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Mission System & Template

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Mission System & Template

Post by GFX Gai on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:01 am

Like in the Naruto World, you can take missions for not only ryo to feed your family, but also to earn TP! Each mission has a difficulty rank, which starts from D all the way to SS. Here are the task you usually do when taking up a task of a certain rank :

D: Simple missions. Usually requires you to do something simple such as finding lost pets or items, help babysit, do some teaching or entertaining, and usually boring old missions. These missions never require travel outside your own village and are not dangerous. Usually taken by Genin, and bores them to death. Requires 400 words minimum.

C: Finally decide to stop being a wuss and follow after Zenkichi-Senpai’s path? Good job! Let’s increase the difficulty by a tad bit and let you take missions that require you to travel somewhere else. Maybe deliver something, or escort someone, such as bodyguard, etc. These missions usually take place in or around your city, usually not too far. These requests might turn out dangerous, but are usually not fatal unless you’re really unlucky. Requires at least 600 words.

B: Alright, so you finally got the hang of your job and you feel like doing tougher stuff. It’s about time. As a high-ranked village-nin, you'll probably end up escorting people or defending them from incoming threats. As a Nuke-ninja you'll probably end up chasing people and kidnapping them, perhaps even performing assassination if that's what the mission asks you to do. I won't lie, these requests are dangerous and you could die. Requires at least 800 words.

A: Travel around stealthily, get intel, go behind enemy lines without being noticed, assassinating powerful people that is a threat to your village or even invade villages that are against your country. The things I just mentioned doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the difficulty of this rank. Imagine what people could ask you to do: these missions are absolutely dangerous. The risk of dying is high, but skilled ninja do them on a regular basis, like Zenkichi-sama. Requires 1k words minimum, that is, if you haven’t died yet.

S: Missions that are difficult to complete. Oh yeah, you've escorted the old man home from one location to the other, well done. Do you think you can do the same when that guy is wanted by the whole world? Can you or your team do that? I'm pretty sure the person who threatened that figure hired some people some strong mercenaries, are you able to make sure that this figure stays alive and peace is maintained? Back in the younger-days when you failed, you were just upset cause you couldn't help out the person or you didn't get a reward. You're a big noy now, and when you fail, you will most likely die. These missions have NPC played by a mod; after all, what is a high-profile mission like this without a challenge? Requires at least 1.5k words. Can be done with a team.

SS: These missions are colossal undertakings. An SS rank mission is an incredibly difficult task that will require multiple Sannin-rank people to have a hope of surviving. Sure, you can guard or assassinate that leader, but can you take down that army attacking your village? These missions are incredibly lethal, and someone will die if they make the slightest mistake. These missions can only be taken as either a major part of your personal plot or as part of the site plot. They cannot be taken without being approved by an Admin, can never be taken alone and the NPCs must be played by a Moderator. Requires at least 3k words minimum

After seeing all those easy and scary missions, are you ready to undertake the challenge? No? You’re too afraid because of all those tough A-SS rank missions? Too bad, these ryo and TP will go to waste. Wait, you didn’t know there was Ryo AND TP as rewards?

Here’s how much ryo you can earn :

• D: 100-200 Ryo
• C: 300-400 Ryo
• B: 500-750 Ryo
• A: 800-900 Ryo
• S: 1000-1200 Ryo
• SS: 1400+ Ryo

And here’s how much TP you can earn by just completing the mission :

D: 18 TP
C: 20 TP
B: 30 TP
A: 45 TP
S: 50 TP
SS: 60 TP+

How do you take a mission? Simple. Go to the Mission board, and look around. Found a mission you like? Go for it! Roleplay as you receive the mission from the mission board, roleplay it out, and go ahead, once you’re done, return to the office, to claim your reward. Once a moderator checks it, and it is approved, you get the rewards! Be warned, mods may have your mission rejected(Means you gotta edit stuff), or decrease your rewards when they think it is not up to the standard.

Ready to take them missions but you none of the missions appeal to you? No worries. You can create your own missions in the Mission Creation center, with this template :


[b]Mission name:[/b] (What is the name of the mission?)
[b]Mission rank:[/b] (What rank is the mission considered? D-A only. S ranks are made by Mods and Admins only)
[b]Repeatable?:[/b] (Can you repeat this mission?)
[b]Objective: [/b](What is the mission asking for?)
[b]Location:[/b] (Where does the mission take place?)
[b]Reward:[/b] (What is the reward for completing this mission?)
[b]NPC:[/b] List the NPCs present in this mission, giving a brief explanation of their purpose, looks(optional), and personality(Also optional).
[b]Mission description:[/b] (The details of the mission IC, thins that the mission receiver can know of.)
[b]Mission details:[/b] (The details of the mission OOC. Things mentioned here aren't known by the character for they are not written on the mission however this is just to be sure what is going to happen in the mission.)


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