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Fighting Style Rules & Template

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Fighting Style Rules & Template

Post by Suijin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:05 pm

Fighting Styles are the specific styles of a character who practices Weaponry or Taijutsu. Either one of these specialties is required in order to apply for a Fighting Style. Each character is limited to only one fighting style and may not have more than one. If their fighting style grants a stat boost, it does not contribute to the one-stat boost limit placed on jutsu, since it is a indefinite fighting style. Fighting styles CAN make use of chakra, however, this requires a chakra cost per post that the fighting style is used. Fighting styles do not have an upkeep cost otherwise. Fighting Styles have 50% more TP cost than standard jutsu, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Fighting Style: [The name of the fighting style.]
Rank: [The rank of the fighting style.]
Type: [Weaponry or Taijutsu.]
Forms & Looks: [What forms the user takes on when using this style, what it looks like.]
Backstory: [The history behind the style.]

Duration: [Usually indefinite but stronger styles may require a duration.]
Description: [Describe what the style does and how it work.]

Requirements: [Requirements in order to use the style.]

[b][u]Fighting Style:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Forms & Looks:[/u][/b]


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