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Beginner Rankings Exam

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Beginner Rankings Exam

Post by Suijin on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:47 pm

About the Exam
The Beginner Exam is the brief test that will determine what rank you may begin as. If you'd like to skip this part over and simply start out as C-rank, you may do so. However, please keep in mind that if you do so, we expect you to have a moderate amount of roleplaying experience. If you're somewhat new to role-playing, it is advised to take the Beginner Rankings Exam to determine whether or not you'll need help getting adjusted. The Beginner Rankings Exam is also useful for those with above-average roleplaying ability.

If your roleplaying skill level is designated as 0, you will have to undergo mandatory instruction on the Training Grounds. If this happens, you may find anyone with a ranking of B or higher to instruct you or you may wait for someone to be appointed, usually a member of staff or veteran member of the site.  Should you score 1-3, you will only be permitted to start as a C-rank shinobi. If you score 4-6, you will be permitted to start as a B-rank shinobi. Should you score 7-9, you may start at the rank of A. Anyone who scores a perfect 10 will be allowed to start as S-rank and will have the option of starting as a Kage or Clan Leader.

Those who receive a 0 will be required to begin at D-rank until their instructor believes they have reached an adequate level of roleplaying ability. Shinobi under the rank of C may not be killed or permanently injured. Once a shinobi has passed training, they will be granted the rank of C. Should a shinobi display a loose grasp of roleplaying at C-rank or higher, whether it be by blatantly meta-gaming or god-moding, they will be demoted to rank E and must take the 'Roleplay Rehabilitation Exam', which is a separate topic in this forum to receive their ranking back.

Please keep in mind, the number of those who will be allowed to start at a high rank will be limited at first, but will be kept track of below:

  • E-Rank: Unlimited
  • D-Rank: Unlimited
  • C-Rank: Unlimited
  • B-Rank: 2/15
  • A-Rank: 7/10
  • S-Rank: 4/5

Although there are higher ranks one may achieve, S-rank is the highest you may start out as.

Exam Scenarios
In order to take the Beginner Exam, you must look through the scenarios below and choose one. Once you've chosen, create a new topic in this forum (or simply Click Here) and type out the scenario as a role-playing post. Please include the rank you're aiming for in the topic title. You will control the NPCs and the general flow of the story, but it must be a minimum number of words; although, quality trumps quantity. We are looking at your general ability to role-play, from your creativity to your literary competence. The minimum word count for your Exam depends on what rank you'd wish to have. You will not always receive the rank you'd like, but you'll only be considered for the ranks that you've typed the minimum word count for.

  • E-Rank: 500 Words
  • D-Rank: 500 Words
  • C-Rank: 500 Words
  • B-Rank: 750 Words
  • A-Rank: 1000 Words
  • S-Rank: 1500 Words

Please keep in mind, you will only be allowed to use your hands, feet, a katana, five shuriken and your environment in these scenarios. No techniques or special abilities are permitted.

C-Rank Scenarios
You may start at C-rank without an exam.

B-Rank Scenarios
[ Catch ] | Your village is being invaded, you've been entrusted with ensuring the safety of the Academy Students.
[ Catch ] | Invaders have sent a messenger bird to request reinforcements. Secure the message.
[ Escape ] | Your squad was ambushed and you've been captured. Use your wit to escape enemy captivity.
[ Escape ] | You were framed for a crime you did not commit and imprisoned. Find a way to escape to prove your innocence!
[ Fight ] | One of your comrades is bullying a younger shinobi and you've finally decided to put an end to it.
[ Fight ] | Your rival is after the heart of your beloved. Prove yourself superior and secure your ego!

A-Rank Scenarios
[ Catch ] | The Chuunin of your village are being controlled by a strange jutsu. Defeat and secure three without killing them.
[ Catch ] | A spy equal in rank has been spotted near your village. You've been dispatched to intercept and interrogate.
[ Kill ] | The leader of an enemy village is on his way to negotiate with your leader. Your task is to assassinate him first. No witnesses.
[ Kill ] | Two members of a criminal organization have infiltrated your village. Interrogate them before elimination.
[ Rescue ] | A rogue shinobi has kidnapped a Genin from your squad. Catch up and secure your pupil.
[ Rescue ] | On an escort mission, a rogue shinobi has taken off with your client while a second shinobi blocks your way.

S-Rank Scenarios
[ Defend ] | Three members of an S-Class criminal organization have come to lay waste to your village. Defend your home.
[ Defend ] | Your village is invading an enemy land, but a powerful shinobi has come to kill your leader. Stop him.
[ Fight ] | An enemy village is invading your land and wreaking havoc. Cut down the snake at its head by killing their leader.
[ Fight ] | One of the tailed beasts has gone berserk and is destroying your village. You must fight the beast off.
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