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Belac Uchiha

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Belac Uchiha

Post by Belac Uchiha on Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:44 pm

Name: Belac Uchiha
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Birthday: 9-10

Shoulder length black hair, shining happy black eyes, medium build, and a warm smile, this how his body is most of the time. He wears a black hoodie/coat that breaks at the navel, underneath is a white t shirt, and black pants, with black boots to match.

Personality: Caring sweet, and much diffrent from most Uchiha, Belac is one of the biggest teddy bears you'll ever meet. He hates to kill, using it as a last resort. He also is very excepting of other clans, even Senju and Hyugga. He is normally seen hearing a smile, one that shows he cares, and hardly ever frowns. He is all around happy and a laugh it off person. However, if you A: hurt his friends or B: do something stupid, (think of anything HUGE like hurt your kid with no reason, murder as your 1st resort, r*** or other stuff like that) He will change, either pittying you or HATING you. He is especially hard on his friends when if comes to this beating to the brink of death for things like this.
Likes: meat, sweets, all of the good things in the world.
Dislikes: spicy food, asses, all of the bad stuff in the world, bitter food, and most seafood.

Clan: Uchiha
Bloodline: sharingan 3 tomoe

Element: fire
Specialty: ninjustsu  

Chakra: 40

Village: Leaf
Loyalty: Leaf village
Rank: Chuunin

History: The life of Belac Uchiha was normal life for a shinobi...until his 1st chunin mission. He had been a prodigey with is Uchiha abilities, though he never had Sharingan, until that day. Him and his old squad member and GF were on thier 1st chunin mission together, but ended up fighting a MUCH quicker shiniobi who killed hsi girl friend before his eyes. The anger welled in him and he unlocked two prong sharingan in both eyes. He brutataly murdered the man in blood rage, and then laided down with her corpse. It took two days for a search and rescue team to find him and bring him back to the village. He then promised not become stronger and prevent this from happening again. He trained and train and trained, till his old teacher gave him a reality check. He took him out and sparred against him, beat him down, then ranted at him for  "being an idoit". After this Belac became the loving, kind person everyone knows today. He recently has become interested intraining some of the new generation.
Family: Mom, Dad
Acquaintances: most of the people in the village

RP Sample:
Belac walked through the general area, smiling as bright as usual. He looked around and walked to the ramen shop. He sat down and ordered his usual amount, which was around 10 bowls. He clapped his hands and smiled. “THANKS FOR THE FOOD!” He said as he started on the 1st bowl. He had almost finished when a person from the nearby bar was thrown through the wall and into the ramen shop. Belac let out a loud sigh. “I’ll be back.” He said walking over to the bar, expecting some idiots fighting. Then he saw a jonin was drunk and using a very devastating fighting style. His face became serious as he jumped into the ninja’s way, trying to get eye contact, which was hard with a drunk person. The ninja tripped and his leg fell on the side of his face, sending him into the wall. He got up, huched over in pain “dang…it….gotta stop him…before…..he injures everyone. He activated his sharingan, using his analytical abilities, and attempted to predict his next move. “he’s gonna trip right aboooooooout… now!” he said, as the man fell, putting his eyes infront of the man. While he succeeded in putting him to sleep….the man’s mouth landed on his causing him to jolt up spitting.

One of the other bar mates laughed. “Didn’t know you swung the way Belac!!” He said joing ly. Belac looked up at him the laughed along.

“Neither did I!” He said with a huge laugh all of the other bar mates joining in. He stood up and took the jonin to prison, talked with a few of the guards, and left on his way to the ramen shop. When he sat down he was given three bottle of a great quality, 45 year old wine, but denied it. He then went on eating his food. Later than night, he left a smile on his face, and alugh about to burst from his lungs as he headed on home.

Other Characters: N/a
Projected Activity: I has no life, so it will vary.

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Re: Belac Uchiha

Post by Takeshi on Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:09 pm

Please copy the template's code, make sure the form is bolded. For reference, check the other apps.


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Re: Belac Uchiha

Post by Suijin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:01 pm

Approved unless staff sees an issue.
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Re: Belac Uchiha

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