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Mind Hiden

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Mind Hiden

Post by Tachibana Aya on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:33 pm

Bloodline Name | Mind Hiden
Possessors | Flame Village
Appearance | N/A
Abilities |

-Allows the user to use different techniques that affect the mind of the target. An example would be telepathy(communicating with others over a large distance) or just taking over the control of their body.  Strong willed (PC's and certain special NPC's at mod/admins discretion) might be able to shake of possession or control either partly or fully. If partly they probably would have regain their sense but move much slower because the user is still hindering their body.  Generally speaking if partial control happens targets of equal rank of the technique will move 40% slower than normal. This changes with 5% for each rank difference both higher and lower, with higher ranks losing less control and lower ranks more. If a character is unconscious, immobile or otherwise unable to act they cannot resist control no matter how hard they try.

-Users count as 1 ninjutsu rank higher for the purpose of determining whether they can learn non-offensive sensor-based techniques. For example if the possessor can normally only learn C-rank techniques and lower they can learn B-rank techniques as long their only purpose is to sense others.

Weaknesses |

Most of this Hidens special techniques leave the user completely defenseless and those that don’t are rather advanced. Starting at B-rank techniques the user is no longer defenseless, though they still might experience some kind of problem, which will mostly be unique to the technique itself. Possessors usually rely on their allies to defend them if they want to use these techniques. Maintaining these techniques for long is possible but the more minds are targeted the more strain it puts on the mind of the user. Eventually those techniques will also start to harm the user physically. Telepathy and other utility techniques usually don't cause much damage, but with larger groups or more spread out groups keeping links up can be more difficult and a nosebleed can start in 5 post or even 1 if the group is really large. Normally this shouldn't get worse than a nosebleed but in special cases, like say communicating with an entire army it might become worse after a post or 2, mostly dependent on the size of the army. Possession techniques are another story, while they usually have short duration and trying to maintain this for long quickly leads to nosebleed and if the user doesn't stop by then internal bleeding will start slowly but surely. Only once the user is S-rank the strain will stop  Generally speaking possession techniques each have their own limitations. As such this will be listed in the techniques description. Overcoming the strain of these techniques isn't easy. Only once the user reaches S-rank it will stop and even then some of the more advanced techniques still might have their own penalties.

If the user is using a possession technique, their bodies are linked, which means that each wound the target receives also gets applied to the user. This also means that if the victim is killed while controlled the user dies as well.
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