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Oni [Ready To Be Graded]

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Oni [Ready To Be Graded]

Post by Oni on Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:13 pm

Name: Oni
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: 03/11

Weight: 84kg / 185lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Grey
General Description: Hair & Face : Sitting upon an oval shaped head, is a messy mop of jet black hair standing out against his pale complexion. Some of the dark strokes in a graceful combed over style, going from right to left unlike some of the other wilds tufts of hair randomly sticking out in various places. It doesn’t look too messy as a whole but some may say he needs a haircut because his hair sways at the slightest blow of wind. His characteristic bangs are long enough to tickle his eye lashes ever so slightly. Oni’s face seems to have been chiselled and his high cheek bones make this apparent, giving him a slender face shape until it is rounded off by a slightly protruding chin. His eyebrows are perhaps one of his most noticeable features as they slant upwards in a natural arch.  His eyes are an incredibly dark grey and have always seemed eerie, spooking many people who look him directly in the eyes. Oni’s lips are a dark pink colour mixed in with hints of purple giving his lips glossy look. His top lip is almost half the size of his bottom lip showing a clear size difference between the two. In his bottom lip however, he has a small mark directly underneath where his insanely large canines are, which cage in his long and almost forked tongue giving off a resemblance to a type of lizard. His facial hair makes him seem quite casual but presentable at the same time, not having too much and not being too long. The hairs on his chin are around 1 mm short and give a smooth sensation on the skin of whoever’s touching it. He’s got the same sort of moustache, kept clean by shaving it quite frequently, but by leaving it slightly visible, it shows his casual, laid back side.

Body & Clothing: Oni stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, just under average for fully grown man. His body is made grander however by his impressive muscles. Two large pectoral muscles elevate his chest from the rest of his body, before it dips down to the start of his abdominal muscles. These muscles aren’t packed out, but are defined enough to be seen quite easily. His arms and legs are quite long, giving him a long arm span and leg span. His flesh is encased within a rock hard natural suit of armour, built up over the years, almost as tough as lizard scales. He often goes around topless, showing off his remarkable body to the world. He almost always wears his black weighted trousers, worn with a martial artist’s purple and one white striped belt. His black trousers are designed with pale green patterns on them, resembling calm fire, something that people could say his personality reflects. On his hands he wears normal fighting mitts decorated in the same fashion, black, with pale green flames. On his feet he wears black plimsolls lined with a white stripe to tuck the bottom end of his trousers into.

When he is not in that attire then he can be seen in a sleeker outfit. He may instead opt to wear a plain black t-shirt which is covered by a smart yet stylish black leather jacket. To keep out the cold of Kirigakure he may also be seen wearing a black scarf wrapped around his neck in various fashions. Sometimes it’s wrapped around his neck almost as if it is a shawl but at other times it may be worn like a fluffy tie. This is worn with rather tight black jeans, only made tight because of the pure muscle mass that makes up Oni’s quads and hamstrings. The outfit is then rounded off with the jeans being tucked into black boots, perfect to keep the water out and looking stylish as hell while doing it. ‘All black errything’

Personality: As a child growing up, he could never keep something to himself. If he had anything while somebody else didn’t he’d share everything with other people like playing with his toys, or sharing his food and even his knowledge. Coming from a family where he can remember dignity and honour was a foundation for the building of character, Oni’s roots lie in his nobility.

However, all that changed as he grew up. Seeing some of his family members killed before his eyes had the effect of sobering him up. He could now see the reality of the world. You are forced to either kill or be killed. As cliché as it was, it was survival of the fittest. This drilled itself into Oni’s mind and soon he was trying to become the best version of himself, just to make sure he didn’t suffer the same fate as those who passed away. Oni had to kill. This mind frame changed his simple innocence into an air of obsession and he became isolated as a result of this. Due to this, Oni’s conversational skills are not up to par and he can feel extremely agitated around other people. To him, it seems as if very few people can be trusted in the world and so he rarely creates bonds with others. Everything is done almost like a business transaction. He can also be extremely head strong, belting out with his arrogance believing what he believes with all his heart. It is extremely difficult to get him to alter his views on things. Oni knows that he is far too intelligent to get caught up in stupid things but sometimes he can’t help it. He is prone to trying to find some sort of belonging and therefore has random emotional outbursts if matters get to close to his heart.

Likes: One of the only things he has genuine care towards is nature. He feels that he has a connection with all things natural, aside from humans, whether that is animals, plants or even something as simple as water. One of his favourite pass times it to stand under a shower head which sprinkles hot water out onto his body. The tingling feeling that he receives from the warm water meeting his cold skin is one of the only things which brings him genuine bliss in the world. Perhaps this is why he tries to shower as many times as he can during a day but he only stays for a minute or two at a time to make sure that he does not lose little tingles which resonate all over his body.

Dislikes: Oni has grown to dislike people. He does not enjoy the company of many people at once and tries to limit interaction as much as he can. The reason why he does not like people is almost hypocritical to himself. Due to the murder of his brother and mother, he has grown to dislike people because of how they are so easily manipulated by desire. The ideas of wealth and power are attached to this through the overarching theme of greed which is an ever growing monster in the hearts of every single being on the planet. Oni does not care for wealth however. His motivation is based on desire and greed to take revenge upon those who orchestrated the murder of his family. Oni also has a dislike of cowards. If you cannot stand up and fight for what you believe in then you are the lowest of all people. If you have something to protect and you cannot muster the strength to even try to defy a force which is coming to take it away from you then you do not have the right to even try to protect it. That is how Oni views cowards. This mindset is only due to past events and his own disposition. He was once a weak young boy who was petrified. In the paralysis of fear that he found himself in, he was unable to protect the only things which mattered to him most and so he branded himself a coward. Coawrds don’t have the right to live, but he somehow did. From then on however a sign of cowardice would feel like a dagger in his own heart and became something which he could no put up with.

Clan: N/A
Bloodline: N/A

Element: Lightning/Water
Specialty: Ninjutsu/Puppetry

Stats: 165
Health: 10
Strength: 10
Speed: 50
Reflexes: 50
Chakra: 30
Stamina: 15

Village: Hidden Mist Village
Loyalty: Oni is completely loyal to the Mizukage, perhaps the only person he fully trusts.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: ANBU

History: Oni was born into a family of five, his mother, father and two elder brothers, or so he thought. They were a family who made a decent living from farming and lived quite a distance away from village hidden in the mist. They enjoyed living to themselves and kept quiet. The water country was a relatively dangerous and mysterious place. The conflict which had enveloped the world of the shinobi was what his mother and father tried to get hide away from. By the time Oni was around 7, his brothers were 15 and 17, and both felt as if they were to mature to play with him. Instead they spent most of their time either working out or tending to the animals. Oni wasn’t the type of person who wanted to live in such isolation and the only time he ever felt truly happy was his grandfather’s village. Although it was nowhere near as big or influential as the hidden mist village, it was a pretty lively village on the outskirts of the Land of Water. His grandfather, Kazuya, was an incredibly caring man who was loved throughout the village. This only made Oni even happier to visit him as he was showered with the love of the whole of the village.

His grandfather was his favourite person, his best friend. Every time he would go, he’d have these gifts and toys ready for Oni so that they could play the newest games. Kazuya was the kind of guy who made regular trips out to the main villages but told Oni never to go due to various things. He can recall his grandfather telling him that ‘the world is a harsh place.’ He never really understood why as it was the last thing on his 7 year old mind in front of piles of toys. His grandpa smiled when he realised Oni didn’t really understand the meaning, but he was sure one day he would; and that’s what he dreaded. As Oni grew year by year, he and his grandfather would see each other more often, because he would sometimes make visits to Kazuya’s village to run errands for the farms sake, but seeing his grandpa on the way. When he was on his way back, he’d constantly stop at the river as he felt peace reflected into him by the rivers peaceful current.

Kazuya had seen Oni grow from a small child to the person he was today, a much quicker, stronger person than any of the villagers, even some of the older people. However, Oni’s strength didn’t mean much; nobody in the village was a fighter anyway. One day, Oni finally persuaded his grandpa to a sparring match. After much debating and excuses such as, “my back is hurting” his grandpa gave in. Kazuya sighed, before he uttered the word “come.” With that, Oni dashed at him with the all the pace he had throwing out a fist, aiming to connect with his Grandpa’s face. In one swift moment, Kazuya extended his leg and turned his body, shifting sideways out of the line of the punch, he then pulled his leg back, catching both of Oni’s legs sending him tumbling to the floor. Oni’s head hit the floor and he remained in a drowsy state for quite some time. When he finally came round to his senses he was greeted with, “you’ve still got a lot to learn Oni, keep training and you’ll get to where I am one day, maybe even further.” He held out his hand and helped Oni up. They both smiled and with that the session came to an end.

9 years had passed since that day, and Oni was now a 16 year old boy. His parents had told him to move from the farm and he stayed full time with his grandfather in the village. He hadn’t seen his parents for a few months and his brothers for over a year. He wanted to go to the farm again, to see how everyone was, and whether he could now take on his two brothers. Before he left, his brothers had promised to spar him when he came back as a stronger person, and he intended to keep that promise. Oni was able to train for hours on end, achieving new heights for his mind and body all the time. He was also becoming more and more intelligent, absorbing the knowledge his grandfather was teaching him like a sponge retains water.

Throughout his time in the village, Oni only made one real friend. Her name was Rose and she literally blossomed as she drifted into Oni’s life. He first met her when he was 11 years old. The two had this instant chemistry and realised that there was something special about the connection they had together. As young kids they often blew things out of proportion and so made an oath of having an everlasting friendship. On a star spangled summer evening they made their way to the river that dissected their little village and swore to each other that as long as the river flowed they would never part. Although it was a little corny Oni thought that it had fit perfectly for them and cherished the memory of a time that now seemed so long ago. Rose was an uncommon name from around those parts, but she wasn’t common at all. Everything about her was different. To start off, her pale white skin tone made her seem a little abnormal, and her long brown hair accompanied by dark green eyes, made her seem even more out of the ordinary. People were scared by her appearance, but Oni on the other hand, was somewhat intrigued. She found comfort in him and he found companionship in her.  

Since Oni had moved into the small village, his grandfather had been teaching him the art of ninjutsu. It came almost like second nature to Oni and soon he found himself mastering the element of water. Kazuya disclosed to Oni that he had once been ANBU level to the old Mizukage which is why his ninjutsu and taijutsu skills were so out of the ordinary. Although he was still pretty amazing, his skills had gotten ever so slightly rusty because of how long it had been since he had last used them. This did not matter to Oni because Kazuya was still an excellent teacher. The only thing he wandered was why his parents had refused to teach him ninjutsu when he was younger. He knew that they wanted to protect him but surely the best way to protect him was to make sure that he knew how to attack, after all, offence is sometimes the best form of defence.  

However, one day on a sunny afternoon, Oni received word that his parents and brothers were all at home. This confirmation, along with the beautiful weather, made Oni jump with excitement. Today was the day he was going to see his family. Ecstatic, he shot off out of the house after he hurriedly said goodbye to Kazuya who just laughed at Oni’s excitement. On his way he passed Rose, who was sitting by the River, her feet relishing in the cool waves as they flowed by. Surprised, she looked up to see Oni who shot by her and grabbed one of her hands, yanking her to her feet. With her free hand she grabbed hold of her shoes and asked at once, “where are we going Oni!?” Full of delight, he squealed, and she guessed correctly that it was his farm. She had wanted to go to see all of the beautiful things that Oni had been describing to her and today of all days would make them even more magical. The clear blue sky faded as the dark night’s sky took over, and the shining sun was replaced by the mysterious moon. The moon’s glow kept illuminating the way for them. They had been walking for over 2 hours, but it would be worth the effort for both of them.

Once they drew close, Oni realised that the air seemed much dirtier than it should have been; the farm usually had a sweet, refreshing fragrance carried by the cool, clean air. But this seemed much heavier. As they came closer, they realised it was small particles of smog from a burning blaze. Shock kicked in. Rose realised it as quickly as Oni did, something had happened to his farm. The bright glow in the distance was the barn and the farm house. In the distance they could hear yelling, and the clash of weapons. Instinct drove Oni, and he paced off leaving nothing but dirt behind. His training with his grandfather had made him incredibly quick and with his new found speed, he came close enough to barn within minutes to see what was happening. 7 grown men were here, much larger than he had seen before and all were equipped with either metal poles, or a smooth Katana. He studied everything else closely. The orange and red flickers of the fire emit enough light to find something which sunk his heart. Laying at the mercy of the furthest man from Oni was his mother and the second of his two brothers. Their wounds were deep, and the crimson liquid failed to trickle out any longer. They were dead.

At this point, Rose had caught up to him, not realising the rush until she had seen what was on the floor. Her knowledge of Oni’s family meant that there were still two of them alive, his oldest brother Takeo and his Father. Her eye caught onto something, the ground was moving, but somehow only she could see it. The other men were all occupied with the giant blaze to realize, while Oni couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Just as he lifted his head he saw the ground break before the group of men, and two of the men were pulled down, with just their heads above the ground. Replacing them, were both his father and Takeo.

He realised that both his elder brother Takeo and his father had just done earth style ninjutsu but before he could articulate further, Takeo had done various hand signs before putting his hands together in front of his mouth and unleashing a huge fireball. The fireball burned through one more man and there were now four left. Oni scanned the floor and noticed there were far more bodies, at least 20 – 25. This battle had been raging on for quite some time, and his brother and father were still going; barely. His father collapsed onto one knee, and Takeo pounced to keep him from falling further. The four men quickly took their chance, lashing out at them with they’re blades. Takeo could sense his end. He pulled close into his father to protect him from the blades, but after a moment he realised that they never connected. Before he opened his eyes he could feel the presence of something familiar. He could sense Oni. But he did not smile; in fact he was infuriated to think that his youngest brother was here, in the midst of such a battle.

Oni however, wasn’t anywhere near Takeo, he was still in a state of shock, not really knowing what to do. He looked up to Takeo, only to see that someone else he cared for was now in the battle. Rose. She stood there, in front of Takeo and his father with a large pole in her hand. With a sharp twist she pulled and one of the men were disarmed, she thrust the pole back into one of their necks, leaving a gaping hole through his windpipe. That man tried to yelp, but no sound came. He succumbed to his injury in a matter of seconds and fell into a heap. Rose had once told Oni that she could fight but he had not really paid much attention to it. However she chose to display her skills at the same time as saving Oni’s remaining family members. Oni couldn’t comprehend it. How could she fight like that? Not scared to even take a life? Her sweet innocence transformed and she shifted into a ruthless warrior as she defended those she didn’t even know. Oni tried to take control of his body, fighting back his fear to move inch by inch. If Rose was able to fight to protect people she didn’t even know, he should’ve been more than willing to sacrifice himself for those he’d known since his birth.

Rose swivelled her body, spinning the pole in all sort of directions while the pole started to glow yellow. An electric barrier formed around the pole making a hissing noise. Takeo stood warily, helping his father gain his balance, but in that second of losing their focus, it was enough. One of the men from the ground had come out, and from behind, slashed through both of them with a blade made out from some sort of energy around each of his hands. Takeo dropped, blood dripping from his mouth, he looked towards Oni for the first time and mouthed the words, “Get out of here.” Takeo’s body fell with the last breath of air he exhaled, before finally being put to eternal sleep while his father made no effort to get up though he was coughing furiously.

“Quiet old man!” screamed the man with the razor wind blades. He walked around his father like a pack of orca would stalk their prey. Oni had just seen one of his family members die in front of his eyes. The fact that Rose was trying to help them but he wasn’t was causing him to feel physically sick. Oni tried to move but he couldn’t. All the training that he had done with his grandfather had left him and in his mind he returned to that seven year old kid in his grandfather’s village. While he was stuck in this petrified state he had no awareness of his surroundings. It was this that one of the attackers took advantage of as he pounced on Oni, throwing a barrage of punches to his head. Oni took two to the face as well and a few to the body before being dropped to the ground. However the onslaught didn’t stop there. A further couple of haymakers rained on his face and before he knew it he was knocked out cold.

Two days later he awoke in a hospital and tried to look around. He couldn’t move all too well and so chose to lie still instead. As his head throbbed with immense pain he only tried to recall one thing; what happened to his dad and friend? All he could remember was a fist crashing into the side of his jaw and then waking up in this hospital. After a few moments passed, a man walked in and explained to Oni that he had been brought to the village a Jounin who had sensed the commotion at the farm house as he returned from mission. When the Jounin had reached the scene, all he had found was destruction. The bodies of around 30 men or so lay on the ground and a description of Oni’s mother and two brothers was also given. His dad and Rose however had not been described and Oni grew hopeful that they were alive; though the fact that they had not been found equally disturbed him. Where were they if they were alive, and why had they not taken him where they had gone? Did the two go separate ways? Who were the attackers? What did they want? All these questions rose up in his mind and he couldn’t take it. He had to find out the answers and he had to find where his father and Rose were. In his current level of ability there was not a chance he would succeed and so he pleaded to be trained by the Jounin who found him.

When he was left alone all he could think about was his inability to take action. How he stood there motionless and allowed himself to be taken down with such ease. He did not even try to defend himself against the attacker and could have helped Rose and his father if he was not such a coward. The fact that both of these people were so dear to him and yet he could still not overcome his fear tormented him. Oni swore to rid him of the childlike innocence which seemed to be his greatest weakness and vowed to become stone hearted machine, just like the men who had killed his family. In the same way that they brought destruction and instability to his life he would rain down obliteration and annihilation to his enemies and those who crossed him.

After he was discharged from the hospital, he searched for the Jounin named Takeshi, who had found him at the farm. He found Takeshi sitting by a merchant who traded in different fragrances. Realising who Oni was Takeshi gave his condolences. Oni asked Takeshi several times if he could stay there and train with Takeshi before embarking on a quest to find his father and friend.  Takeshi agreed, on the condition that after Oni was done training he would enter the academy and begin his mission to find his missing loved ones when he felt he had accumulated enough experience.

In 6 months Oni had the knowledge and ability to pass the academy exams with ease. After a year passed Oni was promoted to Chunnin after acing the Chunnin examinations. Oni’s stone attitude had helped him keep his calm and kept him driven to attain the one thing which he truly desired in his life. Through his training with Takeshi, Oni became even more proficient in Suiton before he was taught how to harness Raiton ninjutsu. Armed with two elemental affinities Oni became a much deadlier force than he was before. His Chunnin life was cut short due to an abundance of Hidden Mist Jounin defecting and going rogue. The spaces which they left were to be filled up by fresh Jounin and so a select few Chunnin were pitted against each other to see who was good enough to take the remaining Jounin positions. Out of a hopeful 12 Chunnin only 4 were selected and Oni was the one to take the last spot.

While a Jounin, Oni had trained his skills as a puppeteer and became well acquainted with the style of fighting. His incredibly good chakra control allowed him to manipulate the puppets with a sense of ease and he had finesse to his movements. Oni started to catch the eyes of a few of the Hidden mist higher ups and they began keeping a closer eye on him. After watching him for a year and a half they finally approached him to take up an ANBU position. Of course, this was the hidden mist village and there was one particular part on the ANBU that he wished to be part of. The Hidden Mist was known for its unusually high number of defects and so the ANBU had a few hunter-nin. Oni requested that he was given a role as a hunter nin as it would give him a better chance of running into someone he knew from his past life. After agreeing his role in the ANBU he settled down and grew closer to the Mizukage. Oni felt an attachment to this village and its head as it had opened its doors to him when he was in need. It had helped to transform him from an innocent, naive kid into a battle-hardened, intelligent man who knew his own value. It had given him the power he needed so that he would never feel cowardice again. It had given him a new lease on life which allowed him to pursue closure on his past one.

Family: Kazuya (Grandfather), Kishimoto (father), Takeo (elder brother), ??? (eldest brother).
Deceased: Mother and third eldest brother.
Acquaintances: Rose.

RP Sample: A thick shroud of mist covered the village. The air was so dense of fine particles of water that Oni felt the moisture settling into the pores of his skin. He vanished from the village and arrived outside an abandoned old hut some way off a quiet path. In the cover of the dense trees accompanied by a thick fog he waited silently for his target. He sat motionless just as he had been doing for the past few hours. He had been given a job and that was what he was going to complete before he even had the thought of moving. His target was an ex Jounin who had once patrolled the streets of Kirigakure. Once he turned rouge though he had used his extensive knowledge of the village to exploit it and it had gotten out of hand. He had to be stopped and Oni was given the task to do that. Come out, come out wherever you are. Oni's eyes fixed onto the door of the hut which slowly creaked open. A little smile crept up slowly on his face before turning into a fully blown grin. He was about to go and play with his prey for the day.
Other Characters: N/A (first character)
Projected Activity: Around 3-4 hours a day until after my final exams. After that I’ll be on pretty much all day.
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Re: Oni [Ready To Be Graded]

Post by Lelouch on Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:58 am

Since you're going clanless, I'll approve you for the extra element or specialty. Approved.

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