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Keruto No

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Keruto No

Post by Jojo Soren on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:09 pm

Clan Name: Keruto No
Home Village: Wandering
Symbol: Symbol

History: A clan originating in Kirigakure, this clan was considered more taboo than that of the Kaguya clan which was wiped out after their attack against the Kirigakure village. However with Keruto No, the clan was wiped out as a warning for all those of the clan that had achieved the stage three status. There were originally five of the stage threes, no more and no less, until there was a clan that had wiped them off the planet. A clan that originated from the establishments in the land of snow and found refuge in kirigakure. This clan was the Yuki clan, famed for their ice jutsu. This is the bane for the stage threes as Ice Jutsu is like a living shell to their bodies. Only way to completely seal a level three is encasing them in ice afterall, and three of these immaculate five were sealed up that way, in never melting ice. The remaining two fled to different countries, lands and changing their names and identities. It was due to this that the clan forever is hidden until a stage three will reveal themselves once again, and at that time they may still be considered taboo enough to encase in ice, unless they are used as weapons for destruction at which time there is no telling what will happen.

Clan Bloodline
- Bloodline Name: Keltiasome
- Originating Clan: Keruto No
- Appearance: There is a different appearance for each styled kekkei genkei level, from a simple sigil on the body to a euphoric eye. The eye is a stepping stone though, from the way the power of the clan is, the eye power starts in the left with a single vortex shown as the clan's symbol that replaces the pupil. This is the start while soon the sigil in the eye transfers and both eyes are like this. This is stage two of the eye power. However once the user of Keltiasome reaches stage three, their eyes return to what they once were while somewhere on their body forms the same clan symbol in a red color.
- Description: This clan has three stages to their one power.

Stage 1:
The power is in their left eye can be activated and deactivated at will, while there is a cool down and run time depending on the power which is unique to all those who fall under this skill. However one thing is common among all those with this skill is that the power in that eye is a double edge sword. It raises the potential of the primary fighting style or mental capability while the opposing edge is the non-chosen side. For a primary skill the eye grants a physical bonus of +1 for physical uses or a rank bonus of +1 for chakra uses during duration of three posts. However, the cool down is also three.

Stage 2:
The power is transferred to the right eye and shared between both. The power is not on all the time and cannot be deactivated or reactivated. In this state there is a static bonus to the original choice during stage 1 that cannot be changed after the original use. However the downside to this is that the flaw of the bonus is doubled for the flip side. If one went physical, then their chakra is dropped by half; whereas, if the person went chakra, then their physical is dropped by half.

Stage 3:
This is the heightened sense that actually has some bonuses but large drawbacks. To enter stage 3, one of the immortals must give their heart in replacement to the stage two entry. Only stage two entries can become a stage three. Also in the flip of this, all bonuses go away as do the drawbacks and are replaced by immortality. The user of stage three however is bound to never possess elemental chakra signatures, cannot use offensive or defensive jutsu/techniques, and their immortality will regenerate their bodies fully, no matter how big the damage is, in three rounds during the thread. After those three rounds there will be a cooldown time of two OOC weeks before another regeneration can take place. The only two ways to kill a stage three is:

    1) To be a stage two and have them give their heart to the recipient, OR
    2) Completely remove their heart or sever the head from the shoulders.

However a way to trap a Stage 3 for good is encasing them in ice that does not melt, the yuki clan is the only one known to date to have done this. There is one more bonus, the stage three can give stage ones to anyone they see fit, but once they do this, the entry gives up all old bonus as well as their kekkei genkei/tota in place of this clan's.

- Requirements: Only 2 members at a time can have stage 3. Must have the approval to join from either Lelouch or Jojo Soren, or any current stage 3 IC'ly. Cannot OOC'ly join this clan without permission from staff. Max of 8 total members of the clan regardless of stage.
- Other Information:  All members have a single appearance defect of where the clan symbol is placed on them in some location that can either be hidden or revealed but no matter where this location is, the symbol will glow the color of the practitioner's chakra aura whenever chakra runs through the user's veins.
Clan Element: N/A
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Re: Keruto No

Post by Suijin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:22 pm

Approved unless staff sees another issue~
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