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Clan Creation Guide

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Clan Creation Guide

Post by Suijin on Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:47 am

Not everyone wants a clan nor does everyone need a clan. However, clans are available to anyone who wishes to have one. However, there are certain rules and regulations surrounding clan creation that might be a bit dynamic or unstated. So to make your clan creation process simpler and to keep staff from having to repetitiously explaining things, this guide has been created for easier and optimal clan creating. The first you have to do is copy the template code which can be found below:
[b][u]Clan Name:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Home Village:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Clan Bloodline:[/u][/b]
- [u]Bloodline Name:[/u]
- [u]Originating Clan:[/u]
- [u]Appearance:[/u]
- [u]Description:[/u]
- [u]Requirements:[/u]
- [u]Other Information:[/u]
[b][u]Clan Element:[/u][/b]

After copying the template you may Click Here to post a new topic so that you may fill out said template with all of the necessary details and such. Below, we will discuss the different portions of the template, what they mean, and how you should fill them out.

Clan Name: Clans are similar to families and the clan name tells us the name of the clan as well as (usually) the last name of all members in the clan. There are cases in which a character is born with the bloodline of a clan but inherits a name that differs from the clan name. This is possible but rare.
Home Village: This part of the template is where you put which village the clan first originated in. It does not have to be the place that the clan resides in to this day but it is where it got started. This can also be put as "Wandering" if your clan wandered around at the time rather than having a distinct village.
Symbol: This rather self explanatory. All you have to do is provide a small image of your clan's symbol. This symbol should be relatively simple and define your clan in some way. Most members loyal to your clan will bear this symbol as a crest on their clothing.
History: This does not have to be long and detailed but it does have to provide any important details in your clans history that make it unique or define your clan. Typically this consists of the lore surrounding the clan as well as where it originated and how the bloodline came to be, if any.

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: The name that has been given to the bloodline. An example of this would be the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan, the Hyuuga chans Byakugan, and so on and so forth. There are examples of bloodlines which don't have a name. In such cases you can be creative with the name or simply state "So-and-so's Bloodline" with "So-So" being the clan's name. If the clan has no name, you may state the person with whom the bloodline originated with.
- Originating Clan: This is where the bloodline first sprung up. If it originated with your clan, simply put your clan's name here. If your clan inherited the bloodline from another clan or something along those lines, you may state the clan your clan it inherited the bloodline from here.
- Appearance: This is the general appearance that the bloodline gives the user. This can be both passive and active. An example of this would be "Members of the Uchiha clan have blue eyes." or "When active, the Sharingan turns the iris of the member red with black tomoes surrounding the pupil."
- Description: This is where you describe what abilities and other things that your bloodline grants. This can branch from a range of things but please be descriptive. Take note that stat boosts granted by your bloodline should be around the 15-30 area. This is total. There may be exceptions for clans centered entirely around the stat boost but that is the general limit.
- Requirements: What are the requirements to possess the bloodline? This is in case someone outside of the clan wishes to acquire the bloodline. Does it require the DNA of the clan? Blood of the clan? Just the eye? Try to be a little descriptive with this. By default, we will use logic. If you do not put any particular method of obtaining the bloodline then we will assume eye transplants for doujutsu, blood transfusion for otherwise.
- Other Information: Any other details about your clan or your bloodline. Anything you wish to say about it that has not already been covered in the other fields.
Clan Element: This doesn't have to be an advanced element. It can be any element, even a basic element. It's basically the element of choice for your clan and the element that they tend to choose. You are not required to know your clan's element to be in the clan.

That's all for now! If you need any assistance with creating your clan, please create a topic Here or PM a member of staff. Our chatbox is also rather active with people willing to help you in your creation process.
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