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Henshin (WIP)

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Henshin (WIP)

Post by Venus™ on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:49 pm

Clan Name: Henshin
Home Village: None- Nomadic Clan
History: The Henshin Clan has little to no recorded history, the reason being they prefer a much more simple life style than that found in a village. Much like a hunter gather caravan they travel from place to place living off the land in a way they worship it and only venturing into villages when they seek to trade their good for luxuries such as clothing. They are all very close knit family wise, together they raise the children and hunt for food. They are excellent crafts men and have a talent for using herbs to treat or cause illness, other than a few traditions not much is know about them.

Tradition One: The First Born
The first born holds a very important role in the clan, form birth they are showered with love and attention. At meals they get the first pick, to insure they have their fill no one else is permitted to eat till they are satisfied. They are treated much like a god amongst their clan mates, till their 12th birthday that is. After that they are expected to repay the clan for all of its kindness, and pay tribute to mother earth. Upon a stone alter that the clan crafts in a matter of days the child may lay perfectly still (With the assistance of a paralysis poison) as the mother and father carve out its still beating heart while chanting to the Mother Earth thanking her for the gift that she had bestowed on them hundreds of years ago. Once the chant has ended the body is split open revealing the insides, but is done so as to not kill the sacrifice who will eventually die of blood loss.

Tradition Two: Becoming One With Nature

As the children grow they are taught that nature is power and when you become one with nature you in turn inherit power. The moment a child learn to walk and talk they begin to learn the Clans Perfect Transformation Technique, they learn to turn into their brothers and their sisters but are not yet permitted to take on the forms of the creatures that walk the earth along side them. Once they master the human transformations they are sent out into the wilderness alone where they are told to sit and wait till their animal spirit comes and finds them. They are not to approach the animal, they are expected to become one with it once they think they are one the child is to take on the shape of the animal and approach it. If the animal flees they are expected to never return to their clan for they are not yet one with nature and never shall be.

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: Perfect Transformation Technique
- Originating Clan: Henshin
- Appearance: When in their birthed form the members of the clan have very animal like eyes, and slightly enlarged canines. Unlike normal humans their eyes tend to reflect light at night indicating they have keen low light vision. They also tend to be shorter than most people heights ranging from 4'8-5'5, and have a naturally limber build.
- Description: Perfect Transformation is exactly what it sounds like, it is a transformation jutsu. The difference being it goes well past just outward appearances. The clan members broke it down to a science, not only does the outer appearance change so does the internal. If given the knowledge the user has the ability to alter their smell, blood type, and genetic make up. In the end it all comes down to science, if an individual doesn’t know anything about the anatomy structure of a bird then turning into one would be almost useless considering the ability to fly would be well outside their range of knowledge. Not only are the users able to transform completely, but if they so chose they con just add onto their body. (Claws, fangs,ect.). The blood line is not without its limitations though, if stuck in one form to long they ability to change back exerts more chakra to reverse. If someone retains a specific form for over a week then well one could say they better love the body they are in because they are stuck that way. Transformations also take time and in the heat of battle pushing the process to speed up has is psychical back lashes.
- Requirements:
1. Requires The Blood Line
2. Medical Ninjutsu past level one.
2.Transformation Abilities Based On Rank: Their are 4 levels of transformation and each has it limitations.

At the rank of Novice an individual is rather limited to what they can really do. At this rank you have little medical skills so any transformation done must be external only and must require minimal fluctuation in bone structure. The max height difference one can achieve is 8 inches either way. In order to achieve the first level one must go though a 500 word training post. (May Start At This Level)

Novice: Human transformations, and Minor Partial transformations(Horns,Claws,ect)
Chakra Cost: Full(5 points)/Partial(2 points)
Time: Full(Full round action)/Partial(Move action)
Speed Up For Quick Change: -5 HP/-3 HP
Requirements: Bloodline, Training Post

At the rank of adept a ninja must already be trained in medical ninjutsu, the reason being at this point the body is able to undergo much more extrema transformations that involve rearrangement and size adjustment of the bone structure and shifting placement of organs. Without the proper knowledge the individual could not hope to have a successful change. In order to achieve this level one must go though at 1500 word training post.(May Start At This Level)

Adept: Human transformations,medium creature transformations(wolves,foxes,larger birds ect.) and Complete Partial transformations
Chakra Cost: Full(5 points)/Partial(2 points)
Time: Full(Full round action)/Partial(Move action)
Speed Up For Quick Change: -10 HP/-3 HP
Requirements: Bloodline, Training Post, Medical Ninjutsu

At the rank of Changer one is granted the ability to alter their own blood type, this of cores takes time leaving most transformations at this level are not wise to use in combat. In a lot of cases the individuals will be left defenseless for two rounds. In order to achieve this level one must go though at 2000 word training post.

Chnager: Human transformations (Minced blood type.)
Chakra Cost: Full(5 points)/Partial(2 points)
Time: Full(Full round action)/Partial(Move action)
Speed Up For Quick Change: -10 HP/-3 HP
Requirements: Bloodline, Training Post, Medical Ninjutsu

- Other Information:
Clan Element:


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