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Wind Release: Caltrop Breath

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Wind Release: Caltrop Breath

Post by Argent on Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:30 am

Jutsu Name:Caltrop Breath
Hand signs:Rat dog
Appearance: A powerful gale of wind that through shape transformation takes shape 4 dozen caltrops. That are blown at targets using pre existing air formed 1ft from jutsu caster.

Duration:1 post
Effect:This caltrop wind does piercing damage a little more than normal caltrops that are stepped on. Where caltrops hit cut or scratch 2cm deep. This includes organic and inorganic substances that are non metallic. Chakra enhanced rock/dirt C-rank and higher would only get receive minor scratching.

This Jutsu can be used in combination real caltrops and or a customized sealing jutsu to be created later.
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