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Bijuu Rules and Training

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Bijuu Rules and Training

Post by Sebastian on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:54 am

The Tailed Beasts (尾獣, bijū) are giant demons that serve to drive the plot of the Naruto series. They are differentiated by the number of tails they have, with each possessing a number from one to nine. The Tailed Beasts are large, living forms of chakra, sometimes referred to as "Chakra Monsters" (チャクラのバケモノ, Chakura no Bakemono), giving them power that far outmatches most shinobi. However, this immense strength is tempered due to their bestial nature, which restricts them from being intelligent enough to use it effectively. When the Tailed Beasts are sealed within humans, they are able to benefit from the knowledge of their hosts, giving them the ability to better utilize their powers.

Nine-Tailed Demon Fox
Taken By
Attributes: Major Chakra Boost
Faster healing
Eight-Tailed Giant Ox
Taken By
Attributes: Major Strength Boost
Ink creation
Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle
Attributes: Major Endurance Boost
Six-Tailed Slug
Attributes: Major Intelligence Boost
Slime substance creation
Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse
Attributes: Major Speed Boost
Ability Chosen by User
Four-Tailed Monkey
Attributes: Minor Speed and Strength Boost
Yōton Release
Three-Tailed Giant Turtle
Attributes: Major Stamina Boost
High-speed swimming
Sense slightest movement in water
Two-Tailed Monster Cat
Taken By
Attributes: Minor Chakra and Speed Boost
Breathes fire
Blue flame body
Flexible muscles
One-Tailed Shukaku
Attributes: Major Chakra Boost
Manipulates sand
Auto sand shield
Influences jinchūriki whenever you sleep

  • Must be a Genin
  • Cannot possess a KKG
  • Cannot possess a SSM weapon
  • Cannot start as a Missing Ninja

Training Requirements
  • No Tail - No training required, granted chakra color depending on the bijuu
  • 10% - 1000 word training required. 1500 to master. (Bijuu Cloak)
  • 20%l - 1300 word training required. 1800 to master. (Bijuu Eyes)
  • 30% - 1600 word training required. 2100 to master.
  • 40% - 1900 word training required. 2400 to master. (Bijuu Limbs) *Genin Limit*
  • 50% - 2200 word training required. 2700 to master.
  • 60% - 2500 word training required. 3000 to master. (Transformation*Small*)
  • 70% - 2800 word training required. 3300 to master. *Chuunin Limit*
  • 80% - 3100 word training required. 3600 to master. (Transformation *Medium*)
  • 90% - 3400 word training required. 3900 to master. (Transformation *Large*)
  • 100% - 4000 word training required. 4500 to master. (Complete Control/Cooperation of Bijuu)

(Training for control of the beast inside the host is no easy task. As such even if one gains access to a more stronger piece of the bijuu's power, they will still be required to master it. If this is not done then the host risks losing there mental stability the longer they are exposed to the chakra of the bijuu. The higher the percentage of the bijuu chakra being used, if not master, will be deducted every post the jutsu is active. Once the percent adds up to 100% the user will have lost control of himself and will thus be considered as a NPC until the host can either be killed or calmed by an outside force.)

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Re: Bijuu Rules and Training

Post by UK-Ian on Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:25 am



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