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Mizu no Katana - Water Blade

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Mizu no Katana - Water Blade

Post by Momoko on Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:16 pm

Name: Mizu no Katana - Water Blade
Type: Sword
-Sub_Type: Offensive
The hilt is approximately eight inches in length while the blade can range anywhere between one foot in length to four feet in length.
Material: The blade itself is comprised of highly condensed and sharpened water while the hilt is comprised of a special steel alloy that possesses a hardness of 90 and a health of 50.
Description: The Mizu no Katana in its plain form is nothing more than a hilt, a handle. The user will wear it at their waist as a handle. However, when the user channels a B-rank amount of chakra into the hilt they are able to form the blade of highly condensed water. The sharpness and hardness of the blade are based solely on the chakra stat of the one wielding the blade. The blade itself, after being formed, takes no more chakra to maintain and simply requires chakra control. For that reason, the wielder must have at least 40 in chakra or higher to maintain the blade with deep concentration. At 70 or higher the user becomes able to multitask with the blade, wielding it passively and maintaining its shape with little to no focus or effort.
Regeneration - Because the blade is comprised of condensed water, it can be instantaneously regenerated by the user by channeling a B-rank amount of chakra into the hilt once more. Using this regeneration, the user can also stop the chakra flow into the hilt, allowing the blade to turn back into water, only to reform the blade a second later. This allows the wielder to bypass parrying and other defensive tactics which ordinarily would block a normal sword.
- Kappa Clan
- Water Element
Cost: 2000
Availability: Kappa Clan Only
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