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A-Rank Exam

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A-Rank Exam

Post by Kaida Asano on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:38 pm

(Just a quick note, this was an S-Rank exam when it was suppose to be an A-Rank, so I just wanted to pass it off as an A-Rank anyway since that's what I'm aiming for.)

Screams of terror and yells of agony filled the Flame Village as Kaida viewed the horrific battle between her home country and the enemy, Wind, through the windows of her office with a katana in her hand. She had remembered clearly that the leader of the Village Hidden in the Wind had declared war on the Village of Flame. Kaida, as expected, had gladly embraced the declaration. There was only one thing that had been requested by Kaida, and that was for the leader of the enemy land to visit her office. Alone. They said it was a strange request for Kaida to demand, but nonetheless the leader of Earth had happily accepted the request. The thought of a fight between two leaders if a village battling out their differences all alone in a room had sent shivers of excitement all over her body.

The invasion had started about ten minutes ago, until she heard footsteps that echoed in the hall. A sly smirk was marked on Kaidas lips as the footsteps became closer and louder. It only took less than a minute later for the "stranger" to arrive in her office. Silence had filled the room as Kaida could tell the guest just stood there and stared at her back for a while. She had wondered if her guest would be the first to say a word. The results? Obviously enough, silence still went on in the office. That was until Kaida had then decided to break the silence by attempting to catch the guest off guard. "Enjoying the view, I see? And I'm not talking about the war that's going on outside." She giggled as she hinted at what was in front of the windows. As Kaida turned around, she finally had a better view of her opponent. It was a woman who looked about around Kaida's age, of course Kaida would take the cake in beauty. She wielded jet black straight hair that got as far to her shoulders, and vibrant teal eyes that could light up in the dark. Her complexion was light, but she did had a few scars here and there, mainly sword slices on her arm. Her outfit was a dark brown short sleeved shirt with a high collar, black long sleeved pants, and black shoes to match the pants.

"Otsuka Chiaki, leader of the Earth country." Kaida announced. "I would've expected you to look like a leader than a bum, but to each of their own I suppose." She sighed. "If anything, I feel blessed that you've managed to follow my directions. I wouldn't want some barbaric animal ruining our special fight, whether they're from your or my village." She said as she had given a warm smile to the black haired woman. "I have requested a one-on-one battle between you and I, but things will be a little different as you are expected to play by my rules, Ms. Otsuka." She cooed as she slowly raised her blade at Chiaki with a playful grin formed on her lips. "We're having a one-on-one sword fight, and you are only permitted to use your blade, feet, hands, and other weaponry such as kunai and shuriken." She explained.

"What? Why?" Chiaki asked, confused as she walked into the office.

"It's simple, Dear Chi." Kaida replied as she dropped the formality in the moment. "You're known to rely on your earth and fire ninjutsu more than your own natural weapon like your body and a blade like your katana. A real leader knows how to use their surroundings and current resources to aid them in a fight. I want to see how well you can use both of them in this battle as a leader of a country in a small area that is my office. After all, I've embraced your declaration of war with a open arms.  Don't you think you should do the same for my rules?" She asked as she gave an innocent look. "There is one catch to this. You are forbidden to use any elements during this fight. If you do, then you lose. This rule also applies to me, so don't think I'm only trying to bring you down." Kaida chuckled.

Chiaki rose an eyebrow at Kaida's explanation of her rules. "Lose? And how do things work if one of us 'loses'?" She questioned as she brushed aside the informality that Kaida just used.

"Oh, don't worry about that. I have ways of settling that. For now, just focus on what's more important." Kaida said as she gotten into a battle position, while Chiaki had done the same as she also drew out her own katana.

The two women had a stare-off as Chiaki had given off a rowdy look whereas Kaida had given a calm mien. Finally, it was Kaida who broke the stare-off and had made her first move. "Good luck." Were her final words before she sprinted at Chiaki as she held her katana at a leveled position, flat at a horizontal level. She then swung her katana at Chiaki's stomach in an attempt to slit her neck open. The black haired woman, on the other hand, was quick enough to hold her katana in a vertical position near her neck, preventing the attempted slit from being a success. Kaida then pulled her katana back, as she repeat the same process that had been aimed at Chiaki's neck was then aimed at one of the sides. Of course, Chiaki had also repeated the same defensive move to her side, preventing another slice from being successful.

Chiaki was able to thrust Kaida's blade away, as she attempted to swipe at the pink haired woman's exposed stomach. Another slice was then aimed towards the neck area, which was also quickly defended. Chiaki used as much speed as she could to land just one hit on Kaida as Kaida successfully blocked every single attempted slash on her body. Her speed was basically on par with Kaida's, so the swordplay went on for about ten minutes. Neither Chiaki or Kaida conveyed any sign of backing down. In a battle between pride and determination for one's country, it could be concluded that failure and defeat was not an option. The sounds of their weapons clashing filled the office with nothing but that. Their swordplay went on for about ten minutes, as Kaida was already impressed with how well Chiaki was defending herself despite being known for limiting herself to strictly earth and fire ninjutsu.

Kaida had finally inflicted a hit on Chiaki. Chiaki aimed a sucker punch with her right hand at Kaida's left cheek, which was blocked by Kaida's left hand. However, this gave an opening for Kaida to swing at Chiaki's neck, leaving a large gash. Chiaki screeched in pain as she felt her neck being sliced open. She also felt the katana rub against her waist, also slicing it open as well. Blood dripped from both the neck and waist as Chiaki held one hand on her neck while the cut on her waist continued to bleed. "...Fuck this." She hissed to herself while turning around and heading out of the door of Kaida's office.

Kaida watched the Earth leader stumbled off to the exit of the office and making her way out of the building. If the other woman thought she could get away so easily, A sadistic smile was formed as she stared at the exit of her office.

Such a coward. Declaring war yet you're running away from a battle. But if it's a chase you want, then it's a chase you'll receive.
Kaida Asano

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