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Reincarnation of Shinobi Generations

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Reincarnation of Shinobi Generations

Post by Suijin on Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:45 am

There have been numerous Naruto-based role-playing games that have gone by the name "Shinobi Generations" throughout the past decade that I, as well as many others, have role-played on. Each and every one always seemed to get things right and the community always seemed to be much better than that of other RPGs. Perhaps there are other veteran role-players out there who may have been on such a site as well... But I digress. Shinobi Generations is simply a site name, the importance lies in what I am choosing this name to symbolize. Role-playing, particularly in the Naruto arena, has changed drastically over the years. A lot of this is likely due in part to an over-all decline of quality Naruto RPGs, as well as only a handful of sites soaking up most of those looking to role-play Naruto.

However, the majority of these sites are filled to the brim with unnecessary mathematic equations and a lot of systems that seem to serve no real purpose other than to complicate things needlessly and stifle what makes role-playing, well, role-playing. Those of us who have always leaned towards sites with freedom, openness and no stat system know how it feels to defeat an opponent with nothing more than sheer creativity, literary wit and strategic superiority. Those of you who have won the majority of your battles speed blitzing at (or over, in some cases) the maximum allowed speed may never understand the feelings but those of us who do understand, know why it is so important.

With that said, I plan to undertake this project alone. I will reconstruct this site, formerly Lost Dimension and Contract of Blood, into the new Shinobi Generations. I will outfit it with the greatest graphics and scripts I can pack into it. I will also do my best to ensure that any and all systems necessary to maintain an orderly, but free, environment for role-playing will be as simplified, but comprehensive, as possible. My hope is that role-players of all backgrounds may come together here and find a middle ground in which everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves. We will maintain an extremely fair but highly competitive framework that I believe anyone who enjoys role-playing will truly have fun with.

As far as the universe itself is concerned, I will create an entirely custom world. The story will be custom, all clans will be custom and all techniques will be custom. In essence, we are removing any and all cannon aspects that are not a part of the core that is the Naruto universe. There will still be jutsu, chakra, clans, bloodlines, elements, bijuu and more. They will simply all be custom. If you'd like something canon, you must recreate it as a customized version. The only canon aspect will be the five major villages, which will retain their name and emblem. However, there will be a system in place for founding and developing new (custom) villages.

That is all I have to disclose for now but stay tuned for future updates.

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