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The Jellyfish Queen - Kurage no Joou

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The Jellyfish Queen - Kurage no Joou

Post by Momoko on Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:58 pm

Summoning Creature

Summon Name: Kurage no Joou
Summon Race: Jellyfish
Summon Rank: S
Personality: Kurage typically projects a tough demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty. She readily criticizes others for their faults, such as Momoko's laziness or her clan's desolation. Another trait of Kurage is her monstrous and quick temper. Many fear her because of this, leading her to become queen of the jellyfish summons. She is, currently, the most powerful of all the jellyfish summons other than the King of the Jellyfish. Despite her temper, Kurage is a reasonable person. She was willing to listen to Momo and even admit Kirigakure's past faults though she was the one who was used to kill a large portion of the clan. Beneath this tough exterior, Kurage truly loves the Hidden Leaf Village and its people and will at times show sympathy for others, consoling Momoko that, while her entire clan had been destroyed, at least her mother had survived and the will of fire burned brightly within her heart. In life-threatening or important situations that involve putting someone she cares for in danger, she tends to get angry with people who disagree with her and try to put said person in danger.

Summon Stats:

  • Health: 10
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 50
  • Reflexes: 80
  • Chakra: 60
  • Stamina: 40

Race's Passive Ability:
Jellyfish Attributes
Jellyfish of the Jellyfish summoning contract possess both water and lightning capabilities. This includes the ability to utilize the full extent of their strength and speed when submerged in water as well as the ability to shock anything that comes into contact with their 'tendrils' for a single post.
Additional Abilities:
Water Affinity
Because of her technically being a jellyfish she is naturally a good swimmer and highly capable in the water. She is granted a speed and strength boost equal to her chakra stat when submerged completely in water. She is granted a speed and strength boost equal to half her chakra stat so long as she maintains contact with some source of water, without fully being submerged.

Amphibious Tendencies
Due to her being a humanoid jellyfish queen, Kurage is capable of fighting whether it be on land or in the water. She is able to use the full extent of her speed and strength outside of water or in the water, making her appear almost amphibious in nature.

Jellyfish Summoning
Because she is the 'queen' of the jellyfish, she is able to summon up to five basic jellyfish at a time. They are roughly a total of two feet in height, including their tendrils which make up half their body, and possess the race's passive ability alone. Their health is determined by the chakra stat of Kurage and they possess no actual combat effectiveness other than being able to 'shock' things with their tendrils.

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