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Shikotsumyaku Bloodline | Moon Village

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Shikotsumyaku Bloodline | Moon Village Empty Shikotsumyaku Bloodline | Moon Village

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:08 pm

Shikotsumyaku Bloodline | Moon Village 0c794ec8413c259897490e730b0e6157

Name: Shikotsumyaku | Bone Manipulation
Possessors: Kaguya Clan
Type: Physical Enhancement
Location: Gekkousato | Moon Village
Appearance: It should be known that it is a rarity for one to possess this bloodline ability, though many are apart of the bloodline. The ability rarily manifest in those of the bloodline thus its a big deal when one does possess it. One of the key features of one who possess the actual bloodline ability is their distinct silver or white hair and typically possess a rather viscous look in their eyes, the eyes of one with bloodline ability are green. They also have tendencies to wear more traditional robes, and may even cut the eyebrows off in order to replace them with red painted on or tattooed dots in their place.

Abilities: Shikotsumyaku is a kekkei genkai which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate their own bones. Users of Shikotsumyaku possess three unique skills: the ability to control their osteoblasts (cells responsible for producing bones); the ability to control their osteoclasts (cells responsible for breaking down bones); the ability to regulate their bones' calcium density. So long as their body does not tire out, users can take advantage of these abilities without limit. With Shikotsumyaku, users can grow new bones anywhere in their body. Typically these bones are functionally and visually identical to other bones in the body, such as the spine or ribs; however they can still be manipulated into different shapes depending on the user.

This ability gives those who possess this bloodline abnormally strong bones, able to withstand more punishment than normal. They can also regrow bones after that have been broken or injured, and can replace missing bones with new ones. Because of this unique skill those who posses this KKG create jutsu that utilize their bones, often removing them from the body to use as weapons.
Weakness: N/A


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