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The Twin-Tailed Nekomata: Nibi

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The Twin-Tailed Nekomata: Nibi

Post by Seishin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:43 pm

Village: -
Number of Tailed Beast: Two
Description of Tailed Beasts Power:

Hakakara no Kankaku – Sense from the Grave
Nibi is regarded highly in most circles as the personal pet of the God of Death and sometimes even the God of Death herself. Because of this close connection with the netherworld, Nibi and her host can both feel the pull and effect of death on the world as a very acute sixth sense. They can symbiotically tell when a creature near them is alive, near death or freshly deceased. Clones and other constructs similar in nature are considered to be living creatures under this sense as they are created from a living creature’s own chakra. This gift is a double edged blade and in itself a curse because when in the vicinity of places with immense connection to death (such as battlefields or graveyards) the Nibi’s host is unable to maintain control of their own senses as they are forcefully thrown into memories of the souls that perished in such places.

Kami no Shomei – Signature of the Gods
Every living creature is unique and this uniqueness is imprinted on their soul at birth. While it has been noted that some shinobi have been able to memorize the chakra signatures of close friends and recognize them in such a way this ability far exceeds such and acquired talent by leaps and bounds. The Nibi and her jinchuuriki can recognize friends, allies and those they share close relationship with by simply being near the individual as they perform a technique. This is narrowly useful but not the limitation of this ability. By simply being near a living being that performs a technique, Nibi and her host can tell the approximated age, chakra reserve and basic element capabilities of the individual. When in contact with a living individual the Nibi and her host can read that particular person’s chakra and soul like an all telling book even to then point at being able to “feel” memories that aren’t their own.

Shisha no Mai – Dance of the Dead
Nibi is a creature with an almost harmonious relationship with the deceased and because of this her control over the dead and the souls of such individuals is almost as absolute as the Death God himself. Nibi and her host can animate corpses like a normal individual creates a clone to assist in battle. The corpse acts like a clone but with actual physical substance for the duration and can perform the user’s jutsu by extension. The Nibi and their user can also enter into contracts with restless souls and the freshly deceased. These contracts range in scope and payment but are powerful enough to, at times, return the dead to life in order to finish a deed or right a wrong.

Shisha no Kuufuku – Hunger of the Dead
The Nibi, being a creature with no actual physical form in any capacity, has a connection to all chakras that ebb and flow through the earth and the beings that populate it because, inevitably everything must wither and die. The Nibi and, by extension her host, can absorb chakra based attacks that do not possess an element and then bleed that chakra off harmlessly into the realm of the dead as if nothing ever happened.

Chakra Reserves
The Jinchuuriki and the Nibi’s chakra reserves are intertwined and feed off each other in a perfect symbiotic relationship to the point that the Nibi freely submits her will being to the host, allowing him to draw on her for power. The Nibi, however, has a comparatively small chakra reserve when compared to other bijuu (Eighth largest out of the Nine) and doesn’t provide the raw powerhouse effect that most bijuu do and is therefore more of a finesse release. The Nibi’s chakra has a certain taint that comes from her native realm and as such the chakra cannot be used in elemental techniques.

Tail Releases: Overview

The Nibi is grateful about her liberation and shares a symbiotic relationship with its jinchuuriki so long as they continue to walk the path of atonement for the atrocities they committed during the possession by the Hinoshi Demons. When she wishes to manifest all the Nibi needs to do is ask and the transformation begins to happen with a new tail forming after each three successive posts. The Jinchuuriki remains somewhat in control and can still assist Nibi though she gains control of the body during a release.

Tail Release: 0 Tails
The Jinnchuuriki hunches over into a four leg position and the blue-purple flames of pure chakra begin to envelop their body, slowly decaying their skin as opposed to burning. Anything living or chakra based that touches the flames begins to decay at the same rate as the host’s body. Both of their eyes begin to take on an unholy glow and the feline features begin to become extremely prominent. The Jinnchuuriki’s hair begins to change from its usual white color to a solid black and their muscles begin to flex tight as their form becomes lean and the chakra flames begin to take on the appearance of the Nibi’s head and claws.

Tail Release: 1 Tail
At this point in the release, The Jinchuuriki’s body begins to noticeably decay but the shield provided by the chakra flames becomes absolute and they take on a more natural form that is closer to the Nibi. The flames of chakra have, by now, completely enveloped their body and resemble the form of a large feline of pure, ever-changing flames as a single tail sprouts and begins flicking in the wind. Anything living or chakra based that touches the flames begins to decay at the same rate as the host’s body. It is in this form that Nibi has taken over control of the body and begins to speak through the jinchuuriki rather then the man. She can deliver large blasts of pure chakra from her mouth and attack with surprising physical strength and speed.

Tail Release: 2 Tails
The original, single tail bifurcates and becomes two. Nibi flares to full power with surprising deception, nearly doubling her power from the single tail release. She still only maintains partial control of the Jinchuuriki’s body but can now make full use of her powers by simply flicking the two tails. The blasts from the mouth become monstrously powerful and have the capability to level buildings with a single blow while the claws can do much the same. The Nibi’s size however remains somewhat small and only slightly large then the average human, granting her much more speed then most other bijuu. This speed plus power combination more then makes up for the lack in size and makes the full release a scary sight to behold.


The Nibi is, above all else a nekomata that possesses very defined feline traits. A defined maw filled with sharp teeth and large and powerful claws, the Shinigami’s pet intimidates with glowing yellow eyes despite her relatively small stature for a bijuu. She, however, is quite different in the fact the she possesses no solid or substantial form and is instead made up of a substance said to be made of a combination of pure chakra and the souls of the dead. With a base form that is ever changing, Nibi emits at blue-purple glows and seems to be constantly aflame with a conflagration of the same color. About the size of the average human, Nibi is more then capable enough to cause havoc and duress when the need arises but rarely prefers to enter into such vulgar interactions with the living.

Personality of Tailed Beast:

Nibi is a fickle but honorable partner. Those of sufficient strength can make deals with the bijuu for cooperation in tasks and as long as they uphold their end of the bargain she is quite accommodating. Should one, however, break their promise or pact with the demon, Nibi can grow quite ferocious and dangerous even to the point of consuming her master’s soul. She yearns to consume those she hates the most and grows more violent with each failure to do so. However, the Nibi prefers a very indirect approach and rarely enters into physical combat when a well executed scheme could solve the same problem.

Nibi is attention starved. She requires an almost constant stream of attention food and respect to remain in a good mood and will quickly become annoyed and belligerent when this stream is interrupted for whatever reason. She has a hunger for the spotlight and holds longstanding grudges for those that actively refuse her these gifts and eventually develops hate if they continue. Everything that can be done in the shadows is better done out in the open.

Nibi is cruel, stopping at nothing to make her enemies feel every ounce of pain before their death. She tortures and savors the screams of her enemies like a fine meal and maims before killing in every situation. The insult doesn’t end merely with death as punishment because for eternal enemies it involves the maiming and slaughter of even the families and close relatives of an individual and the nekomata holds grudges for very long amounts of times.

Nibi is death. With her extreme connection to death, anywhere the bijuu and her container go is filled with dread and the weight of impending death even if their intention is not that. The Nibi staying anywhere for an extended period of time is a wholly bad omen and brings nothing but disease, pestilence and bad luck to wherever it roams. Despite any amount of good intentions meant by the Nibi or her host, their presence is always feared and in many ways avoided by most people on a subconscious level.

Drawbacks to using the Bijuu’s powers:

General Drawbacks
The Nibi is an attention starved being and only subservient because of a deal made at the moment of sealing. Because of this the jinchuuriki is compelled at almost all times to give in to the impulses of the creature and take on the excesses of food, attention and the spotlight even though he isn’t very willing. In order to keep the bijuu on the level the jinchuuriki must balance the stipulations of their pact without wavering a single bit on giving the Nibi their complete and undivided attention. This of course makes him appear to be completely self-serving and a glutton at times and gives him very little time to establish bonds or nurture the ones that still exist.

Tail Release: 0 Tails
This release has very little drawbacks beyond the very minor weakening experienced by being enveloped in the decaying flames. As a matter of fact, because of the stable relationship shared by the jinchuuriki and their bijuu this release can be achieved and maintained for extended periods of time acting much like a regular jutsu. Constant prolonged use, however, still can result in debilitating effects that leave the host helpless.

Tail Release: 1 Tails
The single tail release increases the decaying weakness caused by the flames exponentially and after a very short time in this form, the jinchuuriki can be rendered bed ridden for several days from the sheer amount of fatigue caused by the flames. If the release is broken at this stage, the jinchuuriki’s mental fortitude is very weak and their vision is blurry along with a blanketing dullness to all their senses for a few days. This comes for the sudden shift in controlling powers of their body. The dullness in feeling and slowness of mind remain until he readjusts to their body.

Tail Release: 2 Tails
The flames effects increase by an amazing degree yet again and the jinchuuriki’s body can be seen to be physically rotting away if one peers through the flame. To long a time spent in this release can permanently damage the body by destroying bones, muscles and organs. The pure touch of death and the Nibi’s connection to it become absolutely realized in this form. Breaking of the release in this transformation send the jincuuriki into no less then a week long coma as their soul is unable to establish an immediate connection to the body yet again. Because of this, release is almost unthinkable without an ally present in some capacity. It can take months for the jinchuuriki’s body to fully recover for a release of this magnitude.


The powerful nekomata demon known as the Nibi is thought to be the personal pet of the Death God and has had a very transient history. This “pet” is often considered a bad omen for simply happening to be where it is at the time due to its connection with such a being and passes on that opinion to its companions and hosts. Originally when not confined to the Netherworld, Nibi was released among the living to retrieve particularly powerful and noble or infamous souls at the point of their death. Some still believe it was for this reason that the Nibi was created in the first place – nothing more then a powerful messenger of death for those that many thought were above such a thing. Throughout early recorded history many tales are told about the two tailed demon cat that comes to claim those that call themselves gods once their time is up. It is from these stories that most of the fear of the beast is founded but the demon cat seems to disappear as the time of great men slowly faded into barbarism and war.

The Nibi grew bored with solidarity and sought out a change in her existence. For the longest time, the demon cat followed around select priests and monks in the world forming an attachment with the particular person and becoming a valuable, if begrudgingly accepted ally. Every one of these men and women ascended to positions of respect and power that only served to fuel the demon cat’s lust for long awaited attention. She forced her companions into the highest levels, gaining an ear at one point or another with every ruler throughout history at one time or another and made mere priests into great men – until she grew bored and claimed their souls for her master. The Nibi was of course known to be a curse but for many the draw of power as far greater then the eventuality of death.

When the shinobi world began to develop, the Nibi was more then rooted in the culture of the day and feasted on the souls of the countless “great leaders” that feel during the epic war that broke out. The demon cat’s lust for attention and grandeur only served to guide her into a trap. She was one of the first tailed demons to be captured and sealed as a symbiotic weapon nearing the end of the war. Her hosts, more often then naught, were bloodthirsty and vicious warriors that only increased their power and body count after the sealings. The Nibi was a unique case, though, taking only specific personalities as her hosts and quickly consuming those deemed unworthy from the inside.

The Nibi was so dangerous and fickle of a weapon in fact the Konoha gladly distributed the demon cat as a gift to the village that would become Kumogakure where it continued its dirty work for many years on always carefully choosing its host and uncaringly consuming unworthy candidates. The Nibi, however, is relatively lacking in power and misunderstood by most but her accepted hosts and as such, the wily cat demon was able to escape Akatsuki capture once only to be lured into a trap and resealed into an unsuspecting child in Oto. The nekomata wasn’t given much of a release, though, as the new regime of Akatsuki came knocking yet again and formed a stronger cage to hold and subjugate the powerful demon’s force.

Luckily for the Nibi everything seems to have fallen into place yet again. The Hachibi and its host have freed a host ripe for the picking, one looking for redemption and with more then a few debts to pay to the Death God. She will assist this Hinoshi Ibaku until he becomes boring and then consume him just like the long list of others that precedes perhaps the world itself.

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