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Kouga Nuitari Shinobi Profile

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Kouga Nuitari Shinobi Profile

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:33 am

Shinobi Profile: Kouga Nuitari

Name | Nuitari Kouga
Nickname | Nuko
Title Name | Sagacious Savage
Gender | Male
Age | 30
Birth Date | 6/9


Hair Color | Black
Eye Color | Goldish Yellow
Height | 7'0
Weight | 250lbs
Appearance |

As if carved from marble by the Gods of Greek lore, Nuitari's physical build is like a picture of perfection. He stands 7'0 and weighs 250lbs of solid well-toned muscle. His skin tone is white though slightly tanned, showing he is no stranger to being outdoors. He has broad shoulders which only adds to his regal bearing and attitude; his posture only simply exudes this. His eye brows are a little bushy and always look make him look as angry, which most times isn't the case. His voices is deep and commanding, making it an easy one to remember if heard or recognize if heard.

The most noticeable characteristic of Nuitari is his eye color. His eyes are best described as being a golden, dark yellow, and always have a mischievous yet relaxed look about them. In the light it almost appears as if they are luminescent. His teeth are perfectly white and his canine teeth are noticeably more pointed than the average person, giving him an feral almost wolfish look when he grins. His hair color is black and is relatively short, barely reaching his ears, aside from a single batch of hair that covers the right side of his face; stopping a little above his top eyelid as to not block his vision.

He has a few minor scars on his body from incidents in his youth. What stands out the most is his large tattoo that spans from his chest, over both shoulders and halfway down his back. On both sides is a Japanese dragon, one black with white eyes the other white with black eyes. The two heads meet face to face on Sebastian's chest. The black dragon's face is seen snarling as if ready to attack, while the white dragon's face appears calm and composed. Their long bodies go over the shoulders and travel down his back, both bodies never crossing as they create an "S" shaped pattern with the tails of both stopping at the center of the back; completely parallel to each other and mirroring each others pattern. The tattoos is meant to serve as a balance, similar to the yin and yang concept. On his right arm, spanning from shoulder to elbow is the name "Kouga" the K being on the shoulder drawn, while the other letters are in standard print.

Despite his humble upbringing, Nuitari is a man who prefers to make appropriate first impression. Thus, his attire alone speaks just as much about himself as his actions does. His favorite color is black, which is pretty much the standard for all his clothing in terms of color. He prefers the more formal type of clothing as he will almost always wear a all black button up vest, fitting perfectly to his build; not to snug but not to baggy. The buttons on said vest are a dark yellow, matching Nuitari's gold-like eyes.  Under this, should he decide to leave the button up unbuttoned, he wears an all black long-sleeved button up shirt that fits only slightly similar to the vest. The shirt fit is only a little more loose than the rest of his attire. On occasion, Nuitari will wear a suit jacket. The jacket's length fits like a typical suit jacket. The jacket has no outside pockets, instead only have two large inside pockets. The jacket itself is fairly light and is loose enough to easily slip out of easily if the need arises.

Due to his lack of interest of being flashy, jewelry and such, the only noticeable accessory he has are his black leather gloves. The length of said gloves stop a few inches past the wrist and are durable enough to be worn even in fights. Though the leather is only slightly padded, it serves a more psychological purpose. With the slight padding, Nuitari never feels the need to not commit to his punches. The little padding gives him the notion that his knuckles are protected from any major recoil from his punches. For example, if punching someone in the mouth. Nuitari's concern of cutting his own hand on teeth decreases since his gloves will off some form of protection (Again its more psychological than actual protection like actual fighting gloves would grant. The gloves can still rip as easily as normal leather does.)

Maintaining his formal appearance, Nuitari wears black dress pants. The pants are a perfect fit being not to baggy, but fitting to his size allowing room to deliver wide kicks and maneuverability without ripping the pants. However, it is hard to notice this fact by simply looking at said pants. To the untrained eye the pants look as if they restrict movements, which sometimes grants the element of surprise. Though his pants fit well enough to do without, Nuitari still wears a typical black leather belt mostly for looks than actual need. His socks are black and reach just above the ankles. What perhaps stands out most in the outfit is Nuitari's footwear. Rather than traditional patent leather shoes, his shoes are more like a boots and dress shoe hybrid. Smaller than your typical boots, but larger than traditional dress shoes, the shoes grant good maneuverability while maintaining the formal appearance.

Nuitari prefers to not wear headgear, simply out of personal preference. As stated previously, he doesn't like to wear jewelry and has no piercings. However, he wears a dog tag around his neck said to have belonged to an old friend.

Village | Lightning
Clan |
Village Ranking: | Denkikage
Shinobi Ranking | S
Element(s) | Lightning
Specialties |

  • Bukijutsu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Summon

Bloodline |

Favorable |
☯ Marijuana ☯ Revelry
☯ Spectating Fights ☯ Ancient Treasures
☯ History/Archaeology ☯ Fierce Personalities
☯ Willpower ☯ Family
Unfavorable |
☯ Cowardice ☯ Traitors (Zero Tolerance)
☯ Prudes ☯ Weak Wills
☯ Onions ☯ Buzzkillers
☯ Earwigs ☯ Disrespect
☯ Wind Shinobi

Personality |

As his appearance may suggest, Nuitari is a calm, extremely cool, and collected individual. Being that he is the older sibling between him and brother, Solinari, he matured a lot faster since it fell to him to look after his little brother. Add in the factors that led to his time as a orphan, his wary nature is understandable. In terms of trust, he only does so if said individual has proven to be deserving. This leads to his take charge attitude when he feels no one else will get a task done. In this sense he may come off as a bit of a narcissist. In his mind he feels nothing is impossible for him, as such he makes light of even the most dire situations. It's this thinking that gives him the will and desire to push himself to greater heights, to have all the world recognize his greatness. In comparison to his attitude in his youth, he is still just as ruthless though more stoic about the approach; as opposed to his old habits of barbaric aggression. It's believed the death of his sister caused him to become more calm and thinking.  

He rarely feels pity for others, being dealt a shitty hand by life as well, but he made the best of it. The world, in his eyes, revolves around survival of the fittest. Thinking like this makes it simple for him to live without regret, because in his mind he feels he's only trying to stay alive and make something of life. This further explains his ruthless methods, as he is unwilling to take the safe route and leave room for mistakes. Whatever task is needed to be done, Nuitari will see it done by any means necessary. If this means killing in order to quell an early sign of rebelling, then he will do so with no second thought. Leadership based on morality, in his opinion, causes more deaths than save.

Nuitari is one who firmly believes knowledge is power. Even when he gives off a facade as if he could careless about whats going on around him, he takes mental notes of the action and behaviors of his surroundings. This serves as a means to constantly keep people off balance, in a manner of speaking, when dealing with him. Luring them into a false sense of security just to capitalize on their awareness of his unpredictability. On the flip side, he does not assume that others are inferior to him. He believes all people have potential and talent, even if they aren't showing it. As such, Nuitari does not underestimate those around him; even if his outward attitude doesn't suggest that. If you stand in his way, he will do his very best to put down with extreme prejudice.

When on his down time, or pretty much anytime, he is a very fun person to be around. Though he will still be a bit of a jerk, those that get know him see he enjoys having a good time. He cherishes the friendships he has gained and isn't shy around new people, often treating them as if he'd known them for years. He is extremely loyal to his village, more so to family, and is always willing to stand up for both; whether they are right or wrong. The few times where he will show genuine anger is when either are threatened and will challenge anyone who dares wish his people harm. Side Note: Being a heavy marijuana smoker, he will almost immediately get along with any one that shares this same fondness.

Philosophy & Beliefs | See Personality.
History & Background |
Nuitari was born as the first child to parents whom he thought adored him. A year after, Solinari was born to this same loving family. Life was good for the boys. They held little care about the world, to them this place with there parents was a utopia. Sadly, this would not last. Nuitari  was the one who discovered his parents true colors. He would sometimes catch them, without being caught, abusing drugs and even seeing his mother sell herself for money. Such was the harsh reality of the two boys circumstance, something Nuitari always hid from his little brother. However, it would only get worse when the day came for them to be taken away. The parents that Nuitari trusted with his life, being to young to know any better despite what he had seen, had sold their two sons into slavery. Emotions ran wild as Nuitari tried beg for help, only to his parents turn their back on him.

The next chapter of their life was filled hard labor, poor food quality, sleeping on the hard ground, and daily beatings. Nuitari, whom had vowed to protect the only true family he had left, often received beatings by interfering when Nuitari was involved. Incidentally, they caught the attention of another slave, a man who had lost his freedom when had tried to free the slaves. He noticed that the two brothers were not broken spirited like the other slaves. This lead to the boys eventually learning from the old slave. It was he that pushed the "knowledge is power" concept on the boys.

When the time came, Nuitari had secretly rallied the other slaves to cause a mass rebellion. During the confusion, the brothers and their mentor cut down all who stood in their path. They made their way to the nearest shinobi village, Kaminari Village, and parted ways with their mentor. Nuitari recalled the skills of the ninja that he had seen, and wanted that for himself. It wouldn't take long before they were able to explain their situation to the authorities. From there the boys were given a small one home, and at the brothers request, get enrolled in the academy. After only a year, Nuitari being 15 at the time, the two graduated and earn the right to be called shinobi. With nothing to his name aside from the skills he learned and a heart full of ambition, Nuitari vowed to establish a name for himself. He would one day get revenge for what was done to him and his brother, and become known as the greatest shinobi to ever have lived.

The years to follow were filled with challenging missions and grueling tests of will. He and his brother earned respect and honor among the villagers and their peers. The two had adopted the insignia of a black lion to represent themselves and soon the nickname "Black Lions" was born. By the time the boys were chuunin, they had earned renown even outside of the borders of Kaminari Village. Slavers feared the name of the brothers as they took revenge for their there past and freed those that currently suffered that fate. However with so much violence in the boys wake, a specific group of slavers set a trap for the brothers. The result being the death of Solinari and Nuitari barely making it out alive. Filled with rage Nuitari left Kaminari Village to hunt down those responsible, spending the majority of his years as a jounin on the task.

The journey to find the culprits lasted into the Nuitari's early 20s and it eventually took him with the borders of Wind Village territory. Keeping his presence hidden and maintaining disguises, it took Nuitari a year in Wind Village territory to find a trail and another year just to see where it led. He found himself in a small village outside of territories capital village, inside the small quaint village was the culprit. A single shinobi who, upon interrogation, let slip that he set up the act with the help of a Lightning ninja. Apparently the two brothers had killed a good friend of one Wind shinobi and paid off a Lightning ninja to set the duo up. After giving man death after several more hours of torture, Nuitari set off back towards his home country after so much time away. To finish off the last of the culprits to his brothers murder. Just as quietly as he had left his home territory, Nuitari returned to the Lightning territories.

Nuitari, during his investigation, learned where this traitor lived and was fortunate to discover he didn't stay within the village. In fact he resided near the Raijin Ports, just on the outskirts on the port village itself. Nuitari in almost no time he tracked down the man's whereabouts and executed him on the spot for treason. It was ironic that the man dabbled in slave trade, making the killing that much easier to do. Having finally done what he felt would appease his brothers spirit he packed up his things and finally headed back to Kaminari Village. He reported his findings and evidence to his superiors and explain his extended absence. Though he was given only a minor punishment of house arrest as a result, given the profound results he'd attained from his deed.

At the age of 25 he had not only found the culprits of his brothers murder, but also greatly reduced the percentage of slave trading in Lightning Village, as a result he was recruited into the villages first ever secret ops group. The group started nameless at first with only 10 men and women deemed the best the village had to offer, at that time anyway. It wasn't until a year after its conception that the group began to go by Nanashi, which roughly means anonymous, for that was who they all were. The missions and task that the group performed were known only to the leader of the village, serving as his five senses in the throughout the territory. Nuitari served on this secret group for four years until the leader of the village, an elderly man, died from natural causes. By this time Nuitari had become some what of a pupil to the leader, in that Nuitari was always eager to learn more. Naturally, when it came time for a new leader to be picked Nuitari was a candidate; despite his young age.

Up against veteran politicians and other elders in the village who had long since solidified themselves are capable leaders, Nuitari pushed the idea of moving the village into a more modern future. While maintaining old traditions, he pushed the idea that new thinking can only compliment the old ways. Pushing them to be even more fruitful and beneficial than originally conceived to be. He'd gone so far as to even visit the other major and minor territories, even Wind, and pushing the idea of a lasting peace among them. These talks and meetings eventually led to what would soon become the start of what the Lightning Village call 'Nuitari's Peace', believing he is the reason behind the significant drop in aggression throughout the land. Unfortunately, he lost his first run at politics at the age of 27. Many considered the loss a sham and that Nuitari was the rightful leader, but Nuitari acknowledged his defeat and graciously welcomed the new leader.

Despite his loss, Nuitari remained a major figure within the village; serving as both a shinobi and as a politician of sorts. Despite his rough nature, his action showed the conviction that the people desired to see in a leader. So when the leader died in office after only three years, Nuitari was easily the first choice as the next leader of Kaminari Village. Few bothered to go against him, likely assuming that the people's desire to see this man as their leader was very apparent. On his 30 birthday, Nuitari was named the leader of Kaminari Village and was gifted the title of Denkikage; breaking away from the title of Raikage which was what was previously used. The new title was meant to signify that it was to be a start of a new way of doing things, under the leadership of the youngest leader of the villages history. Thus began the beginning of the First Denkikage's reign over the Lightning.
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