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Lightning's Position/Roster wip

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Lightning's Position/Roster wip

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:03 am

Lightning Village Shinobi/Citizen Roster

The highest position one can achieve within the Village of Lightning. Serving as protector, as well as, physical representation of the ideologies of the village and its territories. There is only one who can hold the position and is typically decided upon through voting among the citizens. S-Rank or higher requirement. Must be 20+ in age. The Lightning doesn't follow children.

Kage Assistant/Body Guard(s):
The second highest position in the Lightning village. These individuals serve in similar fashion to a Kage in regards to the respect the village holds for the position. They advise the Kage in times of peace and protect them in times of war. Must be A-Rank or higher.

Nanashi Captain(s):
Very similar to Anbu Captains in regards to how they operate. They serve as the eyes, ears, and hands of the Kage. These individuals answer only to the Kage, even the assistant to the Kage is unable​ to command this group; respect is still a requirement in regards to Nanashi's interaction with said Assistant, however. They are capable of tackling any mission, but all deeds done are considered classified. To divulge any information about a mission is punishable by imprisonment. Must be A rank or Higher.

Three Man Squad Captain(s):
The typical squad leader for shinobi teams. Individuals who are capable of taking charge and leading others to accomplish tasks. Many of these shinobi serve as teachers, as well, educating young boys and girls into splendid shinobi. Must be B-Rank or higher to apply.

Head Medical Advisor:
Charged with maintaining the  hospitals and dispatching medical shinobi when needed. While often having little reason to leave the village, the Head Medical Advisor is allowed to enter and exit the village as they please. Must be at least A-Rank and possess a mastery in medical specialty.

Medical Assistant(s):
Individuals charged with assisting the Head Medical Advisor with whatever they require. These individuals also serve as students to the Advisor, learning from them while performing thier duties. Must be B-Rank or higher and possess advanced in the medical specialty.

Ambassador of Lightning:
Often the first representative to be met, given this Individuals travels the land and tending to foreign needs. This is the only position in Lightning that a civilian can possess. Must be at least 20 years of age to have this position.

Ambassador Assistant/Body Guard:
Guardians of the Ambassador and consist of shinobi. Serving as nothing more than protection for the Ambassador, these individuals have only a single mission. Keep the Ambassador alive.

Leadership Positions

~Denkikage ~
~Kage Assistant/Body Guard(s) ~

~Nanashi Captain(s) ~
~Three Man Squad Captain(s) ~

~Head Medical Advisor ~
~Medical Assistant ~

~Ambassador of Lightning ~
~Ambassador Assistant/Body Guard ~
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