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Jutsu Template

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Jutsu Template

Post by Suijin on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:54 pm

Please read the guide below the Code Box to understand each field, as well as any requirements or systems.

Technique Pricing
Only B-ranked shinobi or higher may possess jutsu that they themselves created. If this is the case, you must type a certain amount of words describing your process in creating or discovering the technique, as well as training it, and you will not have to purchase it. Otherwise, if it is a technique created by another, you are essentially paying for the scroll by which you will learn the technique and thus only have to pay the ryo cost. This can even be an NPC, if you'd like your character to purchase a custom technique, but don't want them to be the one who developed it.

You may only post up to three technique applications at a time, and each technique must have its own dedicated topic.

Cost to Learn a Technique (Not Developed by your Character):
E-Rank | 50 Ryo
D-Rank |100 Ryo
C-Rank |200 Ryo
B-Rank |400 Ryo
A-Rank |750 Ryo
S-Rank |1000 Ryo
SS-Rank |1200 Ryo
X-Rank |1500 Ryo

Cost to Create a Technique (Have your Character Develop It):
E-Rank |200 Words
D-Rank |400 Words
C-Rank |600 Words
B-Rank |800 Words
A-Rank |1000 Words
S-Rank |1200 Words
SS-Rank |1500 Words
X-Rank |2000 Words

Click 'Select Content' on the Code Box below. Copy the template and post it in a new topic by Clicking Here.
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Jutsu Name[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Jutsu Type[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Ranking[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Element(s)[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Specialty(s)[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Chakra Cost[/b][/color] |

[color=#ff3d3d][b]Handsigns[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Range[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Duration[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Description[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]JOther Effects[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Requirements[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Status[/b][/color] |

  • Jutsu Name | The name of your jutsu, given to it by the creator.
  • Jutsu Type | The type of your jutsu; Offensive, Defensive, Hybrid or Supplementary.
    Jutsu meant for attacking purposes are Offensive, defending purposes are Defensive, both purposes are Hybrid and those techniques that do not fit the aforementioned three, or target the user themselves, would fall under Supplementary.
  • Ranking | The ranking for your jutsu; E, D, C, B, A, S, SS or X.
  • Element(s) | The element(s) that your jutsu makes use of.
  • Specialty(s) | The specialty(s) that your jutsu makes use of.
  • Chakra Cost | The amount of chakra it costs to use, activate or maintain this technique.

  • Handsigns | The handsigns, or lack thereof, required to perform the jutsu.
  • Range | The maximum range that your technique is capable of reaching, if applicable.
  • Duration | How long, in terms of posts or topics, does the jutsu last?
  • Description | Describe what your jutsu does, what it looks like and everything else relevant.
  • Other Effects | Any other effects that aren't necessarily the primary intention of the technique.
  • Requirements | Are there any other requirements to be met in order to use the jutsu?
  • Status | Open/Public, By Request or Restricted.
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