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Rinnegan Rule Flaws + Great Shark missile

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Rinnegan Rule Flaws + Great Shark missile

Post by Kai Seishin on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:44 pm

The Rinnegan is likely one of the most useful of the doujutsu's out there, giving the user unparalleled ability. Here is a simple and to the point guide on how it will be allowed to be used on this site.


Activity is a must! If you are gone more than 10 days without notice you will lose the Rinnegan.
Your limited to canon jutsu for every element, unless you personally create them yourself.
All Paths may only be acquired IC, meaning you do not start with any of the paths. And the Paths are limited to one thing they specialized in in life. Meaning if a person is a KKG of Magma release thats is all that Path can do, if they had high ranked Taijutsu skills only then thats all they are capable of as a Path.
Though the rinnegan is master of all elements, some for of practice is involved. As a result there will be a training requirement to learn new elements as well as jutsu.
Fuinjutsu must be the main specialty.

Training Requirements and Limitations

You may start with 2 of the primary elements regardless of rank.

Third: 500 word Training thread and only can be acquired at Chuunin.

Fourth: 1000 word training and can only be acquired at Jounin

Fifth: 1500 word training and can only be acquired at Jounin.

Advance Elements: This will not be allowed for the Rinnegan.

Six Paths Explanation

As stated in the rules, all Paths must be IC and are restricted to one of the special abilities they had in death. If the had a KKG then that is what the Path will have in death. If they were medics in life then that will be what they are in death. After taking a body one must use the special sealing ritual that also must be learned IC. The jutsu is below:


After sealing a body you must wait a total of 24hrs, Real-Time, before you can seal another body. Each sealing process must be done IC and require a 750 word post.

I have found a very big loophole within the rinnegan rules. They focus solely on nerfing the paths but not the actual rinnegan itself. This then make sit possible for the rinnegan wielder to act as if un nerfed.

Due to focusing on the paths and ONLY the paths these rules clearly fail to display the body of the wielder himself who manga wise we have been shown to be capable of using all the powers of the rinnegan within his body so the easy way to get around this rule is up the normal body with cannon rinnegan and then use the custom form of paths its simple and due to not being within the rules is something users can get away with as from what iv been told rules are laws apparently. Now if nob wants to try to prove otherwise then i could easily create a rinnegan character and show him his flaw's. Naturally with minato using it its impossible as of this moment,.

Rinnegan done the great shark missile that kisame used has apparently been added to the banned list due to it absorbing chakra,

Now on the limited list almost every technique there is far superior to this

Creation rebirth grants immortality
jashin immortality
Lra- Blinding speed
Sage mode- Strenght chakra speed higher chakra

and items

Samehada - also chakra absorbing
Yata mirror - Capable of changing and blocking all forms of chakra

Now all of these are far more op than a simple chakra absorbing shark which at s rank is fair enough So i see little reason to ban it.
Kai Seishin

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Re: Rinnegan Rule Flaws + Great Shark missile

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:52 pm

I understand the use of the rinnegan on the manga. But on this site, he does not have those skills. The man user special ability comes in having access to all the elements aside from combined elements. Nothing more. That is how the sites rinnegan works, regardless of what the manga says.

Shark Jutsu
As I explained in the cbox and in pm to you, chakra absorbing based JUTSU require it to be clan-based. This is so that the no one has access to chakra absorbing jutsu on a regular basis. The way the jutsu is set up, based on what I have read in Hayato's jutsu description, the shakr can absorb any chakra it comes in contact with. This makes ANY chakra based jutsu able to be absorbed. Thus is why i say the jutsu is banned.
Nuitari Kouga

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