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Shinobi Template

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Shinobi Template

Post by Suijin on Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:59 pm

Please read the guide below the Code Box to understand each field, as well as any requirements or systems.

Click 'Select Content' on the Code Box below. Copy the template and post it in a new topic by Clicking Here.


[color=#ff3d3d][b]Name[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Nickname[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Title Name[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Gender[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Age[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Birth Date[/b][/color] |



[color=#ff3d3d][b]Hair Color[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Eye Color[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Height[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Weight[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Appearance[/b][/color] |


[color=#ff3d3d][b]Village[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Clan[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Village Ranking:[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Shinobi Ranking[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Element(s)[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Specialties[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Bloodline[/b][/color] |


[color=#ff3d3d][b]Favorable[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Unfavorable[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Personality[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]Philosophy & Beliefs[/b][/color] |
[color=#ff3d3d][b]History & Background[/b][/color] |

Name | The one true name of your character, given to them at birth.
Nickname | Nickname, or nicknames, that your character is known by.
Title Name | Does your character have a specific title which he is referred to by?
Gender | Is your character Male, Female or (Somehow) Neither?
Age | How old is your character, in terms of years?
Birth Date | What is the specific date in which your character was born?

Hair Color | What is the color of your character's hair?
Eye Color | What is the color of your character's eyes?
Height | About how tall is your character? Provide both Imperial and Metric measurements.
Weight | About how much does your character weigh? Provide both Imperial and Metric measurements.
Appearance | Briefly describe your character's appearance. Minimum of 100 words.

Village | What village does your character give allegiance to?
Clan | What clan, or family, was your character born into (or affiliate with)?
Village Ranking: | Your leader will determine the village ranking you may start as, usually correlating with your Shinobi Ranking.
Shinobi Ranking | What rank will your character be starting as? Refer to the Ranking System.
Element(s) | What are the elements at your character's disposal? Refer to the Element System.
Specialties | List your specialties as well as your tiers. Refer to the Specialty System.
Bloodline | Leave a link here if you're starting with a bloodline, whether personal, public or clan.

Favorable | What activities, items, foods or other things does your character enjoy?
Unfavorable | Is there anything worth noting that your character dislikes?
Personality | Describe your character's overall personality and mannerisms. Minimum of 100 words.
Philosophy & Beliefs | Explain your character's core beliefs and what they're passionate about.
History & Background | Describe your character's past and background. Minimum of 250 words.

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