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Rikudō Clan

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Rikudō Clan

Post by Misaka Rikudō on Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:06 am

Clan Name: Rikudō (六道, Six Paths)
Home Village: Sunagakure no Sato (砂隠れの里, Village Hidden by Sand)
History: The Rikudō clans abilities were to be originated form that of the Sage of the six Paths. Others say that he developed the advanced version of the technique after seeing them using, but such is a argument that has never been truly concluded. Regardless, their origins date back to prehistoric times, in turn they've essentially reached their full potentials at this point today.

The clan was held responsible for the creation of the puppeteer technique as those who knew of it didn't see it as the sharing of one mind, but rather seeing all the paths, besides the outer, as puppets, which is quite untrue. Over the years, most paths have been known to attain high ranking positions without most people even knowing that such a technique existed. To this day, the amount of people who actually know of it's existent or very few as they claim it to be a legend or find it impossible for anyone to hold a technique even remotely close to that of the Rikudō Sennin, even though it is a much weaker version.

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: Rikudō (六道, Six Paths)
- Originating Clan: Rikudō Sennin
- Appearance: The members of the clan original body are distinctively petite and young looking. Most of them seem like they're ten to twenty years receded from their actual age once they hit puberty. This is as a result of the fact that they have individual bodies.
- Description: The Rikudō ability, originated from that of the Sage of the Six Paths. The clan member boast this ability to a lesser extent than the sage himself. They don't possess the specific abilities of the different paths, albeit they still do possess the ability to link themselves to multiple different bodies - none more important than the other. Doing this, makes them dangerous as each body have shared senses, they can detect each other no matter how great the distance and can think in complete synchronization.

The amount of "paths" the members possess increase with rank, starting with two at D, up to as many as six at S-rank. The process of possessing a body is as simple as finding a dead/unoccupied body then (PC/NPC) and performing the rather lengthy technique to complete the synchronization. Once linked, as aforementioned, in spite of the fact that there is a main body, known as the "Outer Path" no one body is more significant than the other. If one was to kill the other path, unless all the other paths are dead, then using the same technique they can easily put him/her in a new body, same applies for if any other path was to die.

This technique is said to the be the origins of the puppet technique, famous to Sunagakure, in the present day, albeit it should not be misinterpreted that the user's paths are puppets. Each path possess their own individual personalities and mindsets which originated from the Outer Path's own personality, and are just as important as the user (Outer Path), and so the user actually has no control over them unless the path allows it entirely. This has caused problems in the past as some paths would go rogue from their fellow paths, which makes it important that only those with the right mindset use this technique as who knows what darkness lurks in their hearts.

While they don't boast the powers of gravity, masterful summoning, etc, which the original Six Paths technique does, each of these paths do boasts their own unique fighting style. Usually one is faster than all the others, one stronger, one more durable, one more intelligent, etc. Other times it would be base on their mastery over the different arts, with one path excelling in ninjutsu, another in probably fuinjutsu, another in kenjutsu, etc.  Individually, these paths aren't very strong as even if the user is s-rank a single path would be slightly above a genin at most. Their total stats are equivalent to the user's total stats divided by two (each path's individual stats must be stated upon creation). It is possible for them to all convert their strength into a single path though, granting them the entirety of the user's overall stats.

All of them draw their chakra and stamina from the outer path though, thus making this a relatively tasking technique for the user. The paths boast techniques which are specific to them, namely the Position Switch technique which allows them to instantly swap places with each other at any distance and their summoning technique to summon each other.
- Requirements:

  • Originate form the Rikudō clan.

- Other Information: N/A
Clan Element: N/A
Misaka Rikudō

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Re: Rikudō Clan

Post by Ander on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:08 pm


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Re: Rikudō Clan

Post by Momoko on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:41 pm

I HEREBY GIVE THIS CLAN: The Permanent Seal of Momo Approval. No one may unapprove it.

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Black Ops

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Re: Rikudō Clan

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