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Misaka Rikudō

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Misaka Rikudō

Post by Misaka Rikudō on Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:52 pm

<div style=" font-family: Lucida Calligraphy; padding: 75px; text-align: justify; font-size: 11px;">
Name: Misaka Rikudō
Age: 39 (Misaka) | 26 (Rosha & Lota) | 21 (Catleya) | 20 (Mika) | 18 (Ino) | 17 (Lita)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Birthday: June 17th

Rikudō members boasts bodies individually form there own known as paths and created using the Six Paths Technique (六道の術, Rikudō no Jutsu).

Misaka stands at 5' 2" and weighs 96 lbs. With such a short stature and the figure of a ten or twelve year old, most people misinterpret her to be weak and are dumbfounded when they hear how old she is. Her small stature is as a result of her clan's genetics, which makes them a lot more petite than normal as there spirit is split between six individual bodies.

Rosha | | Deva Path (天道, Tendō)/God Realm:
Rosha is the tallest of all the paths; standing at a height of 6' 1" she towers over all her other sisters and most women and even men alike. With such a great height she weighs 170 lbs. Compared to her sisters she is the most muscular and strong built, boasting a strong muscle mass fit for a athlete. Her measurements are 97B-56W-85H (38-22-34), making her the second most well endorsed sister. For clothing she dresses very formally as among her sisters she is the one who most commonly assumes the role of the kage. Her standard attire is much like a military uniform fitted with some armor.

Lita | | Asura Path (修羅道, Shuradō)/Hell Realm:
Lita is the second shortest of all her sisters (being same height with Ino), standing at 5' 6". In spite of being the youngest and second shortest of her sisters, she is in fact the most well endorsed, with her measurements being 103B-58W-92H (41-23-36) and weighing 177 lbs. For clothing, she weighs more ninja like attire, with her usual attire consisting of a small kimono. She has been genetically modified by her sister Lita, one these modifications includes her being a hermaphrodite/futanari, causing her to have both male and female sex organs.
Mika | | Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō)/Animal Realm:
Mika is the second tallest sister, standing at 5' 11" and weighing 144 lbs. Her measurements are 84-53-85 (33-21-34). She dresses in mostly formal clothing, albeit her clothing can range from classy to slutty.

Lota | | Human Path (人間道, Ningendō)/Human Realm:
Along with Lita, Lota is the most petite of her sisters, standing at 5' 4" and weighing 111 lbs. Her short stature makes most people mistake her to be frail and weak compared to her sisters. Her measurements are 81-56-83 (32-22-33). For clothing she doesn't really care what she wears, even if it is nothing at all, since she is very comfortable in her skin, albeit her standard attire is quite formal, consisting of a school-like attire.

Ino | | Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō)/Hell Realm:
Ino, along with Lita, is the second shortest of the sisters, standing at 5' 6" and weighing 133 lbs. Her measurements are 90B-54W-84H (36-21-24). She mostly wears boyish clothing, given her rather boyish personality. Of her sisters she is the most opposed to wearing revealing clothing as she isn't very comfortable in such.

Catleya | | Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō)/Hungry Ghost Realm:
Catleya stands at 5' 7", making her the third tallest sister. Her measurements are 83-57-85 (33-23-34). For clothing she mostly wears a a lab coat along with long skirts and sweaters, otherwise she would wear pretty much anything as she is very comfortable in her skin.

Personality: Misaka, coming from the Rikudō clan boasts six alternative bodies from her original (the outer path). Each of them boasts individual traits and characteristics, which makes them not exactly the most functional family, but none the less they consider each other "sisters".

Her Deva Path (天道, Tendō)/God Realm, who goes by the name Rosha, is considered the big sister of the paths; even Misaka herself considers her such. This is partly because of the fact that that, along with the Human Path (人間道, Ningendō)/Human Realm, Lota, she was the first to be created by Misaka, albeit the biggest reason is because of the ear of superiority and mature she protrudes. Out of all the others, she is the most serious, usually seen baring a serious expression. Her level of dedication towards the others, and Misaka especially, is what has her being such a serious woman as she believes that unless she's serious her sisters will mess up - which is relatively true most of the times since they depend on her greatly. This sense of responsibility makes her more like a mother than a big sister at times, as she is usually the one dishing out orders to the others, which the others have no problem taking (with the exception of the Naraka Path, Janus) as her ideas are always good ones. She is very protective over her sisters, quick to defend them no matter what and give her life for their sake - with the exception of Lota who she has never been able to get along with. She doesn't get along well with Lota and her relationship with Ino can be very rough at times, while she gets along best with Lita and Catleya.

The Human Path (人間道, Ningendō)/Human Realm, or better known as Lota, the second eldest sister, along with Rosha was Misaka's first paths. While Rosha is the one who overlooks the other sisters on a daily basis, Lota is the one who is in fact second in the command after Misaka herself. She has a very laid back and jovial nature. Always seen with a cheerful smile, or more so a grin, she is considered a trickster. She likes playing jokes on others. Some of these jokes aren't very funny at all though, making her a extreme sadist who takes pleasure in seeing others struggle, a trait which makes her and Janus get along relatively well when they have their occasional team ups. Even her sisters though aren't exempted form her cruel jokes though. She is usually very quick to fight as she has a love for it, and her lack of fear and complete absence of hesitation makes her the most feared of all the sisters. Her and Rosha aren't on terms for all these reasons as Rosha greatly disagrees with her laid back nature as the sister's leader. Like Misaka, she doesn't spend much of her time within the village, leaving the task of running the village to Rosha and the other sisters. Her and Rosha can never see eye to eye, while she is closest with Ino.

Lita, the Asura Path (修羅道, Shuradō)/Hell Realm, known as the little sister of the six. She is the closest to her assigned path physically, while also the furthest from it mentally. Physically, she has been through several genetical experiments, making her quite the puppet. Albeit, the name Hell Realm doesn't fit her well since out of all her sisters she is in fact by far the nicest and kindness. She is nice to everyone she meets, seen baring a kind and gentle smile. Her sisters are always first though. This kindness makes most people take advantage of her, even her sisters, albeit Rosha is usually quick to stand up for her. The fact that she is so kind and easily taking advantaged of makes her quite like a puppet though, as such making her much like the original paths. Still, while taking advantaged of, she actually enjoys it very much as a masochist, usually asking others to punish her for no reason. She gets along best with Rosha and her relationship with Ino (the Naraka Path) is rocky much of the time as Ino hates how "soft" she is.

Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō)/Animal Realm, the fourth eldest, known as Mika (derived from Mikasa herself), is much like her sister, Lota, in terms of her laid back and playful nature. Although, her laid back nature isn't as extreme as her sister's as unlike her who is quick to jump into a battle and has no qualms to dying in combat as long as she kills others in the process, she isn't as one tract minded. She thinks out everything and she usually leaves the task of fighting to her sisters or staying out of harms. In short, she is rather a mix of loyal and disloyal as she cares about her sisters greatly and would do a lot for them, but if it can put her life at risk she is the first to count their losses and run. Irregardless of this, she is considered the sister who everyone gets along with as unlike her sisters who each have extreme personality traits which causes them not get along well with their contrasting personalities most of the time, she is a good balance between them all (Rosha is serious, Lita is kind, Lota is sadistic, Ino is ferocious and Catleya is extremely intelligent). She has a very sexually oriented and party oriented mind, spending much of her time in clubs or such. Her and Catleya get along best and in fact has the best relationship among all the others, spending most of their time together (either in the lab or at clubs).

Ino, the fifth eldest, the Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō)/Hell Realm is the ruthless aggressor of the group. She isn't entirely like Lota in this aspect as she isn't as much of a sadist, but she very much likes fighting since she is practically always angry/grumpy and it is good for venting. she has a low tolerance for weakness and "bullshit" so to speak, and as such any little thing is usually enough to set her off. At times she seems like the most dysfunctional of the group, usually preferring to stay away from them as the "loner", albeit her love for her sisters isn't to be questioned as she would give her life for any of them in a heart beat. She doesn't get along very well with any of them most times, especially Rosha. Lita as well distastes her for her weakness, which usually causes her to bully her, still her friendship with Lita is the best as pass the bullying, she treats her with the utmost love and compassion.

Catleya (or usually shortened as "Cat"), the Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō)/Hungry Ghost Realm, is the third eldest sister. Among the others she is by far the smartest. She is considered a human computer, with her level of intelligence, possessing a perfectly eidetic memory. She is as kind as her sister Lita and as jovial and playful as her sisters, Mika and Lota. She spends much of her time couped up in the labs of Sunagakure, working out new technology, new theories, or pretty much anything she can find since she always states that she just wants to know everything. Of all the sisters, she is always the first most of them come to when they need advice as a result of her vast knowledge. She can sometimes seem like a bit of a "mad scientist" though. This is most notable by the fact that she has a secret lab which is filled with gruesome experiments.  She loves her sisters more than anything, willing to put her life on the line for their sake. as aforementioned, her and Mika get along best, this is because of her similar laid back nature, and her similarly sexually oriented mind which has caused her to actually build creatures for the sole purpose of pleasure. Her and Ino usually have little "spats" much of the time since she is the smartest and Ino is... well, the dumbest.

Misaka herself as the Outer Path (外道, Gedō/Outer Realm is not the most sociable person. As all her other parts stem from her own personality, she essentially bares traits from them all. From Rosha she takes her typical stoical and stern nature, which makes her in most cases seem scary or unsociable. From Lita she takes her kindness and great loyalty as once a person gets to know her, they'll quickly realize that she is as loyal and trustworthy as they come. Once she feels comfortable around a person, she can be very open around them. From Lota she takes her playfulness. She occasionally jokes around with the sisters much like Lota, most of these jokes are snide and a bit cruel, irregardless, they know she means well as with Lota. Like with Lota she can be a bit overly sexual, liking very much to toy with the sister's, something which Catleya is always glad to help her with by doing experiments. From Mika, she takes her lenient nature. Much of the time she would leave all the sisters to do as they so please with a dull and bored expression. From Ino she takes her arrogance and low tolerance for disobedience. This causes her to much of the time take a position as the "Queen", so to speak, of her paths. Sometimes she would treat the sisters much like puppets even though they aren't, ordering and bossing them around. They don't mind this much of the time since this is only occasional and they know that she always means well.

Likes: Working (Rosha), Helping (Lita & Rosha) Hurting others (Lota & Ino), Sex (Catleya & Mika), fighting (Lita & Ino), food (all of them), pain (Lita & Catleya).
Dislikes: Disorder (Rosha), crowds (Rosha & Ino), fighting (Lita & Catleya)

Clan: Rikudō
Bloodline: Rikudō (六道, Six Paths)

Element:  Raiton | | Suiton | | Doton
Specialty:  Ninjutsu | | Fuinjutsu | | Medical

Stats: 215
<ul>Health: 20
Strength: 5
Speed: 20
Reflexes: 20
Chakra: 100
Stamina: 50</ul>

Village: Sunagakure
Loyalty: Strictly devoted
Alignment: Lawful evil
Rank: Kazekage

History: In spite of her young appearance, Misaka is much older than one may think, only seeming so young from the genetic traits of her clan, the Rikudō. In fact thrity-nine years old, she was born in several generation preceding the current. She had always hailed from Sunagakure, the sandy village, where her parents, Mikasa and Hiori, were also born. Albeit, this was only what she was told about her mother from her father as the man had abandoned them when she was born. This and the fact that her Rikudō genes came from her, not her father.

As a single parent, her father did well to play the role of both the mother and father in her life as a caring and compassionate man. Her mother was a ninja, her father though while he had always aspired to be a shinobi, wasn't blessed with the natural physical capability to do so. Irregardless, he took a job as close to it as possible as a police officer, which he had worked as for ten years. This was enough to pay the bills and give Misaka a happy enough life, albeit as a child she was never really complaisant. As she grew older though, the absence of a mother certainly did have a effect on her. Not in the usual fashion of making her have low self esteem or such, but rather a love/hate relation when it comes to women and men. Since her mother abandoned her, she somewhat grew up disliking most women, while she grew up liking male friends a bit more as a result.

Her father had somewhat hoped that he could live his life through Misaka as he had enrolled her into the academy as early as five. Misaka didn't really mind since the idea of being a shinobi was exciting, as well as that she hoped that someday she could find her mother and get answers as to why they had abandoned. With such a mindset for a child, it is easy to recognize that Misaka was always a smart young woman. This helped her very well in kicking her ninja career off with a "bang", so to speak.

She was very stoical, detach and ahead of her classmates in the ninja academy,something which made most of them dislike as she seemed arrogant. Still, those who didn't think of her as such and actual confronted her to make friends never regretted it as she was always very loyal and once a person made the effort to approach her, she was as open as a book with them even though she seemed quite fearful at first. As such, in the academy she had no more than three friends, albeit each of them she was utmost loyal and compassionate to. She was always best on paper as a shinobi though, still her skill on the field was still enough to best a little more than half of the other academy students as what she lacked in physical ability, she made up for with her mastery in ninjutsu, genjutsu and other chakra skills.

She had graduated the ninja academy by the time she six years , making her quite the prodigy among her peers as the majority of them didn't graduate. The close friends she had did though as she was a big helped to them wherever she could. She was placed onto a squadron with a friend of hers, and another acquaintance from her class, along with one of the elder graduates, their sensei a well acclaimed Elite Jounin, who in spite of his laid back nature, was the best sensei one could ask for. In her team she was the weakest by quite a margin, albeit her strength didn't make her useless, as she was in fact the most essential member of their team on missions for her strategic thinking.

In her genin career she had successfully completed a total of twelve D-ranks and a single C-rank alongside her teammates. Her dedication grew with each passing day as she trained vigorously, in patient enthusiasm for the chunin exam since she was long ready to start the next phase in her ninja career. When said chunin exams did role around, held that year by Kirigakure,  infamous for it's ruthless nature, the exam was as hard as they came for her unfortunately. The chunin exams had, like with every other year, been done in three stages. The first trial which tested their willpower/resolve and academics, true or false exercise, although or every wrong answer they had to endure some form of torture. Before the start of the exam they interrogated to find out what their weaknesses work to use it as torture. The closest thing to dislike Misaka had then was of women, which wasn't very deep, so instead they had simply just tortured her. She had answered nine out of the twelve questions asked of her; the three she got wrong had cause her to have to endure three 5000 voltage jolts of electricity, albeit she survived.

After the first trial, there were as around eighty candidates remaining from the original one hundred and nineteen. The second stage was survival. They were all places into mist's forest, which was always coated with the thickest amount of fog than the rest of the country. The task was to find their way abck to the village while the Seven Ninja Swordsmen at the time were given the task to hunt them down and kill them. Albeit, they weren't killed immediately. If they were found by any of the seven up to three times, then they would be killed. This was a test of survival and relentlessness, as if they were to defeat other participants they had the option to kill them in order to remove how many times they have been found by one. If a person had two strikes then all they had to do was use a flare assigned to them to signal that they would like to submit.

Misaka and her team hadn't have it any easier even though she had survived. They had been found very early in the exams, by the possessor of the Samehada at the time. The second time they were found was when they had actually found the rendezvous point. That time they had been found by the possessor of the Kubikiribōchō at the time, who was a psychotic and sadistic man. Even though they were suppose to be safe since they still had one more chance left, he had still tried to kill them. Forced to run for their lives, they had gotten splitting up in the process. Misaka had made it out and some hours later her other male teammate had reportedly made it, albeit her other teammate had died. After the second stage there were only twenty-six candidates left - sixteen had died, while the others had submitted when they had their second strike in fear of death.

The third stage of the exam consisted of three way fights. Her first fight she had managed to survive, but only because she had stayed out of the clash of the two others most of the time, and by the second was done, he had been poisoned and passed out on his own. The semi finals was a all out battle between the remaining nine participants. Her friend and her had done well working together against everyone else who didn't have any allies. The remaining three were promoted to chunin, among which was her - her friend didn't make it through with her.

After her promotion she had went on a multitude of missions in hopes that she would probably eventually get promoted to a higher rank.

After that she had gotten promoted to jounin rank, went on a multitude of missions in which she had found the six paths she uses today. The late Kazekage had taking a interest in her for her skill and personality and had started training her by the time she was twenty, at the time the Sannin idea was relatively knew, so being the only Sannin to the late kage, there was no competition for her for the position of kage once he propose she fill in after him once he had decided to retire. Ever since she had ruled as the kazekage with the help of her paths (or as she prefers to call them: her sisters). She doesn't spend very much tiem in the village though, usually out doing spy work for the village, while her sisters would control the village's day-to-day runnings.

Family: Father [deceased] | | Mother [unknown]
Acquaintances: N/A

RP Sample:
"And there you go. Perfectly white eggs, bacon with all the fat trimmed off, toast with the crust completely cut off, completely with a glass of orange juice with three spoons of sugar just like I know you like," Kitusne said as she placed the plate of breakfast down before her familiar guild mate. The spiky hair male smiled in delight at the meal before taking the food face first. Kitsune stopped him before he could with a single hand, and drew his face up to hers with a scowl. "You know, I thought you better than to not thank me for my hard work - especially since you always make the most impossible orders," Kitsune said, her fists folded. Eggs and bacon could easily become a knuckle sandwich.

"Oh, right, sorry, Kit. Just that it smelt so good I forgot. Thanks a bunch."

Kitsune scoffed, but irregardless she chuckled then released his face, not before kissing him on the cheek. "That's better. Although, next time you forget you're taking the fat of your own bacon," she said, then turned, her apron swirling in her movement. She quickly admired the Quatro Ceberus guild house in it's early morning abundance. From here and there members would come in the morning for breakfast, which Kitsune was happy to serve up. The bar was filled with just over seven people already at seven in the morning. Most of them were from Quatro Ceberus, two were hoping to join, the others were just freeloaders.

"Kit, hurry up and get me some to eat over her' - and while ye at it I want one of them dere kisses too," a burly man shouted from across the bar. Kitsune knew him as Indigo, one of the slouches of guild who didn't posses very good magical skill and just hanged around the guild as a freeloader. Kitsune turned, her early anger rekindled in her sharp glare.

"You know damn well how orders are done around here, Indigo. Do it right and I'll consider that kiss," she snapped back, tending to some toast that had just been done with.

"God, you can be so touchy. Fine. Get your butt over here . . . please." Kitsune glowered at him once more, but irregardless, in spite of his ill manners his years around the guild - as he had joined even before her - had made her forgive it all.

Still, not without some punishment.

She turned her head just in time to catch sight of the newest person to join the revolving counter. Putting on a pretty smile even though drenched in sweat from the heat of the stove, she tended to them. "For that touchy comment, this person gets their order before you Indigo," she shouted, stretching out her tongue at him. Her voice softening turning to the new face, "What can I do you for?"
Other Characters: N/A
Projected Activity: 10-12 hours a day</div>
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Re: Misaka Rikudō

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This is done btw.
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Re: Misaka Rikudō

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Re: Misaka Rikudō

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