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Zalton Dragon of the Mist

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Zalton Dragon of the Mist

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:04 am

Name: Zalton
Ryu of the Mist
Big time Better
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday:  5-4

Appearance: Zalton is tanned skin male that is 5’9 156lbs. With shaggy dark brown about hair 3inches long that covers his head band slightly. Zalton’s eyes are red with two diagonal scars/lines going from left to right across them. He has no facial hair. Under his clothes he wears mesh chain males. He has leather gloves with fingers cut off and small metal plates that cover the top of the hand.  His head band is a Happuri engraved with village emblem.  He has generally handsome look but his facial expression is always distant bored even. When he does smile its big toothy smirk
Casual outfit short sleeved green shirt under a much lighter colored waist length green kimono with dark blue pants. This kimono is closed by a blue sash his pants are also blue in color stopping two inches above his ankles. On the back of the of the kimono in kanji it reads Luck.
In missions he removes the kimono in favor of anbu gear or a Jounins vest.  His Anbu mask is white and looks like a Chinese dragon with flames on each cheek (like he is blushing flames.)
Personality: Zalton is composed and capable of suppressing his feelings keeping calm even in dire situations.  Even when suffering via torture or not having what he needs he doesn’t complain.  But this doesn’t extend people’s lack of preparedness.  If people fail to prepare and Zalton or his dependents suffer he will scold those who were responsible.  Just like he accepts fault where others fail he also wants credit for his successes.  And will comically scold those who take credit for his work or those who are late…  But will apologize and humbly take responsibility publicly.  He is the type who considers the group before the individual. This allows him to make the tough decisions such as who needs to be sacrificed for the good of the mission.  He follows orders but doesn’t like taking them.   He is orderly and likes to be on time and expects others.  Zalton is passionate about things he involves himself him whether it be activities outside work, training, or competition.
He isn’t afraid of the dark aspects of the shinobi world and is more than willing to get his hands dirty.  He prefers assassination over diplomacy.   Despite his Service and being potential candidate Kage he insisted on remaining in Anbu. Even though there are no official ranks outside captain in the Anbu his assertive personality causes him to take charge even he was younger, a newbie amongst them.  Despite his harsh apparent demeanor he loves those who are closest to him and believes he makes decisions that benefit them.  But this is hard to tell because of the risk he takes and how distances himself from them.  Taking long missions when he doesn’t have to.
During battle Zalton calculates an opponent’s strength and weaknesses and devises strategies based on this.  He prefers to work alone but easily adapts to other fighting styles being able to work out combinations making the best use of everyone’s talents.  Most of all he brutal and fearsome having no problem in involving civilians, animals, etcetera if will help him win.  But he does so as a last resort hoping that the person will yield rather than let him go through with it.  Zalton is stubborn this regards and won’t back down when challenged publically.  He isn’t rash though he won’t let this cause him to be drawn into a situation he can’t handle.
He has a secret love for gambling. When he is gambling he is more relaxed, social, and even generous at times.

Likes: Seafood, tea, gambling
Dislikes: Disorder, confusion,

Clan: Jugo’s clan
Bloodline: Sage transformation

Element: Suiton
Specialty: Weaponry, Ninjutsu

Stats: 175
Health: 25
Strength: 50
Speed: 25
Reflexes: 30
Chakra: 20
Stamina: 25

Village: Kirigakure
Loyalty: Ryuchi Cave, Kirigakure
Alignment: Lawful evil
Rank: Anbu

History: Born near the Ryuchi cave amongst his clan Zalton was the typical member.  He was smarter and more civilized he had unique perspective on life and was more understanding of how things worked. At a very young age he would play with the snakes.  Watching them he would imitate them. Eventually they would lead him to Ryuchi cave.  It was after finding this cave and feeling the familiar energy that also came from clan members when they changed he realized the source of their gifts.  After some convincing he was able to learn to control his rage/outburst for the most parts.  
By the age of twelve Zalton’s level of control allowed him to achieve a position authority amongst them clan.  Using this position he brought the clan together and introduced rules.  He was even able to help train some the members.  The Great White Snake having denied others who had come didn’t accept other members who came.
Feeling he could learn more and grow stronger if he left he went traveling through the world
Found in the grass a love for gambling
While in the country that houses Kusagakure he was introduced to concept of gambling.  The chance of walking in with a little and using it to get more fascinated him.  And it spawned and addiction that would follow him the rest of his life.  Having won a lot of money when he was supposedly new to the game it pissed a lot of people off.  They thought the kid was cheating and that he had partner.  Waiting until he left a few thugs try to jump him and still back the money.  Despite his training and lack of desire to suppress his rage he transformed into his lvl 1 state and killed the thugs.  This however caused a rift in the negations with the Amegakure and Kusugakure.  One of the men who were killed were working as go between for the respective villages.  Each side thinking the other side had caused the man to be killed each side investigated covertly. After learning it was Zalton who killed them they sent ninja to capture him.  After brief skirmish it was Amegakure who would take Zalton in.
No one is playing in the rain.
After grueling torture and interrogation Amegakure concluded that Zalton not only didn’t work for Kusagakure he wasn’t even a ninja.  His strength was raw and his fighting sloppy, animalistic very un ninja like.  This wasn’t something that could be faked.  It was decided that they would make him into a ninja to work for them. Zalton finding that it was his best interest took this “offer” as chance to get stronger, learn more and refine his skills.  After an express Academy like education he was made a Genin it was determined that he had sufficient knowledge that he didn’t need to go through years of study.  Plus he would better serve as weapon to them now.  The village treated him like was expendable sending him often ahead of others as Trojan horse.  It was his unique ability adapt and the fact that he was raised as ninja or raised in Amegakure that let him adapt so well. Gathering info became his specialty.  And for a few years he would continue to do what was asked of him.  But he didn’t just gather information for Amegakure he also chose to spend his time gathering info on them.  He learned about their political standing military power he got as close and well informed as possible.  
The rain turns to mist.
Zalton had already learned that there were primarily 5 nations most of the power was split amongst the Rain Village not being one of them. But those in charge of the Rain were growing suspicious of him.  Concerned that they would kill him Zalton deserted and eventually ended up in Kirigakure after giving them information on Amegakure.  They had been giving him less missions and were chaperoning
Taking and interest in Zalton the Mizukage of that time he took him on as his student and when he was ready brought him on to Anbu where he would work even after the Mizukages death.  But before that would happen they would go on many missions together.  It was after joining Kirigakure that Zalton started practicing kenjutsu.  On the kages suggestion he enrolled in the 7 swords academy although he has since passed in the top of his class he awaits the day that a sword is passed on to him.
Ryu of the Mist
As ninja of the mist he honed his skills even further and came quite famous for his ability to transform because his transformation took on a dragon like appearance he became known as dragon of the mist.  As a member of Anbu he specialized in assassination and the detection of enemies.
Family: The people in his clan

RP Sample: Amused Lloyd nodded in agreement. This brat has some nerve bossing me around like some subordinate. Watching through dim light Lloyd pays close attention as Madison takes survey of the ground and pockets something.  She must intend to keep her hands free so she can make use of her weapons. But there was no limit to how much Lloyd could hold so to speak. Carefully tracing his finger on a particular torch he withdrew his hand. “I’m not afraid of the dark”.  If Madison needed the light she was going to have to carry the torch herself but Lloyd choose not to insult her further.  If things didn’t work out between the Arkem’s Captain and Lloyd he might need her assistance putting him down. “I’m sure it won’t be like this for long.”  As a precaution against whatever was on the ground that interested her he hovered inches off the floor.

In Town
The pair holds up an object reminiscent of an umbrellas with clear tops. Video Snails had been placed around the town so that the events of today could be displayed to management. Watching in silence they look with detachment.
Taken from my account Zalton on One piece rise and fall

Other Characters:
Projected Activity:I can log on most days/

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Re: Zalton Dragon of the Mist

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Re: Zalton Dragon of the Mist

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Re: Zalton Dragon of the Mist

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