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Momoko Kappa - The Water Demon

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Momoko Kappa - The Water Demon

Post by Momoko on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:06 pm

Name: Momoko Kappa
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Birthday: 9/17

As a member of the Kappa clan, Momoko's hair is a luminous white hue which extends down to her lower back. It is almost always clean and very well kept. Her skin, similar to her hair, is an unnaturally pale white color which leads most to believe her to be albino, however this is not the case, it is simply an attribute of her clan. Her eyes are a ripple of blue and black, the two colors forming circles around her black pupil which sits in the center of the ripples. Her nose is small and petite while her lips are light, yet full. Her face over-all body size and shape can most prominently be defined as slim and slender, with curves in all the right places. Although she often wears somewhat revealing attire, she does not intend to. It is simply the attire of her clan. She is often seen wearing her ANBU mask, which at times she may neglect to wear it. Standing at 5'4", Momoko is about average in height for a woman of her age and she weighs around 114 lbs, leading many to question how she could be so strong.
Personality: As a genin, Momoko Henkan was the sort of unenthusiastic kid who liked to watch clouds. She preferred not to get involved in "troublesome" activities, pretending to be busy to avoid responsibility. She also does not like fighting, deeming it, as she does to most things, "bothersome". She is fully aware of this side of her personality. She even named herself "the pacifist of the leaf". In fact, her most commonly used phrase is "How bothersome." and "What a drag.". She finds many things to be bothersome and tedious and will often avoid conflict or difficult situations if possible.

However, when duty calls, Momoko has a strong moral compass and sense of commitment towards her comrades. Even though, by her own testimony, she lacks bravery, she will sacrifice herself and face almost certain death, for the sake of her friends and/or villagers without a second thought. Because of her raw leadership skill, she was the first genin among her fellow Genin at the time to become a chūnin. The weight of the decisions she must make as a chūnin and, thus, team leader have caused Momoko to mature rapidly. This was most evident after the death of her sensei. She vowed to protect the village with her life from there on out. Momoko's sense of duty and commitment to the future of her village is what drove her to become a member of the ANBU Black Ops.

Momoko enjoys playing thinking games, that older men are usually into, such as checkers or chess. She enjoys the games because of the thinking and strategy necessary in order to win them. Momoko is more of a strategist and tactician moreso than anything else. This leads her to be an excellent leader and a more than adequate combatant in battle. Although she is relatively skilled, her most prominent characteristics are her intellect and tactical capabilities.

Momoko's most distinctive character trait is that she considers most men bossy and "bothersome", particularly those in her village. She usually defines them as aggressive, demanding, and sometimes even scary. Given her father's tyrannical personality, this isn't too surprising. However, her mother shares the exact same attitude, even though she married the man in the first place. When Momoko questions her mother about why she would marry such a domineering man, her mother responded that even the toughest man will show his gentle side to the woman he loves. Nevertheless, Momoko is generally courteous to men, doing them favors and avoiding fights with them. She feels that women, like herself, should be the ones protecting them and not the other way around.

Momo does harbor a dark side, despite her genuine appearance and attitude. She detests the Hidden Mist Village and anyone affiliated with them and is more than willing to lash out at them when given the opportunity. She could never forgive the village that nearly decimated her clan, especially the same village that killed her father. Although she harbors this grudge, she generally accepts people who seem kind and gentle but happen to be the from the Mist. However, given any reason what-so-ever she will more than happily slaughter them in the cold blood. This is a dark side of Momo which few, if anyone, has seen or will ever see. It is something she tries hard to suppress but can be unleashed at any moment.
Likes: Ice cream, chess, checkers, Leaf Village.
Dislikes: Men, fighting, training, Mist Village.

Clan: Kappa Clan
Bloodline: Mizu no Hamon

Element: Water
Specialty: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu

Health: 5
Strength: 30
Speed: 15
Reflexes: 40
Chakra: 71
Stamina: 4

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Loyalty: Momo is very loyal to her friends and to her village. She is willing to die for either without a moment of thought.
Alignment: Lawful Good; Momo is extremely good-natured and has a strong moral compass. She believes in morality and in her village and obeys the laws of her village and the orders of her Kage without a moment of hesitation.
Rank: ANBU

The Birth
The village of Kirigakure was without sound, the mist cloaking the village as it usually did. Near the sea that surrounded the islands known as the water country, there sat a small settlement. This settlement belonged to none other than the world renowned Kappa clan, a clan of what most deemed as 'water demons' as their name implied. There were approximately four clansmen present who were well-versed and highly capable in medical ninjutsu, along with one pregnant clanswoman, and what appeared to be the father of the unborn child. As they neared the coast the six clan members walked into the water calmly, as if there was nothing to fear of the water. They proceeded to walk until they were completely submerged, breathing and walking even still as they made their way several meters further. It was then that they laid down the woman who would bear the child and the birthing began. With painstaking cries of pain the woman finally birthed the child, the child's father smiling gleefully as he gazed upon his newborn daughter. "It's a... a girl!" one of the medical specialists exclaimed, turning to glance at the father who smiled even still. "Girl or boy. She will make an excellent clan head one day." he whispered, the young baby gazing at him with bright blue eyes which soon turned to blue and black ripples.

"We should return to the surface soon. The Mizukage is more than likely uncomfortable with our absence from the village and even more-so regarding our presence beneath the water nearby." the father, Mizuki, spoke calmly. One of the medical specialists quickly piped in, anger clearly plastered on his pale white face. "Filthy land dwellers... Not only do they force us to reside on the land but their fear has driven them to such extremes as to restrict us to such a point... We must rise up, Mizuki. Once your daughter is of age, we may very well be capable of conquering this worthless village. After all, she is the daughter of the two greatest water dwellers this clan has ever known." the medical specialist's eyes zeroed in on Mizuki's, though Mizuki's eyes were gentle and kind he spoke authoritatively. "We are guests in this village and we will do no such thing. We must live in peace and harmony and hope that the Mizukage lifts his restrictions." the medical specialist now quieted down, defeated for the time being. The six clan members made their way back toward the land, the mother, Kiriko, cradling her newborn baby in her arms.

Age Six

"Ugh. Daddy, why do I have to trouble myself with such bothersome tasks?" Momo groaned as she carried walked across the water rather clumsily, almost fumbling. She was now six years old and her training was progressing slowly but surely. "Because one day you will be head of this clan and you must be strong if you are to protect it." Mizuki spoke, his eyes glazed with the seriousness of the topic they discussed. "Protect it from what?!" she shouted, her outburst clearly making no impact on her father as he simply ignored it. "Focus on the chakra between your feet and the water. Maintain a consistent amount of chakra pressure and control. Inconsistent chakra means inconsistent balance. That is why you are fumbling." Momo glared at him before walking slowly across the water, now more balanced than before. "I knew that already! It just... takes practice..." she murmured the last part under her breath as she continued to walk back and forth across the water. "I don't even understand why this is so necessary, daddy. I can swim! I can breath underwater! There's no point to this!" she shouted, stomping her foot on the water as her whole body flopped underneath it. As she rose to the surface, her father chuckled, looking at her. "Because not all of your enemies can be fought beneath the water. You must learn to fight in all types of scenarios."

Mizuki gritted his teeth at the end of his sentence, having already noticed that there was something off lately. He could detect a hunter ninja nearby as it watched them through his mask, the hunter ninja perched ever so lightly on a tree branch. The mist fogged the area but due to his kekkei genkai, Mizuki saw clearly through the mist, as it was nothing more than water in the air. The hunter ninja suddenly disappeared, clearly retreating to report back to the Mizukage. At least, that was what Mizuki assumed was the case. Momo's father turned back to Momo, sighing in exasperation before gesturing for her to come towards him. "Next we are going to practice climbing surfaces." he told her, almost commanding her to practice more. Momo groaned at the implication of such a tedious task, as she had never practiced such a thing before. She figured it would be similar to walking on water, however, instead of using chakra to propel her body above the water she would be using it to pull her body against a surface. Momo nodded. "Fine, fine. But I get ice cream after this!" she demanded, grinning from ear to ear. Mizuki nodded with a gentle smile. "Of course, dear. All the ice cream you can eat."

"Better get out your ryo, dad! That's a lot of ice cream you're promising!" she shouted as she ran towards a nearby tree and jumped onto it feet first, immediately falling to the ground. Mizuki sighed and put his palm to his face, closing his eyes as he wondered what would be the optimal way of explaining the technique to her. "Control the chakra around the surface of your feet. You must use it to cling to the surface. Don't expect the chakra to do it on it's own. You have to control it yourself." he told her, as she stood up. "I got it, I got it." she waved him off before running towards the tree once more, this time running up a few meters before falling. "Keep at it! You'll get the hang of it, Momo!" her dad encouraged her as Momo tried several times, one after another, gradually improving until she was able to climb up to the very top of the tree. "I did it, daddy! I did it!" she shouted gleefully from atop the tree before sliding down the side of it, using chakra to slow her descent. As she reached the bottom she approached her father. "Time for ice cream!?" she asked him excitedly as he nodded. "Yes, time for ice cream, dear." he told her, ruffling her hair gently.

Age Eight

"Run, Momo! Get to the sea!" Mizuki shouted as he deflected senbon with his katana, slicing clean through multiple hunter ninja. Meanwhile, Kiriko drew water from the mist and assaulted any hunter ninja that came near Momo, using the water so finely that she was able to slice through her enemies with relative ease. Mizuki continued to mow down the enemies with his katana, turning once more to Momo then to Kiriko. "Get out of here! Take Mo-" he shouted as he groaned, his sentence left broken as a sword pierced clean through his chest. The hunter ninja surrounded him and proceeded to stab him until he was on the ground, lifeless and motionless. Indeed, the Hidden Mist Village, fearing an uprising from the clan, had made the decision to eliminate them altogether. The majority of the clan had already fled to the sea and were on their way to the mainland, however countless lives had been destroyed and lost by the brutal and merciless attack. Kiriko took Momo in her arms and ran to the sea while the hunter ninja were distracted, diving in and swimming as fast as she could with Momo in tow, the girl's eyes dull and glazed over with the cruelty she had just bore witness to.

Kiriko swam until eventually they made it to the coast of the Fire Country, Kiriko gasped for breath, panting as she dropped to her knees, sitting Momo down as she felt herself weakened by the days of swimming. She was weary and needed rest. Momo closed her eyes before opening them once more, gesturing towards the sea and bringing a sphere of water towards her mother, capturing her mother in it and making her way towards the Hidden Leaf Village with her mother in a sphere of water right behind her. She maintained the sphere as she traversed a great distance, eventually reaching the Hidden Leaf Village gates after days of traveling. "Those eyes..." a member of the ANBU whispered as he recognized the bloodline of the Kappa clan. "What are you doing here? What happened?" he questioned. Momo stared silently and released her mother gently onto the ground. Having regained her strength, Kiriko stood prominently, yet feebly. "Our village turned against us... Our own village... We have no where else to go. We must speak with the Hokage." she requested, her eyes pleading as she clasped her hands together.

The member of the ANBU Black Ops nodded and turned towards the gates, leading them into the village all the way to the administration building. Upon entering they made their way to the office of the Hokage, entering slowly. The Hokage was just as surprised as the ANBU member had been upon spotting their kekkei genkai, and listened to their story before deciding to grant them refuge in the Hidden Leaf Village. "But... Lord Hokage, I don't mean to question your decision but should we not turn them away? This could cause conflict with the Mist!" the Hokage simply waved his opinion away, closing his eyes in a brief moment of thought. "If it causes conflict in the future, so be it. But for the time being, I would rather stand up for my ideals and fall than crawl on the ground contently." the Hokage spoke wisely, his eyes moving to the two clan members that had made it all the way to the Hidden Leaf; Momoko and Kiriko. "I will grant you housing until you can obtain enough ryo to afford it. Until then, I would like for your young one to enter the academy. This village could use someone of her lineage." he spoke, and Kiriko nodded in agreement.

Academy Life

Momo stood in front of her class as she had been instructed to do so by her instructor, her feet planted firmly on the ground and her eyes shifting from side to side. 'How bothersome it is for me to brought in front of the class...' she thought to herself. "Class, this is Kappa, Momoko. She will a new student here." the instructor told the class while Momo shifted around slightly. "Please take a seat next to Yoshiro." he instructed as Momo went to where the man had pointed, assuming the person next to the empty seat to be Yoshiro. She took a seat and sighed, closing her eyes briefly before reopening them. The instructor stood before the class and performed the transformation technique, transforming into the Hokage. "I believe we all know what the Hokage looks like. We will be practicing the transformation jutsu today. I would like each of you to transform into the Hokage." he stated, before stepping back. "Momo, you may go first." he said, curious as to how capable the girl was already and how far she had to go in her education. Momo nodded and proceeded to the front of the class, performing the necessary handsigns before transforming into a perfect replica of the Hokage.

The instructor was astounded at her capabilities and immediately asked her to perform the clone technique. Momoko proceeded to create two exact replicas of herself, whom also appeared as if they were the Hokage. The instructor asked her to then take a seat, and proceeded with the rest of the students. Although Momo was far ahead of the class, she still had to sit through it until the Genin Exams, which came relatively quickly. She passed with perfection, though she found it bothersome to have to participate in such an activity. Momoko was now a Genin in the Hidden Leaf Village. Not only that, the Chuunin Exams would be coming up soon and she would have the opportunity to ascend the ladder even further. She was enjoying her life in the Hidden Leaf. It wasn't so bad after all... Though, she missed her father. Her memories of him slowly faded as she grew older but that one memory stuck in her mind. The memory of her father being butchered by hunter ninja.

Genin Life

Momoko was not a Genin for long. After all, the Chuunin Exams happened to have been a month after her passing the Genin Exams. She immediately decided that she would, in fact, participate. She fought opponent after opponent with ease, defeating them decisively and winning with victory. She proceeded throughout the exams using a combination of water ninjutsu, her kekkei genkai, and basic ninja techniques in order to tactically defeat her opponents. It was not until she faced off against her final opponent that she realized she may be in trouble. He was from the Hidden Leaf as well, but he specialized greatly in fire ninjutsu. Fire ninjutsu so powerful it could very well evaporate her meager water techniques upon contact. She had witnessed his usage of said fire ninjutsu in previous battles and had attempted to strengthen her water ninjutsu. However, she doubted it would be enough to win a decisive victory.

Her opponent happened to be Yoshiro, the boy whom she had sat next to in the academy. He walked out into the arena confidently, waving at the crowds of people around him. On the other side, Momoko walked out, her eyes closed as she scratched the side of her head, sighing. "How bothersome." she murmured, as she stopped and opened her eyes, staring down Yoshiro as she awaited the instructors cue to begin. As soon as the fight began she spewed water all across the arena, using the speed boost that it granted her to move quickly and swiftly behind Yoshiro. Yoshiro was fast, however, and turned with a kunai in hand, slicing at her face. Leaning back, Momo used her superior reflexes to avoid being sliced as she followed up with a sweeping kick at his legs, knocking him onto his back as she prepared to stomp on him. However, Yoshiro brought his hand to his mouth, spewing fire and sending Momo fumbling backwards. Yoshiro continued to spray fire at her until she pulled water from the soil underneath her, using it to form a layer of water across her skin. She proceeded to beat Yoshiro mercilessly until the instructor gave her the victory.

The Art of Becoming ANBU

Momo remained a chuunin for quite some time. Multiple years, in fact, and was actually content with her rank. She did not deem it necessary to go any further up the ladder as the payout for her missions was adequate and, truth be told, she was too lazy to go for anything higher. She sat in her bedroom, her mother in the kitchen cooking, as she kicked her feet lightly. She was now 19 and still lived with her mother. Although it was a bit odd, she enjoyed being around her mother and had no plans of changing her living arrangements. Her eyes darted to the window as she spotted a flicker of movement, instantly recognizing it. It was a hunter ninja. She darted out of the house and faced off against the hunter ninja, defeating it just as easily as her father had many years ago. She left him alive and allowed ANBU of the Hidden Leaf to deal with him. The Hokage, impressed greatly with her strength and power, made her a member of the ANBU Black Ops which she accepted more than willingly.

Mizuki - Father - Deceased - NPC
Kiriko - Mother - Alive - NPC
Yoshiro - Former Classmate - NPC

RP Sample: Fuka watched her fellow Akatsuki member make a simple defensive action to avoid Fuka making contact with the Jinchuriki. Apparently Raina had known that her actions were wrong for why else would she be acting in such a way towards a fellow Akatsuki member? Fuka showed no emotion, no anger, no willingness to battle. Her face was calm and completely expressionless. Without any catalyst to cause the action, Fuka could only assume that Raina knew the Akatsuki were supposed to be capturing these bijuu and that associating with the enemy was not the best idea. It was true, she produced a decent argument as to why they could wait, but there were all too many reasons why they should.

This was very well their greatest opportunity if they wished to captured the five-tails Jinchuriki. With a second glance at the Jinchuriki, Fuka's emotionless eyes scanned her. "Raina. You need to keep your emotions in check. This is not even the nine-tails, it's the five-tails." Fuka stated matter-of-factly, her cold gaze locked onto the young kunoichi who bore the five-tailed beast, not letting up. Fuka took a step back, still completely calm as she pulled her hands from behind her back, not even bothering to form a handseal as she let them sit at her sides.

The five-tailed Jinchuriki, in a moment of cowardice, had ran off in another direction, Fuka assumed this was the direction where she would look for help. With a simple, glance to Raina then back to Jinchuriki she had what seemed like seconds to make her decision, for through her eyes the girl was much slower than she actually was, subject to Fuka's enhanced reflexes and eyesight. The Akatsuki member would easily have no trouble what-so-ever catching up with the girl and dispatching her. It would be so easy that it could simply be done and they could leave. After all, if Raina interfered she would be making herself an enemy of the Akatsuki. Turning against her own organization for a village that probably didn't even want her there.

Fuka detected no other signs of anyone else being close enough to interfere in time, being able to be within such a close proximity and not being easily detected would require that they were either very weak and lacked a strong enough chakra signature, or possessed a ninjutsu technique used to conceal their presence from those skilled enough to detect such simple things. She had made her decision quite quickly, the girl still perfectly within range. It had only taken two seconds real time for Fuka to come to her conclusive action. She would do as the leader wanted. The organization was all she had.

'Sentiments.' she thought, almost scolding herself if her thoughts had not been just as nonchalant as her voice. With a simple hand-seal her body was completed enveloped in water, the physical boosts of her clan instantly reacting with her Water Release Armor. She would not even need such an armor to keep up with the Jinchuriki but she would like to pull out all the stops just in case. It was with a momentary flicker of speed that Fuka's image disappeared from the view of the naked eye, only to reappear exactly eight meters in front of the five-tailed beast host, her cold eyes once again locked onto the Genin.

"Stop. Cutting off your legs would be inconvenient for transport." her cold stare was accompanied by these cold words as she extended her right hand to the right, instantly summoning her Fukachenso to her hand, the great blue steel chainsaw revving instantly in response to her black water chakra. She had easily spotted the origami in her hand and quickly regarded it as a weapon. Perhaps a cutting weapon or an explosive weapon. Regardless of which, a cutting weapon would be hopeless against her and an explosive weapon would have to be strong to even do decent damage against her Water Release Armor. Given the shape and texture of the origami, Fuka could tell that it was probably the latter. It obviously didn't seem like much of a cutting weapon.

Revved up, Fukachenso was without a doubt one of the most powerful cutting weapon to date. Fuka shot black water through it, letting it cover the blade as it spun at approximately 30 spins per second, about half of what it was truly capable of. Being ranked SS meant that the chainsaw Fukachenso was obviously an extremely powerful weapon. What made it even more lethal was the fact that was wielded by the most powerful member of the clan. Fukachenso had two sides, and two handles.

The bottom side was opened up for the bladed part of the chainsaw. The bladed portion rotated in response to black water chakra, meaning that only a member of the Mizuoni clan could wield it. Due to the incredible sharpness and virtually indestructible material of the blade, spinning at such a speed gave the chainsaw the ability to slice through most anything while facing little to no resistance. It was known as the most powerful cutting weapon throughout the world and was coveted by many.

Essentially, the entire chainsaw was made from a variety of different materials. The blade of the saw was made of wurtzite boron nitride, a material that was both sharper than diamond and could even take approximately 18% more stress. However, the rest of the chainsaw, notably the top defensive portion, was made of a completely different man-made material. Fuka held the chainsaw comprised of wurtzite boron nitride in front of her, still keeping it revved up at 30 spins per second as it faced the Genin. If the Genin turned to run past Fuka she would simply slice the chainsaw in an arc, easily catching the Genin at such a distance.

If she continued head on, she would simply be killed by Fukachenso. Her only other option would be to pull off a miracle or simply stop. Fuka had already run just about every possible scenario through her head. The Genin was a mere five meters away at this point and would have to make her decision quickly. Fuka would be able to easily react to whatever the jinchuriki chose to do, her cold gaze not missing a thing. Of course, she also made sure to keep a perifreile eye on Raina, her associate. If all came to worse, she would just have to resort to drastic measures and drown them both.
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Re: Momoko Kappa - The Water Demon

Post by Momoko on Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:06 pm

Finished, finally.

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Re: Momoko Kappa - The Water Demon

Post by Ander on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:11 pm


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Re: Momoko Kappa - The Water Demon

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