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Osaki's Apartment

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Osaki's Apartment

Post by Osaki Omoki on Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:36 am

The young girl known as Osaki slides her key into the lock and with a soft click unlocks the door. She walks in and drops her bag and head band on the counter and goes into the fridge grabbing a bottle of water and pops the top off and has a large gulp before putting it back and walking to her bedroom and peeling off her clothes quickly slipping into a silk night gown and curling up on the couch pulling out a small book and starting to read
Osaki Omoki

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Re: Osaki's Apartment

Post by Kagay on Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:59 pm

(kind of bored and i thought id take Kage's human form for a spin)

Kage was still trying to learn how to walk on two legs, it was really disturbing trying to walk like this. he didint know how humans did it, he had recently bought some cloths and they seemed to fit him well, long coat with a scruff of fur on its color, some white pants with grey at his legs and some slacks. Kage was talking through some apartments stumbling all over himself, looking like a drunk. he fell on a few doors and put his hand of a few to stand himself up. his legs felt like jelly and he hated. rose did not know he could turn human and nor did he until a few hours ago. he continued to stumble and fall to the ground.


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