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SG Systems | Ranks and Title

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SG Systems | Ranks and Title Empty SG Systems | Ranks and Title

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:44 pm

SG Systems | Ranks and Titles

As a shinobi moves through their world, participating and working, they naturally will grow stronger over time, earning access to new skills and abilities. Ranks and titles are given to those who manage to move up in the world, denoting their specific level of skill or authority. Unlike other places, rank and titles will not be connected and will instead be their own separate identity. Rank is a letter grade given to a individual based on their level of experience and talent in the field, it categorizes shinobi on a ladder of skill level, giving those shinobi access to certain tools based on that rank. Now we heavily promote role play here and understand that skill comes from the actual person, not a letter or rank given to you. This means two characters of the same rank can have a large skill gap between them. However rank will be used to create character development and progression, tracking your progress and experience over time. Rank will not dictate age or class, as it only resembles your level as a ninja. Anyone of any age or character type can belong to any Rank given they have earned the right to obtain it.

All newly created characters will start off at the same rank, with only minor exceptions being made in very rare cases. Regardless of who it is, where they are going and what their plan is, every character is to start off at the bottom, with zero experience, fresh out of the academy. Once your character is approved you can then begin the journey of leveling up your rank by earning experience points, training and completing missions.

-D-Rank: D-Rank is the lowest level a shinobi can be, it is given to new recruits who have just joined the academy and are learning to become shinobi. This rank is closed and is only reserved for members who are new to Naruto RP or role play in general. There is no requirement to be this rank and there is no requirement to graduate from this rank. While D-Rank you will train with a member of staff to help you understand the in's and out's of Naruto rp, with you moving up to the next rank whenever you feel you are ready to jump in.

-C-Rank: C-Rank belongs to those who have just graduated the academy or are still working their way up through the ranks. It is the base level for all shinobi and is the first step in earning your stripes. This is the default rank for all new characters being created, and will be the rank you use on your application unless otherwise stated. C-Ranks have access to the C-Rank level of tiers in the specialty system and can participate in C-Rank missions, quest and clashes. Once you have earned enough EXP to move up, you may move to the next rank.

-B-Rank: B-Rank is given to those who have proven themselves as reliable shinobi and are quickly moving up. They have completed missions, engaged in combat and proven themselves, and can now wear their new rank with pride. B-Ranks have access to the B-Rank tier of specialties and can now participate in B-Rank missions quest and clashes. While they still have a lot to learn, those who belong to this rank are just a step above C-Rank, allowing them new tools at their disposal and a variety of new skills to prepare them for the next rank. Once you have earned enough EXP to move up, you can rank up to A-Rank.

-A-Rank: A-Ranks have earned their merit and have proven themselves to be very skilled shinobi. This is considered a high rank and only the best, most hard working ninja have made it to this level. A-Ranks have access to the A-rank tier list of specialties and can now go on some of the most dangerous missions and activities. A-ranks can use some of the best skills, abilities and jutsu, and are considered to be among the best of the best. Once you have earned enough EXP you can move from this rank to S-Rank.

-S-Rank: This is it, the top of the mountain, where all shinobi aspire to be. S-Rank is the highest rank one can obtain and is where the strongest, most skilled shinobi are. They have access to all tiers in the specialty system, and can participate in any and all missions, quest and clashes. There are very few that call this rank home and even fewer that can match the skill of an S-Rank.

Titles are a little different than rank, and will operate differently than the way other sites may use them. Rank and Title do not coincide with each other, meaning that you can be any rank matched with any title. Where rank tries to explain ones power level and experience, title denotes their level of responsibility in their village or organization. Each title is granted certain task, goals and responsibilities they are placed in charge of. These titles are not easily earned, as the higher you go the more you are tasked with. Titles do not try to explain how powerful or skillful someone is, but instead explains their level or standing in the hierarchy.

-Academy Student: Academy students are the young shinobi who have just entered the ninja academy and are learning to hone their skills. They are not practiced or skilled, but are aiming to get as good as they can before earning their headbands. This title is reserved for D-Rank shinobi and is only allowed for those who have no RP or Naruto RP experience. This title allows them to work with a staff member until they are ready to move up. There is no requirement to earn this title or to graduate from it, allowing anyone to freely move up when they are ready.

-Genin: Genin is the default title given to all shinobi once they graduate from the academy. It is the lowest title reserved for those who are now getting out in the field and learning the ropes of being a ninja. Genin make up the bulk of a village or a shinobi force, is the primary work force and the most common title given. All characters will start as a Genin upon creation and is considered the only title you may start with when making your character. Genin often handle the grunt work and are in charge of most of the low level jobs and activities. The responsibilities of a Genin are to train and to complete missions.

-Chunin: Chunin is the next title after Genin and is given to those who have begun to show certain levels of responsibility. This is no longer a basic position as obtaining this title means you have accepted a higher level of duty than just being a ninja. Chunin begin specific training processes where they are taught how to lead and command, often taking charge on missions or more dangerous activities. The title of Chunin can only be obtained by participating in a promotion exam or being specifically appointed by a village or organization leader. The responsibilities of a Chunin, apart from every day missions and training, is to train lower ranked shinobi, or to teach and prepare Genin for their step into leadership. They may often be charged with leading missions or taking squads into the field.

-Jounin: The Jounin is the final yet highest level of basic titles, and is given to those who have proven themselves both in the field and as competent leaders. They know what it means to serve and have the needed skills to guide the next generation forward. A Jounin will often take some sort of leadership role in their group, being tasked with high level task or dangerous missions. Jounin normally take care of the harder things, such as assassinations, rescue missions or infiltration jobs, and make up the core of the elite. The title of Jounin can only be earned by participating in a promotion exam or by being appointed by a village leader.

-Elite:Elite's are a special title that can not be normally earned outside of special means. The title of Elite is given to those who have obtained special task or goals, normally from the village or organization leader. This will often look like a special group or unit, consisting of a small group of specialized and highly trained shinobi. While different groups have different names or duties, the title is the same, a deadly and dangerous individual. Elites will often take on the highest level of jobs, and will most likely operate in silent and without the knowledge of others. Elites are chosen by their village leaders with their identities remaining hidden.

-Kage: The title of Kage is the highest honor anyone could have, as it refers to the leader of a village or group. Only one person will hold this title at any given time, with specific groups or villages adding a prefix to make further identify them as their leader. This title comes with the upmost respect but a ton of responsibility as well. They are the sole leader and is in charge of running and maintaining the village. They plan activities, assign missions, create teams and have the final say in most choices when it comes to the general populace. This title can not be earned by any normal means and will be appointed to a member who has proven themselves by staff.

-Rouge: Rouge is a unique title that belongs to any one with ninja skills that no longer or never did belong to a village or constructed group. This title is most of the time given to someone who has fled their village for any reason, having their past titles stripped. It is considered a cursed title as those who belong to this group are hunted or cast out, viewed as criminals or scum. Rouge's are shunned in normal society and are not really allowed in heavily populated places, with some even being hunted or killed. It is common for bounties to be placed on a rouge, depending on the level of crime or offense they have committed. There will be some rare cases where the title of Rouge is given not because you are a evil criminal, but because you have gone missing or contain knowledge a village would not want to have leaked. Rouge can not be earned normally, and is often forcefully earned by in character actions.

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