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Village War System

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Village War System

Post by Seishin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:14 am

Alright in preparation for the coming village wars, beginning with Kiri and Konoha here will be some of the rules *Note: these are not finalized, but they embody the basic principles that will be used throughout the entire arc*

First Tier of Invasion/Defense

A village does not rise or fall in a single battle. Each Village has a "Foreign border area" that MUST be taken before other areas succumb to an army's advance. Example of this would be the The Gold Coast Road in Suna, Forest of Fog in Kiri, or the Valley of the End in Konoha.

These locations must be taken by the following invasion outline (Can vary depending on which Villages are fighting)

Specified War Stickies will be posted, an admin, or designated Mod will post these, No one is allowed to post thier own. Any sticky clearly designated as a War topic will be involving the village war, all other rp's will be required to take notice of the events in the sections the stickies are posted, as anyone in the general area is susceptible to attack.

There will be at LEAST Four Major Objectives per invasion of another countries initial defenses (Basically four War Stickies minimum). For a countries' invasion to be successful through basic victories, around 1/2-3/4 of the war topics must result in one village's victory (This will depend on the nature of the battle itself.

There will be a clearly defined Victory/Defeat Objective (An Auto-win or Auto-Defeat Stipulation for the invasion forces for one War Sticky Topic)

Such Objectives will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Death of Invasion Force Commander (Each Sticky will have one overall leader directing their invasion squads. If this character is killed in action, then all teams are immediately forced into retreat, and the opposing side is granted victory for that war topic. These leaders will be nominated by the village kages or ruling councils.)

Death/Disability of 75% of an invasion force (All characters involved in war topics are susceptible to death. NO EXCEPTIONS!)

The Achievement of a defined objective other than the others listed above (Say a certain area had to be "captured" or a certain leader other than the region commander is taken hostage)

As stated before, all shinobi involved in war topics are susceptible, but not limited to, death, or permanent injury.

Auto-hits will not be allowed except for these exceptions:

A jounin, sennin-level, or kage status shinobi will be able to kill a genin with an auto-hit if that genin is alone and without their team (This is done to promote teamwork, when a full team of genin, or a genin is with a sensei, this auto-kill option is nullified. Teams are central to combat), this can be cancled however if a genin has a masterful counter, but "I have a clone" does not cut it.

In order for a nation to declare an invasion they must have at least, 5 fully designed teams (Minimum one war topic), one of these teams must be the Commanding team for the entire invasion (Each member of this commanding team may be the region commanders)

Stealth and Assasination missions for village infiltration will be available to specialized teams (mostly with ANBU status)

Amendment 1: One account may be able to rp their Suna and Oto characters, however they must make extra sure that 1: They do not fight themselves and kill one providing an unfair advantage to one side, and 2) that they do not post more for one character than another, if this happens make sure you compensate by posting for you other character. Basically keep things balanced so we don't have people favoring one village or another if you plan to rp for both sides.

Amendment 2: Other vilalges may be able to join in at a later date, but for the outset, Oto and Suna will be the initial aggresors

Amendment Series 1: This will deal with the use of NPC characters in wars which may fall under the control of rpers.

Sub Amendment 1: NPC characters will be used within the course of the war, however if they are used, they are limited to the defense of the main village (NPC in this sense is in relation to a character not normally controlled by any one individual. The NPC's of Suna are good examples to see by what these amendments refer to).

Sub Amendment 2: There will be a limit stipulated on the number of NPC-type characters depending on the RP character populations of the vilalges. Ranks will also be put into a ratio (The ratio is to be determined)

Sub Amendment 3: Any one Rper in control of a normally NPC character will not be able to control that character if control has been transferred to another (Basically all normally NPC characters will have their controllers switched to follow the flow of combat)

Sub Amendment 4: Unless part of an agreed plot, rpers cannot use these NPC type characters to kill an RP character

Amendment Series 2: Allies

Sub Amendment 1: Shinobi from foreign villages can aid their specified allies in one of two ways.
-1: Either foreign Shinobi can be formed into Foreign aid squads (With this kind of assistance Foreign Shinobi represent their village but their orders are given by the village they are aiding)

-2: A friendly village can declare war on their allies enemy (Only a certain number of Village squadrons can be lent to one villages invasion or defense. Death and Injury rules apply to all allies involved in combat)

Sub Amendment 2: Villages entering a war must formally declare their allies and who they declare war on. Reasons for declaration of war must be specified. (Nothing too serious, just tell us something other than *We declare war against *insert village name*

*these rules are to be updated, but this is the basic design*

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Re: Village War System

Post by Seishin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:16 am

Rules for engagement:

I am making a separate rule post for this since it may cause a bomb to go off if the boundaries are not clear.

For the most part the basic RP rules, such as no godmodding, making decent posts, and such will still be upheld. However, since this war will have special kinds of interactions, placing all levels of ninjas on the same playing field, there needs to be some guidelines. (These are not to be strict, but to provide some sort of reference for any confusing situations that may arise).

Here are some rules concerning one vs. many should the situation arise:

Genins are basically fodder on their own unless facing another Genin, however. This is to be expected since they are the lowest level of ninja. An experienced Jounin, Sennin Level and Kage level can use a reasonable auto-kill. This is the only rule of this kind.

Note* This is done so we do no get ridiculous situations where a genin is tempted godmod and survive an elite shinobi's attacks, that is just not logical nor fun, but rather annoying and stupid.

The previous point about genin brings around a major concept that is unlike anything that has taken place on Naruto C before, real team interactions. Unlike normal rps where teams simply rp together, Teams will be vital elements for survival. Genins and Chuunins benefit greatly from sticking together, because higher level ninja cannot utilize their auto-kill options on the lowest ranked shinobi. Team combat also provides a myriad of possibilities such as team combos and the like. Teams can engage in

-team on one combat
-team on team combat

In the team system is designed to be a little different than in normal rp's

Killing Blows: Naturally no one is going to easily let their characters die. However in order to be fair and actually simulate a war where people DIE, any debate whether a person has rped well enough to the point someone dies can be handled by an admin. Sort of like how the ANBU exams will work, if there is legitimate debate whether someone should die, let a war mod or admin see the link and judge fairly. (Remember retreat is a perfect alternative even though it results in your loss of the battle. So weigh the cause against your own life)

Again, this particular section will need more than one person's ideas, so pm me suggestions or alternatives if you think you have a fair and balanced idea. This is not to restrict creativity, but rather provide some guidelines so people actually knwo what to do and expect, and then have fun with it.

I also understand my wording may make absolute nonsense, but I am tired, so if you have difficulty understanding something, let me know.

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Re: Village War System

Post by UK-Ian on Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:37 am

Approved. Thanks


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Re: Village War System

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