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Character Creation Guide

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Character Creation Guide Empty Character Creation Guide

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:37 am

Character Creation Guide
This guide will be an in depth look at the character creation application, will give explanations and clarity as you try to make your way through the process. While this guide will do its best to explain everything, each character idea is unique and you may still have questions regarding your plan. If this guide does not cover what you need, feel free to hop over to the feedback section of the site. While most rules or guidelines in this guide are meant to taken as final, there may be rare exceptions pop up. We ask that you try to stay true to this guide as much as possible, reaching out to staff if needed.

Before Creating your Character
We know you are all excited to jump in and create your very own shinobi, however unlike other sites, creation here on SG starts before you actually start filling out the application. With the goal in mind of diversty and deeper character building, SG plans to offer a large amount of unique options and customization for you to build the best character you can, and this starts right here, with the creation process. Before jumping in we ask that you familiarize yourself with all of the rules and guidelines, as they will answer most questions you have and make this process as simple as it can be.

Starting Shinobi Bag: Upon graduating each shinobi is given a free ninja tool bag with a few options of what they are allowed to place in it. Much like the Perks, there will be a list of items that you can choose from to place into your bag, once you are approved that bag and all of the items inside of it belong to you free of charge. Most, if not all, of the items can be purchased from the shop for a small fee, however these are free and given to you upon approval, allowing you to start off with a little something as you enter the ninja world. The list of items can be found down below the Perk and Flaw system, with a few rules posted below.

-No take backs: Once your character is approved, you are locked into keeping whatever items you placed into your bag. If you want any of the other choices, you will have to purchase them from the shop.
-One per Person: You can only choose one of the items from the list once, and are not allowed to stack up on multiple copies of the same item.
-No Exceptions: You are only allowed to choose from the set list of items, and can not substitute or replace certain items with others that are not on the list.

Character Creation: Now are you able to create your own shinobi. Once you have filled in your ninja tool bag, you can start filling out the template. As you go through the process make sure you are filling in all the correct fields, and that everything is placed in the correct spot. Apps with coding errors or missing content will be asked to be edited. We do not mind you working on your character over the course of several days, however we ask that for as long as it is being worked on, you leave WIP in the title. An app will not be checked if it still has WIP in the title. When ready for review change WIP to COMPLETE and reply to the post. Staff will check it as soon as they are able to.

Starting Ninja Tools

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