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Some ideas

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Some ideas

Post by Elendril on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:29 am

Well these should be the killing rules. Or at least till we get more members

You can't kill a character without asking the character holder permission first for a death match. The only time you can kill with out permission is if an event is in place and you kill them there.
And if you and the person do not agree on a Death Match. You can ask Admin for approval. And three must say yes if not then you can not kill them or even try.

Missing ninja Akatsuki and Bijuu holder's

Unlike all other ninja's these people only need the approval of one Admin to be killed.

Clan rules

I think all clan's should be in only one village. Why because if there are Uchiha in every village they are not really a clan they are just a whole bunch of people with the same KKG. A clan is like a family all in one village. And when a clan member leave the village as a Missing ninja they are also leaving there clan.

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