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Sage Transformation Techniques

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Sage Transformation Techniques

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:04 pm

Jutsu Name:Piston Fist
Type:Senjutsu taijutsu
Appearance:A piston is created on elbow. Just as the fist make contact the piston contracts.

Range:Arms length
Duration:Until form is chaged
Effect:Creates a piston to increase punching power. It doesn't increase strength but it will feel like getting hit +10 strength more than user has

Requirements:Sage transformation lvl 2 or partial trans

Jutsu Name:Piston Fist: Style One
Type:Senjtutsu Ninjutsu taijutsu
Appearance:uses his transformation to grow jet booster-like arms that increases his attacking and throwing power. This is a more powerful version of Piston Fist, with the combination of the Jet Booster Jump

Duration:One post
Cool down 3 pst
Effect:increased punch power and speed. +10 strength and speed isolated to the arm that the move is being done on. Increased * Strength means greater force behind punch. Total damage would depend on users stats. But imagine a boxers punch was equipped by with a  rocket.

Requirements:Sage transformation level two

Jutsu Name:Chain
Type:Nninjutsu, Senjutsu
Handsigns:Around two seconds to activate
Appearance:A transformed limb increases in length

Range:15ft plus arms length.
Duration:Two post
Effect:Increase the users arm a maximum of 15ft feet to reach something that is hard to reach. This also can be used to grab an opponent who further away to spin and throw them. At will the user can retract their arm(s) as fast as their speed start allows plus 5.

Requirements:Sage transformation level two or partial

Jutsu Name:Jet booster jump
Type:Senjtusu ninjutsu
Hand signs:It takes the time it would take weave 5 signs
Appearance: The spikes on the users back open up become hollow allowing chakra to spurt out.  Splke end also move so they point downward.

Duration:2 post
Cool down5 post
Effect:Allows the user to quickly propel them through the air with chakra .  This is meant to increase jumping height and dash.  It is not long term transportation and can't let the user hover. Speed at which the user jumps or launched is + 15. Note they don't run at an increased speed. So if the spikes are blocked up the user cant run or jump higher/faster

Requirements:Sage transform lvl 2

Jutsu Name:Destroying Axe fist
Type:Senjutsu, Taijutsu
Appearance:A large curved axe that forms on the outside of the forarm.  The blade curves over the fist so that punches cut however there is enough room between the blade and fist that would allow user to hold and pick up objects with the blade being in the way.  The blade starts three inches from elbow and continues three inches past fist

Range:arms length the blade its self length of for arm
Effect:A large axe is formed. It is techniqually made of skin but hard as metal so if the axe should be broken then it damage user.  Over strength is dependent on the users base health (not weaker if the user is damaged).  This technique has shown to be be able to take hits from the executioners blade with out damaging.  Chances are if the attack would break a quality weapon (not standard ninja tool) then it would break the technique.

Requirements:At least partially transformed

Jutsu Name:
Type:Senjutsu Ninjutsu

Duration:1 post
cool down1 per fight. Twice with penalty and cool down of 15 post, doesn't have to just be technique users post.   after the second released they loose access to level Partial transformation and lvl 2 for the rest of thread and 24 hrs
Effect:A blast a of pure chakra. While still inferior to tailed beast bombs that would break through Doton walls and A-ranked barriers. Its take 1 Raushom gates two stop this technique without injury.

Requirements:lvl 2 transformed


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Re: Sage Transformation Techniques

Post by Takeshi on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:09 am

Can You separate this thread into a single technique in each of its own individual thread? Thanks.


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Re: Sage Transformation Techniques

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:16 am

I did posted them all separate this is just left over from b4 I needed a list so that I could make sure that I buy them all eventualy


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Re: Sage Transformation Techniques

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