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Post by Essien6th on Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:58 pm

Name | Essien
Nickname | E
Title Name | Master of Fists
Gender | Male
Age | 12
Birth Date | 6-2

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Hair Color | White
Eye Color | Blue
]Height | 5'2"
Weight | 125
Appearance | Essien has white long, spiky hair that takes a lot of time in the morning. He wears a blue and yellow coat with the collar sticking straight up. He also wears a blue and yellow undershirt that also has the collar sticking straight up. He wears dark blue pants. His eyes are destroyed with all that he has seen. His hands are crusty and torn from all the training that he has endured. He also has a frown until he has the upperhand in fights. His teeth are as white as the snow. He is also built like a brick.

Village | Water
Clan | None
Village Ranking: | Genin
Shinobi Ranking | C Rank
Element(s) | Wind
Specialties | Taijutsu
Origin | None

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Favorable | Essien enjoys walks along the water to clear his mind. He likes to chill on his own and stay in the background.
Unfavorable | Essien doesn't like to take orders from anyone random. He also doesn't like birds because they take up to much of his air.
Personality | Essien enjoys to fight anyone just for fun. He trys to best himself anyway that he possibly can. If he win hes really cocky and arrogant, But if he loses then he will sneak around and try to find a weakness. He will stop at nothing just to be the best. Essien is very truthful, he will tell you that he doesn't like you or that he really enjoys your company. Essien loves to train even if it is for a second he loves the ability to learn new moves. Essine is very reliable if he thinks you are worth his time he will either work with you or help you dig your grave.    
Philosophy & Beliefs | Essien believes that anyone can be stronger just by building muscle. He also believes that anyone that wants to fight him is just another obstacle in his way. He's kind to people that follow him, and destroy those that impose.  
History & Background | Essien was born June 2. He was the youngest out of 6 children. As a baby Essien was very stubborn and always wanted everything to go his way. He loved to just crawl away and look at the sea. The sea was his getaway from his life. As a child Essien loved to fight with anyone that was willing to give him the time of day. He loved fighting and learning from his father. Essien's oldest brother, Jax hated the fact that he was getting more attention then he was. Jax was always jealous at the fact that all of his siblings were getting attention and he wasn't. This went on for years. He would often strike me down just to gain fathers approval. Essien's father never liked his little man getting hit or injured. This angered Jax, he stormed off at the fact that Essien was his number one. On his 10th birthday all of Essien's family came to visit him. It was a big celebration for being 10 in our village. Father went to go get more water when we heard a fatal scream coming from where father went. Everyone went over there to find father laying on the ground in a puddle of his own blood. Everyone screamed while Essien new exactly who did it. His siblings were to scared to do anything about their fathers death. Essien's second oldest sibling Sora decided to train him until he was ready enough to join the academy. He wanted to prove to his family and his father that he was the strongest in the family." />" />
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