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Solo Training for them hard to get TP's And SP's WIP

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Solo Training for them hard to get TP's And SP's WIP

Post by Lelouch on Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:09 am

It was another day at Kirigakure, except that as a surgeon, Lelouch's job was tough as heck. Cutting up people's body, repairing those parts, sewing that up, going through these procedures aren't easy for a normal person. One needs a lot of experience, to prepare them mentally, and prepare and sharpen their skills. When handling someone's fragile body parts, every second and every gesture of the scalpel counts. One wrong stroke, or a second too late can cost a life. Plus, a good surgeon must prepare himself no matter what the outcome is, he must continue to go on. The emotional burden is heavy, and many surgeon break down. Every time a patient dies, the surgeon gets the blame. Many surgeons give up this profession, especially in an era of war like this, where casualty are many. Because of this, Lelouch is constantly busy in the surgical room. His hands have been stained with the blood of many, and his back has carried the burden and blames from many people.

Lelouch waked up in the morning, and he didn't wake up due to his own accord. It was 2am in the morning, and the sound of knocking on his door awoke him. He went to his door, opened it and saw a messenger there. The messenger, immediately stuttered and spoke, "Mr.L2! We need you in the hospital now! An accident happened while the shinobi were transferring some goods, guarding the goods for a merchant as a mission. They were ambushed, and right as we speak, their bodies are being transferred to the hospital by the ANBU division of Reclaiming bodies. Please, sir. We need you now.!" Lelouch frowned, and said, "Go back to the hospital and prepare my tools and the room. Sterilize it well. I'll be there once I'm dressed." Without a moment's delay, Lelouch started wearing his usual purple shirt and pants, and of course his cravat, but this time without the Cloak. As he wore his clothings, Lelouch started thinking. The messenger was part of his ANBU, the Communication Division, one that aids with delivery of important messages. For someone from the ANBU to come and request for help means that these patients are important. Plus, the division of reclaiming bodies are the one who went to retrieve the body, which means these patients are of high importance. Normally, RB division(Reclaiming Bodies), are only given a mission to recover dead bodies quickly, so that the Medical ANBU can analyze the cause of death. However, this time their sent to reclaim bodies of those who might still be alive, which strongly helped his point that these patients are highly respected.

After wearing his cloths, Lelouch immediately rushed out of the house and headed towards the Hospital. Under the guidance of Lelouch, the Hospital have made many breakthrough, so much that it is one of the best and most prestigious hospital in the whole shinobi world. Since the hospital was really near his house, all he needed was a couple of minutes to reach the hospital. As he approached the hospital, he saw many ANBU keeping guard of the hospital, as if it was the village's treasury. The moment he appeared in their view, two ANBU approached Lelouch, and saluted, before walking forward, saying, "This way, Mr.L2." As they lead him in, they stayed at the entrance, and he was given his lab coat, and another ANBU member appeared, this time from the Medical Division. "This way, Mr.L2. The patients are already inside. Here's the document of your patient. Please make sure the operation goes smoothly, and also quickly, since many surgeons would need your guidance." Lelouch took the file, and started reading through it. The patient was a noble of Kirigakure, a huge supported and sponsor for the works of the Kage. The patient has a few arrows pierced in his body, and some arrows were poison. Plus, many senbon were pierced into his pressure points. This is going to be a long day, thought Lelouch.

The moment he entered the room, he saw familiar faces. His chakra provider, Takashi, who had a huge chakra pool, always ready to provide Lelouch with the chakra that Lelouch requires. Nagi Hyuga, his X-ray, a girl who looks around for critical areas, and which part to tend first. And of course, his trusted partner, Yoshi, who is part of the Uchiha. He gave them a smile, and closed the door, saying, "Operation, begin!" Takashi placed a seal on Lelouch and then on himself, saying, "Chakra seal installed. Go forth and use it wisely!" Nagi then said, "L2, his legs are in horrible condition, and so is his stomach. The gastric acid is going to flow out of the hole, therefore we need immediate treatment." After listening to them, he started giving orders. "Yoshi, you handle the leg. Be sure to get rid of the poison. I'll handle the stomach." Yoshi nodded, and immediately activated his sharingan and casted the chakra scalpel, and immediately started working on the legs.

Lelouch then casted the jutsu for his own chakra scalpel, and made an incision on the stomach. He then spread the body open, and saw the wound in the stomach. Lelouch then created another scar in the stomach, this time to make sure if there's any alien substances. True enough, he found some splinters, and some burnt area. He then casted a jutsu, and placed his hands on the stomach, and it cured the burn. As for the splinters, he waved his hands and he got a tweezer. This was possible because of his jutsu, Operation Room. Without wasting any more time, he began to swiftly pick the splinters out, and once it's done, sewed it back up, including the skin. By the time he's done, so was Yoshi, who seemed tired out with the Sharingan. He then continued removing arrows and healing scars, and soon, the body was good to go. Nagi then said, "Condition stabilized, transfering operation to the other surgeon. Let's go to our next patient." After that, Lelouch and his teamed exit the room, and as they exit, a team of Surgeons entered. Lelouch smiled, as this was going well.

Their next surgeon was the son of an elder of Konoha. Knowing that if anything happen to this child, Konoha would not tolerate this as a mere accident. Entering the room, he could see a bunch of surgeon trying to restabilize his condition with the use of lightning jutsu. Lelouch then immediately started pushing them away, and touched the patient's hand. His pulse could not be found. Lelouch then used his chakra scalpel to create an incision on the chest, asking, "How long has he been dead?" One surgeon answered two minutes. Ok, he still got time. As you know, your brain can still be alive for 8 minutes without blood. Lelouch then gave commands, "Someone tell me his heart pace, and the rest go and heal his external wounds. NOW!" The surgeons, who were shocked by his tone, immediately casted their own tools and got to their work. One surgeon told him the pulse, and Lelouch was ready. He spread the patient's ribs open, and placed his hands on the heart. "Commensing Cardiac Massage." Now, the one reason why this hospital is so great is because of this technique of Lelouch; Cardiac Massage. It's a jutsu or technique used to re-act the heart's function, trying to revive it, through infusing his chakra in just the perfect amount into the heart. The heart would then pump blood with his chakra infused in it, healing arteries immediately. After saying these, the surgeons, who were occupied, tried to look at the technique in action. Many had tried mimicking this technique, but failed. To Lelouch who have seen the heart in action for over millions of times through his lifespan, he could almost perfectly mimic the heart. He then infused his chakra in, and began squeezing it in a slow manner, slowly increasing the pace to a normal heartbeat. When he released his hands, the heart was pumping like normal, and all the surgeons dropped what they were doing and started clapping their hands in awe. The act of reviving a surgically dead person was a feat that no one other than Lelouch could do with ease.


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