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Hazama Hyuuga

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Hazama Hyuuga

Post by Kousuke on Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:08 pm

Name: Hazama Hyuuga
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: 1/2

Appearance: Physical Features: A very muscular man with a command respect persona. His eyes show no emotion, they are snow white, but a sure sign of purity. His face seemed to be calm and relaxed when in dangerous situations.
Other than that Uson skin tone is slightly darker than other Hyuuga members
Distinguishing Feature(s): 4 Kanji signs on each of his abs, (except 2) and one in the center of his chest being the last kanji symbol.
1st Kanji Top right Abdomen-Denial
2nd Kanji Top left Abdomen-Anger
3rd Kanji Bottom right Abdomen-Bargaining
4th Kanji Bottom left Abdomen-Depression
5th Kanji Center of Chest-Acceptance

Height: 6'11
Weight: 265
Hair color: Hair Color and Style
Long black hair that is free flowing. Appears to like wearing his hair style in thin well kept manner, but layered over his eyes from time to time. The length of his hair moves to all the way to the back of his ankles, all the while two of bangs hang forward over his eyes.

Eye Color: White
Looks Image:
Looks Description:� Face & Head
Hazama has a very muscular jaw line with oval shaped white eyes that hint understanding that, Hazamaknows of sadness in his soul. Upon his forehead I he wears a gold fore head protector with two six inch horns protruding. Upon his neck he wears ivory prayer beads that shine brighter under The Sun & Moon's light. Each bead is sealed with a special fuinjutsu.

� Upper Body Attire & Torso
Hazama has a finely tone upper body of a shinobi his age. His body isn't ripped or hulking in size, but simply by looking at him one could tell his body is in excellent health. His abs, and arms are well defined with a shimmer of glisten. Sporting an inverted version of the traditional Hyuuga clothing. The color of his upper attire happens to be an all-white robe, with a crimson hood attached to it with little scarlet stitching woven into the sides of his attire. .He likes to wear his open showing his bare chest & Kanji.

� Arms
On his left hand Hazama wears a white bandage which extends all the way past the elbow, but doesn't succeed the knuckles.

� Lower Attire
Hazama wears large loose fitting white pants that are made of entirely of silk. Laced on both leggings are patterns that resemble claw marks. The patterns on the left legging are black, while the opposite design is basked in blood. Around his waist Hazama a shinobi utility belt which contains numerous scrolls, however this is hidden by ebony sash that blows in the wind.

Personality: Hazama's been through some tough times, but he's handled them well. By now, he's close to unshakeable. No matter what, he's likely seen worse. Still, he's put that past him. Hazama is very well-adjusted at this point in his life. He's come to terms with the horrors in his past. The Hazama people know today is very laid-back and happy. Those meeting him would never guess the hell he had been through. He's relaxed, friendly, and tries to be hip with surprising success for someone of his age.

Of course, nobody should mistake his casual attitude for genuine carelessness. He is head jounin, after all, and there's a very good reason he's so relaxed about most things. Hazama's a lot sharper than he lets on. He got his rank as much from cleverness as from raw power. He's a shrewd commander, and a cunning warrior even on his own. He's well attuned to his surroundings, having keen situational awareness even when his Byakugan is inactive. With it activated, he becomes downright terrifying. Hazama is well aware of his own strengths and weaknesses, working to compensate for the Byakugan's blind spot.

As an Anbu, Hazama he is rarely seen in public eye by those he has sworn to protect, and guide. It's simply he is not concerned with being seen, as he'd rather be heard. What takes up most of his time is his training. . He is often training his body to do things which are what some could say death defying. Hazama takes pride in his workout regiment, and doesn't like to be disturbed. During the day time Hazama will take extremely long naps, to allow his mind and body to rest (So he claims). This can often annoy other, or worry some, as they don't know, if he is actually dead or just knocked out. He will often pretend to be sleep, if someone try to wake him from slumber, if that fails, he will quickly attempt to put them asleep as well so he may continue his nap, if it was unnecessary to wake him.

With his immediate family missing from his All Seeing Eye. Hazama peers his branch members as his family, but doesn't exactly tell them this all the time. Outside of the Hyuuga home & inside he doesn't treat as servants, but as regular shinobi. He prefers to fight anyone who threatens his members personally, as they are all the family he has left. His current and most precious Goal of all is to start a family. To do this he has decided to leave his village and travel the world to gain his dream of a perfect family. However he always returns every two months of the first day.

Even in combat, Hazama keeps a somewhat laid back style. He doesn't seek out conflict, instead waiting for it to come to him and trusting his skills to protect him. He will always let an opponent make the first move, responding defensively and putting down the threat with ruthless efficiency. Hazama's normally a good judge of how much force he needs, but he has been known to get carried away on occasion. He's very good at avoiding excessive property damage, though the hospital bills are a different issue entirely. Between his abilities and his sheer size and strength, he can sometimes hit a lot harder than he expects. In a fight to the death, this is less of a problem. If someone makes the mistake of initiating such a fight, he can retaliate with full force.

Likes: Fried pork with red plum sauce
Long naps
Rainy Days
Borrowing peoples stuff.

People who talk to much.
Being woken up from his nap.
People who overestimate themselves.

Clan: Hyuuga
Bloodline: Byakugan

Element: Wind
Specialty: Taijutsu

Chakra: 25
Stamina: 30

Village: Konoha
Loyalty: Konoha
Alignment: Good
Rank: Anbu (A)

History: Hazama used to be a kind loving boy who had a passion for art, and a lower tolerance for violence. One day his father Hyouma was on an espionage mission away from his loved ones, his family. As Hyouma was away a rivaled Shinobi attacked, and abducted his family as they were traveling back to Kamigakure . The three children and their mother were taken to an unknown location. There the family was tortured in many ways, however their mother Maya Li would attempt to escape and return with the help of her husband Hyouma . This would be the last time he say his youngest sibling, and mother.

Her endeavor proved futile, she was captured alive, and stripped naked of her flesh leaving nothing but raw meat, of a corpse. She was left out to rot in sun, with no skin to protect her from the UV rays, her body quickly became cooked by the suns heat, as the flies, and other entities began to feast upon her. That same day Hazama, and elder brother Hissori's world would be altered, and twisted in inhuman ways. Hazamai was raped by an unknown women the same night his mother was slain.

And there his troubles began. After the death of the mother, Hazama's captors decided to put the remaining captives to use. The children were forced to perform hard manual labor, as much for the amusement of their captors as for anything else. They beat and berated the children, doing all they could to break their will. Once they were sure that their prisoners wouldn't attempt to escape, they started giving the boys steroids to make them more useful workers. Hazama responded better than his brother, growing massive for his age. Meanwhile, Hissori tried to counteract his with medical ninjutsu, as an act of defiance against the shinobi who held them.

This desire to live burned out even when the two were abducted. He held out for hope that one day his father would rescue them and give them liberation. He gave up on that dream the day his mother died trying to reach him years ago. One day after Hazama was flogged for refusing to eat, Hissori revealed that he knew a high class medical ninjutsu, and healed Hazama's wounds. Hazma sincerely missed his father, his mother, and the youngest sibling. He wasn't very strong at physical combat at this time, but he was genius enough to create a plan to escape. While pretending to play dead Hazama, created a lesser paper bomb to use as a diversion, to escape. The two managed to migrate half way away from the camp, but both severely injured. Believing he could heal Hissori, Hazama attempted to heal his brother’s wounds, like he did for him, but do to inexperience and little knowledge his attempt was in vain. The day he lost the last of his family members. Hazamaeyes blazed with tears, and a new look. The all seeing evil eye appeared and he saw nothing, but pain, and understood immediately that absolute power was the only truth in this world. Hazama was later found by some village elders of Kiri, and was safely returned to the clan. Hyouma had still been missing, and Hazama trained his mind, and body to find him. So, he began training in to save the lives of his friends, and take the lives of his enemies.

At age of 9, Hazama, had begun training in both the Gentle art of fighting as well as his Byakugan . By the age of 13 Hazama had mastered the fundamentals Style of the Jyuuken. As well as graduating from the Shinobi academy at the age of 13. After achieving the rank of Genin, Hazama would continue to work his way up the shinoibi Hierarchy, but was often held back by his tendency for fighting in order to better himself as a close combat fighter. Often, exiling himself from the exams to practice alone. Hazama later became a Chunin at the age of 15 years. He easily swept the Chunnin exams by with his Jyuuken. With effective deliver, and speed no one knew that he had laid a finger upon them. As each opponent took out one another one by one, Hazama took his easily swept the rest of the remaining competitors. Except one shinobi, an Uchiha. The two fought with great resiliency, and managed to force a near draw after the battle, but he and Uchiha waled away as not only dual victors, but somewhat as friends.

As he grew older so did his skills as a Shinobi. Becoming a master of the Jyuuken, he was also a Sp Jounin now at age 19. Hazama was temporary granted leave, but with 3 other shinobi to find, and search for his father, who had acquired Rogue aka Missin Nin status do to his long absent from the Konoha village. The village hadn't over looked Hyouma's missing status, but simply had to gain more information. Hazama, found the man who played a part in his existence, he sat down and asked him why he never came, but he could only reply with "I'm sorry I do not know you" Blistered with rage, Hazama was about to strike the sickly man, but found out his father never came, do to having Alzheimer’s. This disease had taken away his memory, his identity, and the family he once knew. After finally finding his father, Hazama informed him on what had happened, and he forgave his father, but had to take him back to. Hyouma understood slightly, and was prepared for the expedition, however Hazama decided it would be best to let him live out the rest of his life in peace, but the 3 other Shinobi had made it their choice to take the life of a that man who was labeled a trader in their eyes. They walked out with a multiple blood soaked kunai in their grips. One threw the bloody headband near Hazama's feet, and simply continued to walk away with no form of remorse, or an apology. Hazama, understood how cruel the world really was, and how little life mattered to some people. He felt that everything in life was predetermined from his birth, do the events upon his life.

By age 22 Hazama, had been promoted to the rank of Jounin do to his extreme courage, and crafty battle tactics. He had never failed a mission, and withdrew nearly unharmed without a scratch on him in any mission. During the years that followed, Hazama had began to take a liking to a young female, Hyuuga called Amaya. She was very reserved, and very private most part. She was kind of similar to him in some ways. Hazama, and Amaya had begun to train together on their days off using one another as stepping stones. He had come to grow fond of the woman. However soon she disappeared, following her immediate disappearance, Uson hopes that he will one day find her.

RP Sample: Old RP Reply ._.

It seemed each of the multi quad had arrived. The first to arrive was one who decided to go up against mother nature, just like Hazama. It was 69 degrees, and the Hyuuga wasn't bothered by the chilled zephyr . The blonde haired shinobi approached him and asked a derisory interrogative. Hazama simply folded his arms as the breeze flogged against his body. Why should he have given Arashi a retort? He didn't even state his name, and the answer was pretty obvious. He was indeed the first to arrive, so the two held there erect in the darkness while waiting for the others in the quad to arrive. The second of the pack was young damsel. She approached with haste bolting from the abyss. The vixen's had now halted her migration standing six paces from the Jounin. Her attire was more combat ready, unlike the nameless Senju. Her grass colored hair was slit into three serpent tails that couldn't hiss. She spoke to Hazama simply stating what he was in a very blunt fashion. His face showed no emotion to her statement Hazama Hyuuga only kept to himself as the heard the grassedges crumble under the weight of another wolf had decide to run toward the pack. He like the one before him was in a dash roaming towards the quad. He slid to a halt holding the time at 1:10. His hair was much shorter than that of Arashi, Akihta and Hazama himself. However his attire was parallel to the females. They seemed to have some fetish for zippers on ebony colored fabric.

"Welcome to the Squad Zero Kenzo Harada. Say hello to your teammates the nameless genin with the blonde hair, and the young damsel Akiha who seems to have a sharp tongue."

As the fictitious chronometer had finished it's count down at the last and final stalker had arrived in Squad Zero's domain. He was part of Squad Zero, or least for now he was. He was about to call Yasha Ro something, but he quickly rectified himself quickly. Akiha quickly turned into a predator & Danireu was marked as her prey. This was perfect. Danireu seemed to scoff at the idea of Akiha preparing for combat in order to protect herself, and her allies.

"She isn't a fool. She's prepared for combat you, staying on our toes is important. Since you think it's foolish prove it to her young man. We need to find out the strengths and weakness of your abettors. So let's see what you can do. Jakirin Akiha vs Hotsuin Danieru. "

His eyes shifted toward Kenzo Harada and Arashi Senju. His facial expression didn't change he only looked at both of them before his utterance was known.


He said as his arms overlapped each other and prepared for the harmless onslaught.
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Re: Hazama Hyuuga

Post by Suijin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:22 pm

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