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    Season of Rebirth! Empty Season of Rebirth!

    Post by Admin Sun Apr 05, 2020 2:13 pm

    Season of Rebirth
    Here on SG our story, plot and events are separated into Seasons, where each season spans over a course of months, and creates a cohesive set of events for our members to participate in. Our first season is the Season if Rebirth, where all of the shinobi celebrate a world of peace, another year of prosperity and unity between villages. It is a time to rejoice, give thanks for how far the world has come. The two shinobi villages continue to thrive, war is a myth, violence has dropped, and all is as it should be. However, where ever there is light, exist a shadow. Darkness looms, whispers start to spread, and some worry that the peace these generations have come to know is quickly fading.

    Season of Rebirth! Ipo-CU1586105601
    May 1st
    Once again the annual festival of rebirth has come. A time of rejoicing, joy and happiness as the villages come together to celebrate another year of peace and unity between each other. The festival is a month long party, where both villages engage in several different festivities, and throw huge parties to come together as one. During this time the world truly acknowledges how far it has come. Celebrate with us as we open a new chapter, begin a new story for the year to come.

    Season of Rebirth! DT9t-R1586106187
    June 1st
    Legends speak of an ancient warrior, a deadly assassin who once wielded a powerful and dark weapon. This mysterious man has long since left the world, his actions and his weapon fading into legend. However recently clues have been popping up that point at this man really existing, and that his long lost blade may not be as lost as people had thought. Rumors are spreading that a tomb has been found, and within this tomb might lay the mythical weapon.

    Season of Rebirth! E-M7-IH1586107282
    July 1st
    Something lurks in the north, hunters and trackers have found massive foot prints left in the snow. Something lives up there, and it is massive. It has sparked peoples interest and shinobi have begun to flock north to see exactly what lurks up there. Thread with caution however, as some legends are meant to remain legends.

    Season of Rebirth! Jf-S2f1586405305
    August 1st
    This is what you have worked for, your moment to shine, your chance to have your names etched into history. Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the best of the best? Give it a shot, apply for the promotion exam today!

    Season of Rebirth! U-KULq1586107575
    October 1st
    Peace is an illusion, meant to shackle the strong and control the weak. The shadows have their own reach, and the longer the world rest, the more restless they get. Eyes have begun to open, their gaze set on the shinobi world.

    Season of Rebirth! H7-QKE1586107909
    December 1st
    The moon sits high in the sky, the year comes to a close, and an eerie sensations sits in the air. The blood moon is upon us, a symbol of the harvest and the changing of the seasons. But not all is as it seems, as a time that is meant to be for peace and renewal can quickly become full of pain and suffering.

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