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Bloodline Guide and Template

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Bloodline Guide and Template Empty Bloodline Guide and Template

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:51 am

Bloodline guide and Template
Bloodlines, in most scenarios, are genetic inheritances passed from one family member to another. They are special or unique abilities that can only be obtained by possessing the special DNA. Bloodline abilities are passed from parent to child, and can only be obtained by sharing a genetic code with those who also have the bloodline. The bloodline grants the owners access to techniques, also known as kekkei genkai, or KKG. Unlike other naruto rpg sites, clans and bloodlines will be separate here. While a clan can also have a bloodline, it is not needed, and you do not need to belong to a specific clan to possess a bloodline. When creating a bloodline keep in mind that there will only be a certain number of slots open for that bloodline, and while it may be attached to a clan, not all members of that clan might have access to the KKG.

-You can only have one bloodline, unless other wise granted through special means.

-To make bloodline abilities more accessible to those who have them, we have decided to take the specialty marker off of KKG jutsu or techniques. When applying for an ability that belongs to a bloodline, you will use KKG in place of the specialty. This is so that regardless of what type of character you build or what specialties you choose, you will always have access to your bloodline jutsu.

-There are four types of bloodlines, as detailed below. When applying for a bloodline, it must fall into one of these four categories.

-Dojutsu: Dojutsu are eye techniques, with the owners having unique eyes different than others. These eyes will normally grant special skills or techniques. Keep in mind, that if your KKG is a dojutsu, the abilities must be related to the eyes or vision in same way, with very few exceptions being made.

-Elemental Affinity: An elemental affinity bloodline is one that grants the owner access to a special type of element that is not found in the basic elemental guide. This advanced element can be a combination of already created elements or a brand new unique element. Those who create an elemental affinity get that element to use in their jutsu, as well as one extra ability related to that element.

-Physical Enhancement: A physical enhancement KKG is one that alters the body in some way, or boost the physical abilities that the body might already have. This type of bloodline is purely physical, and if created, must effect the body in some shape or form.

-Other: Other simply defines a bloodline that does not fall into one of the above three, and often falls into a very small or unique type of ability. While there are no real rules on this type of ability, we ask you keep it simple and easy to understand for grading purposes.

We want to make the bloodlines more about what jutsu and skills can be created from it, and less about how many abilities you can stack on top of it. Because of that, we are limiting the amount of passive abilities a bloodline can have down to two. Now you can still create tons of jutsu or other skills that utilize this bloodline, but everything it grants you for free must be summed up into two abilities. The primary ability must be the KKG itself, what exactly you are being granted from the bloodline. The second ability must be related to it in some manner.

Bloodline Template:

Name: (The name of the bloodline)
Possessors: (Does a clan or specific family posses this KKG)
Type: (Is it a Dojutsu, Element, Physical enhancement, or other)
Location: (Does this KKG belong to a specific village, region, or is it found through out the world)
Appearance: (Do those who possess this KKG look a specific way or have certain feature?)
Abilities: (What passive abilities are granted to the owner by having this bloodline)
Weakness: (What is the weakness of this bloodline. If you are only granted one ability, there does not need to be a weakness, however if you have two abilities, it must come with one weakness.)

Owners: (Who has access to this bloodline. This list will be updated by staff as more members join. The max number for any bloodline is 5)

Jutsu List: (What jutsu can be used with this bloodline. This does not need to be filled out right away, and will be updated by staff over time as jutsu are made.)



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