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A Rank Exam.

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A Rank Exam.

Post by Darksouls on Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:00 pm

Garuda walked down the road to escort an elder from the water village. The assignment was to take him back alive, he has information for the water village leader from the flame village. Protect him at all time and do not let your eyes off him. Garuda walked slight behind the elder to make sure no one tried to capture him while he was not paying attention. The day was great for a mission so Garuda wasn't bothered to much to escort the elder back to his village for the sake of his own. Garuda looked around as he walked making sure no one was hiding and waiting for a sneak attack. The elder looked back at Garuda as he began to speak. "Garuda was it again, right?" As he looked at the elder quietly, "yeah." Garuda said as he kept looking around for any signs of attackers.

The elder smiled a and continued "Thank you for the escort, this information is very important for both our villages. Would you agree" as Garuda looked back for a quick moment as he stopped, making sure he didn't miss anything or anyone. "I don't care about your village nor the information, I'm just here to protect you" Garuda said bluntly as he elder looked into his eyes and turn his attention back to the road. They continued walking threw the road as they were getting near the water village. They still had a decent amount to walk, but Garuda noticed the heavy feeling; like if he wasn't accepted within this area maybe there were enemies near by there presence and there motivation maybe made the area feel like hatred. Garuda has felt this feeling before but he knew the elder didn't feel it to him he was just on his way back to his village.

Garuda started to notice a man walking towards them. He took his hand out of his pockets and Crossed them over each other. On his fingers where two shurikens that he took off his pouch as he was moving his hands out his pocket. Garuda had already began planing in case it was and enemie that new that the old man was coming but in the other hand it could had been a traveler or a member of the village guards. The elder stopped, as Garuda passed by the elder just for a brief second. He would look back at the elder as his face was in shock. "T-th-thats the rogue ninja that the village has been looking for" as Garuda quickly turn his face back towards the man. With a glimpse of his eyes he saw a kunai coming his way as he ducked grabbing the elder by his arm and pulling him down with some what of force. The elder fell on his stomach, Garuda toss both shurikens he was holding at the rogue ninja which he dodge Garuda quickly began to run towards him and took out his blade. They both clash several time landing small cuts on each other as while Garuda was to focus on the man in front of him a second rogue ninja knocked out the elder and placed him on his shoulder and began to move towards the village. Garuda got a quick glance at the man but couldn't let his guard down on his opponent.

Garuda had to put this man down before the other one to far. But it was going to take a bit long for this unless he acted quick and waisted little time with him. The rogue when for a vertical attack with his sword as Garuda blocked it with his blade and his other hand Garuda stabbed the mans leg with his shuriken which he took out the moment of the collision. This made the rogue close his eyes in pain for a brief second but enough for Garuda to take the advantage. Garuda would take his finger out of the loop of the shuriken and with that same arm he would punch the man in the face the quickly spin kick him in the chest sending the man back a few feets until he hit the closes tree. Garuda quickly ran at him and plunged his blade between the mans shoulder and chest area. The rogue ninja would spit blood out his mouth as he was in some pain. Garuda looked at him and grabbed his sword "I think you should stay here. I suggest not moving a lot you might end up hurting your self" Garuda said as he quickly made his way towards the village.

With little time left Garuda tried to remember the mans face and to see if he left any foot prints on the ground. Maybe they could tell him where the man took the elder, and maybe he can save him before the rogue disposes of him body and learns the information that was meant for the Leader of the water village. Garuda walked around the area until he found foot prints that lead to a hidden cave near the water village. "This should be his hideout" Garuda said as he made his way in. He walked for a decent amount of time until he reached the end and the elder was tired up to a poll still unconscious Garuda walked up the elder and untied him the elder felt to the ground. Garuda was about to pick the elder up but then from behind him he heard foot steps getting closer at a quick manner. He turn and place the blade in front of him to protect himself as the rogue collided with him. "So you got pass Roku, I thought you were dead" the man said as Garuda stood quiet and pushed him back with ease. And then he noticed that this was was weaker at least in strength, compared to the other one and slower. Garuda stood up and grind at him "make this a bit more fun, the other guy was a good warm up" as Garuda plunged ahead striking the man as both the blades collided again but this time Garuda had the upper hand pushing the man back. As Garuda placed all his strength on the blade breaking it and the other blade as well. The rogue was in shock and that were Garuda took advantage, he grabbed the man by the shirt and pulled him down at the same time lifting his knee up which collided his his face. The rogue took a step back bleeding from his mouth, that when Garuda crouch and slammed his elbow into the mans chest sending him flying back until he hit the boulder. Garuda picked up the broken swords and walked towards the rogue and stabbed him with both blade in each shoulder onto the ground. Garuda walked back and picked up the elder making his way back to the village. The elder woke up, "whats going on? Where are we?" He said as he looked around and noticed that he was inside the village on Garudas shoulder. He let him down the elder regained balance and went into the leaders building thanking Garuda for escorting him back before departing.

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