glanced over her once more flashing her a small smile as he grabbed the empty cup between the two and poured sake in it from the pot, pushing it lightly in her direction.  
    “Hedo. Please sir another bowl of Ramen and If you would prepare another bottle. I doubt this single one will last.”
    He politely called out to the barkeep that had hovered in the shadows around them quietly hoping to not disturb. Kensei’s mind had shifted from thoughts of his clan to the hunger that had persisted the entirety of the night. Snapping the chopsticks apart, he slowly stirred the noodles in the bowl, his mouth watering with every swirl. In that instance his eyes shifted meeting the sound of the living doors behind him, turning his head slightly he noticed a new arrival standing at the entrance.

    “Another Shinobi huh. Didn’t expect to see so many out at this hour.” He thought to himself as he looked her over with his peripheral vision. The young women seemed extremely relaxed as she moved towards the bar. Her energy felt different from the others gathered here, her tied up hair and informal attire had contrasted the ambiance within the restaurants formal environment to Kensei’s satisfaction. He’d no longer be the only one dressed down, he thought, although that was of little concern to him anyway. He shifted his body in his seat adjusting the chair creating a triangle of sorts between the three, gently tapping the chair besides him.
    “Please, I was just about to dig in. Hedo will bring you a glass, If you haven’t been here before the Ramen has no rivals.”He spoke softly and cheerfully to the newcomer as he continued stirring the contents of his bowl.

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    The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town!  [OPEN] [Soc] Empty Re: The scorching Bazaar: A night out in town! [OPEN] [Soc]

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