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Training in the Outskirts - [Closed - Solo Training]

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Training in the Outskirts - [Closed - Solo Training]

Post by Suijin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:58 pm

Roxas sat in his usual seat behind the desk in front of him. Stacked along the top of the desk were many papers which needed sorting, signing, and various other actions which Roxas, as the Mizukage, was required to handle. He was to sort the papers, sign off on mission requests, among other tedious tasks which seemed almost too boring and tiresome for the Mizukage. However, he knew that all of this paperwork was necessary in order to maintain a proper and civilized society. After all, what kind of civilization would the Hidden Mist Village be without such paperwork and systems which plagued him? Yes, it was quite burdensome on Roxas, but he knew and understand just exactly why he was meant to handle all of the paperwork.

Although he longed to push the bothersome tasks onto a lower ranked shinobi, he realized that such an idea was preposterous. Allowing a lesser shinobi to handle such serious paperwork, at least some of this paperwork appeared to be serious, was nothing more than a pipe dream. He was the one and only person who could properly handle the task of paperwork and although it seemed to occupy hours of his time, he at least had some time to himself when it was over. This was why he worked especially fast, attempting to speed read through all of the paperwork and take the appropriate actions for each scroll or sheet.

Roxas brought his hand up to brush his furrowed brow, his unkempt blonde hair wavering on his forehead as his hand barely touched it. He sighed a sigh of frustration, returning his hands to their proper places among the paperwork as he continued his job. After all, if he did not do it then it would not get done. His crimson red eyes darted from paper to paper while his hand signed and wrote down details on each paper before whisking them to the side, allowing them to settle in place to his right. To his left he kept the unfinished paperwork, the paperwork that he must do. He slid each sheet into the center, one after another, doing the paperwork as quickly as he could manage. This worked for quite some time, though soon he grew weary and stopped, sliding one last piece of paper to the right before realizing that he needed a break.

'I wonder... Will I have any visitors today? We'll see, I suppose.' the young Mizukage thought to himself, spinning around in the chair in which he sat to stare off out the window behind him. The window itself was rather large and one of many, allowing Roxas to view outside of his office though not all too far due to the thick foggy mist which encompassed the area. Well, after all, it was the Hidden Mist Village. It would not be such if there were not mist covering the area as far as the eye could, or should I say could not, see. Roxas sat rather peacefully as he stared out of his window, beginning to whistle a joyous tune as he admired the foggy mist. He wondered just what laid beyond it. After all, there were many things that occurred outside of his office which he was never able to see.

Surely with his Kurogan he could see all that was occurring outside of his office? Nay, he could not do that. It would be a waste of his Kurogan and chakra. If he were to waste chakra all day he would be completely unprepared for combat should it arise. After all, situations occurred rather consistently throughout the Hidden Mist Village. Threats were imposed both externally and internally, internal threats being particularly bothersome as it was so difficult to discern who the enemy was. Roxas much preferred external threats. Ones that bore headbands, in particular. They were the easiest to spot and the easiest to take out. He let out a sigh of exasperation as he rotated in his chair once more to face his door, eyeing it almost as if he were expecting something. Several seconds passed and nothing, however, his gaze did not falter from the door. He wondered just when someone would finally enter or at least knock on the door to check on him. After all, he had many ANBU guarding the Administration Building, at least one of them had to at least check on him. Whoever entered through the door, ANBU or otherwise, would be the target of his conversation.

Eventually Roxas grew weary of waiting for someone to knock on his door and simply decided that he would spend the day to train. However, the question was just where would he go to train if he were to follow through with it? He supposed that the training grounds would be a sufficient place but not necessarily for someone of his skill level. After all, the training grounds were for those who wanted to train the fundamentals and work on their core capabilities. Roxas, after all, was far from a basic shinobi who needed to practice the fundamentals. This was precisely why he eventually decided that the village outskirts would be the most ideal place to undergo his training. After all, many bandits and rogue shinobi roamed around the area as if they were allowed to do so. Not only would Roxas be able to dispatch said shinobi but he could use them as a form of training as well. He could grow stronger and exact justice at the same time.

Roxas sighed a sigh of displeasure with the lack of training utilities in his village. Perhaps when he returned from training he would begin working on paperwork to order new training mechanisms and areas for the village. The young male Mizukage lowered his eyes and pulled his head slowly over his head as he came to a standing position, walking over to the door which stood at the front of his office with a gentle yet swift stride. His feet moved one in front of the other as he walked rather gracefully, clearly being aware of his center of gravity as well as his form and pose as he moved. He was not the type to ever have his guard lowered, after all. It was simply not in his nature to allow such a thing. Roxas extended his hand to grasp the door's knob, twisting it and pushing the door open slowly, stepping outside of his office and closing the door behind him with a silent click.

Roxas pulled his robe closed and fastened it as he made his way down the hallway of the administration building, the end of his robe swaying gently behind him as he came to the stairs which led down and out of the building. He cascaded down the stairs rather quickly, his blonde hair flowing ever so lightly in the breeze of his descent before he came to a halt at the bottom, almost gliding as he walked over to the exit and left the building. He stepped forward through the thick mist, moving away from the administration building at a gradually increasing pace. He moved his feet in sync with each other, every move calculated as even the most minute movement was focused on. He walked through the thick mist for quite some time until he finally made it to the outskirts of the village, the gentle winds of the outskirts sending the end of his robe flickering ever so lightly as if it were a lit candle.

With a gentle sigh he unsheathed his sword, Kuro-ko Ken, from it's sheath and pointed in the general direction of a single bush, which now swayed from side to side with the movement of someone in it. "I sensed your presence rather quickly. Reveal yourself." Roxas commanded authoritatively, his eyes scanning the area quickly before activating the Kurome form of his Kurogan. He could now see around himself completely. There were no blind spots to his sense of sight now, just in case there was more than one opponent that he was unable to sense. From behind the bushes stepped out the suspected threat, a man who stood approximately six feet in height. He was rather muscular and well built, his muscles protruding through his clothing as he now drew a sword from his back. "Yo mizukage, I'm afraid my client is paying big for your head. I suppose it's better I run into you out here than in the village, though." the guy went on and on, rather annoyingly, to Roxas's discontent.

Roxas now sighed, a little happy that this man had revealed himself as he now had someone to fight for his training. "Draw your weapon, fool." Roxas advised him, pointing his Kuro-ko Ken directly at the man. "Or you will die where you stand." He muttered the last part rather strictly, his voice showing just how serious he was in his threat. "Woah, you're pretty serious. You need to chill, man. Relax before you die. the man spat back, his face relatively casual as he shot a smirk at the mizukage, his eyes suddenly flaring as he charged at Roxas with the full extent of his speed. Roxas simply stepped to the side at the very last moment, jabbing the man in his abdomen with the hilt of his Kuro-ko Ken. The man was sent sideways, grasping his side in slight agony and anger as he attempted to figure out what had just occurred. After figuring out the mizukage was toying with him he was none too happy.

With another charge, he drew his kunai, slashing the tip of the sharpened ninja dagger at Roxas's head with relatively impressive agility. Roxas pulled back, allowing the kunai narrowly miss his forehead as he dropped low to the ground and spun around in a three hundred and sixty degree rotation, swinging his blade as he spun, slicing clean through the stomach of the man before him. With a puff of smoke the human-shaped body which had just prior stood before Roxas now disappeared, clearly having been nothing more than a shadow clone of the true attacker. Roxas proceeded to activate the second form of his Kurogan, the Akame, as he searched for the man, searching for a heat signature of sorts. With the combination of his three hundred and sixty degree vision as well as his infrared sight, he quickly determined where the man was. Roxas turned around swiftly, his eyes narrowing in on the heat signature as he swung his blade once more, this time meeting resistance.

The man stood before him, brandishing a sword, which he had used to block Roxas's attack. Roxas followed up with a second and third attack, however, once more facing resistance as the man skillfully blocked each blow of his blade. "Damn, even for a Kage you're pretty powerful." the man muttered as Roxas said nothing, simply attacking again and again with the slow speed which he had determined to be just enough for the man to block. After all, what was training if he killed his target already? He continued to clash swords with the man until finally he increased his speed, pushing the man to his very limits before increasing his speed once more, stabbing the man clean through the chest with his Kuro-ko Ken. The blade, with a gush of blood shooting in all directions, cut clean through the man's chest and covered Roxas in blood. Roxas pulled back, withdrawing his sword from the man's chest before resheathing and deactivating his eyes, he turned to face the direction of the administration building once more. 'I suppose I'll finish up some paperwork now...' he thought to himself as he made his way back.

The trip was relatively short and Roxas was back at the administration building in almost no time at all. Upon arriving back he went to his office and sat behind his desk in his rotary chair which he quite enjoyed, spinning around twice before facing his desk once more which was now covered in even more paperwork than before. 'Well... Time to get started.'

[Word Count: 2037 for 10 SP and 20 TP]
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Re: Training in the Outskirts - [Closed - Solo Training]

Post by Venus™ on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:26 pm


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