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Roy, The Yellow Beast

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Roy, The Yellow Beast

Post by Roy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:06 pm

Name: Uzumaki, Roy
Rank: Anbu
Clan Link: Uzumaki
Bijuu Link: N/A
Lightly touched by the wear and tear of time, Roy is far from being beyond his springtime of youth. Roy has a head full of blonde, spikey hair, a trait bred into the Uzumaki line by Minato Namikaze. His facial hair, a single, subtle chin spike, is also blonde. Roy is slender, but highly muscular. He isn't fond of fully covering himself unless a matter of formality is presented. His general presentation is one of unbound causality. He wears a pink button up, Hawaiian flower shirt, usually unbuttoned, along with a pair of cargo shorts. On Anbu level occasions he will instead dawn his very neatly kept Anbu gear, consisting of normal flak-gear and a rhinoceros mask. Roy stands at 6'1" and weighs in at a slender 140 lbs.

Personality: Generally jovial and carefree, Roy can be anything he needs to be depending upon the situation. He is a very flexible man with a lot of philosophical views about the world. Roy has a great sense of duty, almost to a point of unbound loyalty, but will not do anything that violates his own personal code as a man. Though he is sharp in his mind, Roy is limited to taijutsu and sealing, and thus believes to the greatest degree that a sharp mind isn't worth much without a powerful body to act as a catalyst for transmitting the mind's ideas into realities. Roy values friendships, and is a giving man, oftentimes willing to give the clothes off of his back for the sake of another.

Roy is bound by his word; One will never find Roy breaking a promise. He is in agreement with his own inner demons that a man who cannot be trusted isn't worth his mettle. Roy is an eater, known to be able to put away ridiculous amounts of food, likely due to the extreme physical exertion he puts himself through on days in which training is possible. He has also been known to put down quite a sum of Sakè on the weekends. Sometimes he even accidentally gets into troublesome instances in which he will be forced to do Anbu level missions whilst fully intoxicated. The level of physical shape he keeps himself in allows for some room for unhealthy habits, and he takes full advantage of abusing them.

Roy doesn't believe in life after death. Roy is an atheist, and doesn't believe for even a moment that after his passing that he will have any further opportunities to alter the world, so he works his hardest to do so before that time comes. Roy doesn't like speaking to other people about metaphysical views, as it always seems to spark a negatively connotated conversation. He just likes to believe the way he does, and do what he can to improve the lives of people all around him.

Specialties: Taijutsu/ Fuinjutsu
Elements: Futon
Current Stat Points: 175
Strength: 40
Health: 25
Speed: 45
Reflexes: 20
Stamina: 20(Including +10 from Uzumaki)
Chakra: 20

Technique Points: (120)-75=45
Techniques/Jutsu Unlocked:

Fighting Style:








Items on your person:
Items in Storage:

Your Story: History: When Roy was born, it was easy for the medical ninja to see that his chakra systems were malformed. His chakra was weak, but his body was strong. This was odd for a child of the Uzumaki clan, as they had larger, stronger chakra by the very nature of the clan. This was never a concern for his loving parents, for they knew that no matter what sort of shinobi Roy would grow up to be, he would always know that in order to do so, he had overcome an immense challenge. He grew up in a poorer district of Konoha, near the docks where his father would often take him fishing. His physical training only ceased when he could no longer go on, and it was like this for his entire life. The people left with the task of training him were well versed in shinobi who cannot mold chakra well. They were hellbent on making him a splendid shinobi: Having him embrace the Springtime of Youth.

Becoming The Next Green Beast

At the age of seven Roy had learned and mastered the first five gates;The Gate of Opening, The Gate of Healing, The Gate of Life, The Gate of Pain, and The Gate of Limit. Being able to do such at an early she was clearly due to the potent blood of the Uzumaki, but it was also clear that Roy possessed a level of will power even more powerful than that. The young boy would easily excel in all things physical, and fight in hand to hand on par with Chunin and special Jounin at the age of seven(Without the use of Gates)

It was no surprise that Roy would graduate the academy very early, as they had nothing to teach him. Along the way, Roy learned his clans technique, sealing. Fuinjutsu came naturally to him, though he didn't have much chakra to dabble with it a whole lot. He took himself straight into service to the village after graduation, never failing to impress and eventually reaching the ability to utilize the final three gates; The Gate of View, The Gate of Wonder, and the forbidden Gate of Death.

With his ability set, he was no service to anyone unless working directly with the village. He was accepted into the Anbu Black Ops after issuing an open challenge to a squad of its members and singlehandedly knocking them all unconscious, destroying the training area they used entirely. He was given the title of "The Yellow Rhinoceros" and wore a mask to display that title.

With great ambitions and a bonafide Will of Fire, Roy would seek to become one of the greatest shinobi in Konoha, and he took a great amount of pride in the fact that he would be doing so with taijutsu primarily, as he idolized those who came before him who did the same. It took a splendid ninja indeed to achieve such a goal. And Roy was definitely a splendid ninja.

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