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Koutetsu Nara l Konoha's Shadow

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Koutetsu Nara l Konoha's Shadow

Post by Koutetsu Shiranui on Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:02 am

Name: Koutetsu Nara
   Rank: Kage
   Clan Link:Nara
   Bijuu Link:None
Koutetsu is a fairly lean and athletic male whose looks and stature betray his actual age. Standing at 5'12 and weighing 190 lbs, Koutetsu in appearance looks like someone in their mid-teens or possibly younger. The hair which encompasses Koutetsu's head is jet black and falls to his neck while his bangs fall longer and stop directly at his shoulders and sit on the sides of his face. Unlike most of the members of the Nara clan his hair is always seen out and flowing rather than in a pony tail simply because it is more free and feels better to him. Koutetsu's eyes however are classified in two different shades, one being yellow which is always seen and its second color which is green but this unique coloration only appears when he goes into a fight. This change in coloration is due to his unique and often mistaken love for fighting or rather the planning and execution of tactics that come with it. Moving onto his clothing, Koutetsu sports a sleeveless hoody/vest which sits closely to his body and black loose fitting pants. On his arms are two tattoo's each of which are the same, these tattoo's are both of a black snake wrapping around his arms and stop on top of his hands. Another notable thing about Koutetsu is that he wears no shoes or socks and prefers to be barefooted at all times.
Known for being the quiet and reserved type, Koutetsu also carries the innate and often troublesome traits that each Nara male has. Outside of his office and around the village Koutetsu displays a kind and compassionate side for all of his village, stooping so low as to help many of the merchants sell their good or help the elderly with their shopping if they require it. Being a man of his village for his village Koutetsu will do whatever needs to be done to help his village prosper, even  shirk off his Kage duties to help with whatever needs to be done.

Outside of his Loving side for the village he also has his Kage side which is strictly business or inside of the office when his ninja report to him directly. Although he holds each one of his ninja in the highest of standards, any sort of insubordination or otherwise something else that would piss him off results in seeing a side of him that many have not been too pleased about. When dealing with things that are either private or things of which that deal with the villages dirty work, he shows an intense yet seriously manner which some confuse with his serious side when it comes to fighting or sparring.

The last bit of his personality stems from his clan heritage, the Nara's. Being a nara or well in his case has gifted him with an extreme intellect and above all a superior laziness. Although he will be as serious as he can while in his office working, he can not help but slack off and do other things until his secretary bugs him to do so or someone comes in to speak with him. His intelligence however is a key asset that he uses to help the village's economic standings as well as future military planning, however even with his high intellect he still finds himself being overly cocky when fighting someone and gets pissed when things do not go according to plan.

   Specialties: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
   Elements: Fire
   Current Stat Points:205
   Health: 20

   Technique Points:120
   Techniques/Jutsu Unlocked:



Shadow Sewing
Shadow Neck Binding
Vanishing Snake

Shadow Gathering

Shadow Imitation



   Items on your person:
   Items in Storage:
Ryo: 2000

   Your Story:

   Other Characters:
Koutetsu Shiranui

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Re: Koutetsu Nara l Konoha's Shadow

Post by Takeshi on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:49 pm

Added the ryo section and your total ryo. Enjoy Smile


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