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Inescapable Hell

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Inescapable Hell

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:04 am

Jutsu Name | Inescapable Hell
Jutsu Type |Supplementary
Rank |C
Element(s) |Earth
Specialty(s) |Ninjutsu
Chakra Cost |

Range |10 Meter Diameter, up to 20 meters from user
Duration |2 post
Description |After completing the hand signs the user will strike the ground with their hands or feet, this will cause the ground to soften and begin to spiral in on itself. The jutsu will create a funnel effect out of the earth, dragging anyone in the area of effect into the ground. The funnel will continue to drag anyone down into the ground until the end of the duration, in which the ground will turn back into its original form, trapping anyone inside of it. By the end of the second post, anyone trapped inside will be buried up to their heads.
Requirements |N/A

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