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Kouga Bloodline

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Kouga Bloodline

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:41 am

Kouga Bloodline ~ Wielders of the Force

Bloodline Name |
Kouga Bloodline

Possessors |
Direct bloodline Descendants (Permission from Nuitari Required)

Appearance |
Those of the Kouga bloodline rather large in regards to height and often have beast-like facial features; slightly longer canine teeth, often having savage or feral looks in their eyes, face typical rests as a scowl or frown, naturally well built even without much exercise, and are typically taller than the average shinobi.

Abilities |  
Direct descendants of the Kouga Manjidani bloodline all possess the ability to use Yin Release and manipulate the chakra from within them, as well as, expel it from the body. Though it is actually chakra, practitioners often refer to this as the 'Force' and varies depending on the practitioners own creativity. For example, the force can be manipulated to increase users ability to perform movements of incredible physical prowess; such increasing the force of ones physical strikes, make ones body more durable to endure punishment longer, or even perform sudden (acrobatic) feats of speed and evasion. Even the effects of toxins and poisoned can be lessened or removed from a practitioners body, using chakra as a means to heal their body and assist the recovery process. Keeping in mind that one must have medical knowledge in order to use the force in this capacity. Experienced practitioners that are truly in tune with themselves, can even use the force as a 6th sense and feel the world around them through it. Able to navigate even a chaotic battlefield to the darkest cave, using the force like sonar (no sound) or echo location.

In regards to being expelled from ones body, this application of the ability is much more difficult to perform than the previous. However, how one manipulates the force is no different than one manipulates elemental chakra based attacks. Rather than combine an element to perform a technique, the practitioners simply uses their own chakra as if it were an elements. This allows for them to expel their chakra from their bodies in numerous ways; focused blasts of chakra or in all directions simultaneously. Even techniques that may be used as a means for evasion (like using the force from an attack to change their position while in mid-air) are well within the repertoire of this rare bloodline. The experienced practitioner can even cast out their influence of control and effect chakra based techniques from external sources; for feats that slow down the speed of chakra based attacks or even re-direct it entirely.

The ability itself is meant to compliment the bloodlines inherited skill with a bukijutsu-based style of fighting. Meaning those that are inheritors of this bloodline are doomed or blessed to be bukijutsu specialists. (Yes this means to use this bloodline bukijutsu must be the main or highest specialty). Serving as not only as a bloodline, but also a sort of secret society of individuals that seek to live cohesively in the world. Unless one is taught the meaning of the bloodline by another inheritor, they become unable to access any of the abilities this bloodline grants. Though every once in a while some prove naturally skilled and proficient in its use. Though this is very rare. Often times, most inheritors of this ability are taught by another or they simply go through life without it. (3000 WC Training/Near Death Thread)

Weaknesses |
While the use of this ability grants numerous abilities, there are several drawbacks and downsides to the bloodline. In regards to the abilities internal usage, while it does enhance the practitioners and even assist in the recovering process; they are only able to focus on one application of its use at a time. This mean that while the user is fighting with enhanced strength, a sustained costing jutsu, they will be unable to use the enhanced endurance or slow down the spread of a poison in the body. To even attempt this would result in wasted chakra and the cancellation of the current sustained jutsu. Also it should be noted that how force is capable of being used relies heavily on the individuals chosen specialties. A good example being a medical specialty being required for any form of curative force jutsu or genjutsu being a requirement for sense based force jutsu.

While the force is non-elemental, it does not overpower any other element. Serving as a neutral element of sorts, the force collides with most jutsu or equal rank techniques. This serves as a stand alone element, meaning it cannot be used in unison with other jutsu from external chakra sources (no team combos, but one can combine with their own elemental chakra based techniques).

Lastly, those of this bloodline are limited to having no more than one element, excluding the Force. The use of the force is deemed as a primary element and fill that slot, despite the fact the force is non-elemental. Thus, Kouga can only possess one actual element (Lightning, Wind, Water, Earth, or Fire. No advance elements. This due to their genetic make-up and can't even be changed through surgical methods. Thier ability to use the force cannot be transferred through transfusions. Your either born with it or not).
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