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Construction Progress

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Construction Progress

Post by Suijin on Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:43 am

As you may have noticed, I have transferred the site over from the red and blue theme to a sleeker red and white theme. Most of the widgets have been remodeled, and images across the forum have been replaced. However, there are still small pieces of the site that have not been switched to the new color scheme, but will be in the coming days. There are still numerous systems that need to be finished and created, though the Specialty System and Origins System have been started on. Hopefully I will be able to finish everything within the next couple of weeks, but I am accepting offers to help. Send me a private message if you're interested in being a member of staff or simply volunteering your time by helping with systems, templates, the story and guides.

I realize that before I said I intended to keep canon villages, but I have changed my mind on this. I've created five base villages, one for each primary element, and will be fully original. Clans will be allowed to start their own village by merging with another clan, or multiple clans; or simply by conquering an existing village. If you conquer a village (or part of a village) it becomes your territory, to do with as you please. Whether you wish to rename the village, change it's laws, culture or anything else. If you successfully take control of a village, you have substantial influence over it. I will go much more in-depth on this in the Village Creation forum and the Conquest System topic.

If you have any questions regarding anything, I'm all ears to hear it so feel free to drop them in the comments below or send me a private message.

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