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Henkan Clan - The Clan of Puppets

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Henkan Clan - The Clan of Puppets

Post by Momoko on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:53 pm

Clan Name: Henkan Clan
Home Village: Konohagakure no Sato
History: The Henkan Clan is a clan that has risen in the Hidden Leaf Village in recent years due to a sudden spread in puppetry users. One clan in particular, the Henkan clan, developed their own bodies into that of puppets so that they may 'evolve' past human limitations. They were able to develop themselves into such sophisticated human puppets that they even maintained human capabilities such as reproduction. This lead to the bloodline known as the Ningyo Hontai and the establishment of the Henkan Clan as the clan of master puppetry users. Now world renowned as some of the greatest puppetry users throughout the shinobi world, the Henkan Clan grew in both political power and actual power, modifying their bodies further and further and passing the genes on to their off-spring. To this day, many of the Henkan Clan reside in the Leaf Village, though few are scattered throughout the other villages and roam as rogues. Many different forms of Ningyō Hontai currently exist and there are very few whose bodies are exactly alike, usually siblings.

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: Ningyō Hontai
- Originating Clan: Henkan Clan
- Appearance:
- Description: The Ningyō Hontai is a bloodline trait passed down through the Henkan Clan. In essence, it grants the clan member the body of a puppet, as well as enhancements to their puppet body that are dependent on their direct lineage and parents. One thing is universal, however, and that is the material and appearance of their body. It appears similar to what most puppets look like, with joints and sockets and so on. However, their eyes are a bright pure cyan color and their hair is always a clean white luminous hue. Their skin tends to be rather pale as well. The hardness of a clan member's skin and body in general is purely dependent on their strength stat, making their body a lot harder and more durable than your typical human being's. However, they are able to adjust their skin to various levels of hardness that are lower than their optimal hardness for the sake of human interaction and the such. It is extremely difficult to kill a member of the Henkan Clan due to their puppet body, as the only human system they truly have is a reproductive and nervous system. The rest of their body functions off of their chakra, forcing them to devote one fourth of their chakra at all times to maintaining their body. To kill a member of the Henkan Clan, one must drain their chakra down past that one fourth, exhaust them down to past one fourth, or simply destroy their head. Cutting off their head can be repaired, however, if the head is completely destroyed it will kill the clan member.

All clan members are born with, at the most, one body 'attachment' or 'enhancement' which make them more combat effective. The one attachment is chosen by the clan member in their application and is something they were born with that grew with them as they grew. Further body attachments and enhancements are possible; however, they will cost ryo in the equipment section if they are not a jutsu. To add their attachment they must place "Ningyō Hontai" next to bloodline in their character application then underneath fill out the following template:
- Requirements:

  • Must be a member of the Henkan Clan
  • Must have Puppetry as a specialty.
  • Must have Weaponry as a specialty.

- Other Information: N/A
Clan Element: N/A

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Re: Henkan Clan - The Clan of Puppets

Post by Ander on Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:10 pm


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