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Satsuki " Cold as Ice " Kiryūin | WIP

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Satsuki " Cold as Ice " Kiryūin | WIP

Post by Kiryūin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:04 am

Name: Satsuki Kiryūin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: January 31


It's clear when one looks at Satsuki that she is from a upbringing fit for royalty and discipline. Before her physical appearance can be explained it is always noted that her body language is what stands out the most. Satsuki stands tall and no matter whom she looks at it always seems that she is looking down on them even when she must look up to see anyone. Her posture never falters and it is one that commands respect. Her back is straight with her chin always slightly up and out, not so much too seem like she is challenging anyone but enough to show that she is in complete control. When she walks she takes long strides that are well grounded and precise. It's because of her outstanding form that her true beauty shines.

Satsuki's facial appearance is in her honest opinion the second thing others see when they look at her. She has creamy vanilla colored skin that show no visible scars or blemishes. Her skin is also soft to the touch and lets off a light clean scent at all times. Her face is oval shaped and on her face she holds one pair of navy blue eyes, over her eyes are thick eyebrows which are " fabulous ". Satsuki's eyes hold a rather uninterested and stern gaze when looking at a person, this contradicts what she actually feels it's just the way her face has grown over the years. Just below her eyes is a small, sharp, and slightly upturned nose. Her lips are rose pink in color and soft to the touch with her top lip being thinner than her thicker bottom lip. She wears no make up on her face and has a natural glow to her.

Her racial background has blessed Satsuki with bone straight, obsidian black hair which shines beautifully no matter what the light ( or lack of ). She rarely if ever styles her hair and lets it fall down neatly, stopping just below her rather round butt. On both sides of her head two white hair clips divide most of her hair from pushing it's way to the front and being an overall nuisance. Neatly cut bangs come down in an angle to the front of her face while longer strands fall over her breast. Satsuki dislikes cutting her hair but does so to maintain her neatly trimmed ends, and at times will cut it very short so for mission or disguise purposes.

Strikingly handsome Satsuki seems to fill the role of the " cool girl " in terms of looks. Capturing the attention ( and most of the times hearts ) of females, while intimidating ( and charming ) males. Standing at a height of five feet and nine inches and weighing in at one hundred and thirty seven pounds, Satsuki's frame is rather average with nothing being too small nor too large. Underneath her clothing one can clearly tell that she keeps herself fit. Her body is toned though not overly muscular yet with obvious signs that she has a rather rigorous training regime. Her arms and legs are slender with her legs being just a bit thicker around the thigh area. Her waist nips in and her hips flare out giving her a hourglass figure, though on a more petite scale. Her hands are small and her fingers are long though delicate while her nails are always neatly done in a perfect manicure. Her feet are the same though her toes are not as long as her fingers and rather short.

Upon meeting or even coming into contact with Satsuki one could feel the intimidating and rather strained atmosphere that she presents. Growing up with high expectations in hand, Satsuki had very little room to be a child and was force to grow up much more quickly than she would have liked. This has caused her to become rather stern and develop a pessimist outlook on life, which is really the root of her personality.
Along with this pessimist psyche she is paranoid to a fault with situations and people whom she is not familiar with. This cause her to instantly mistrust and expect wrong doings from anyone outside of the village and those who are not within the Anbu. Growing up a series of events only fed this paranoia and it blossomed fully upon reaching her Anbu ranking.

On the surface Satsuki demonstrates self control over her emotions. Those looking upon her rather attractive face are usually
( and unfortunately ) met with a dour expression. There are only a rare few who have the pleasure of seeing it soften and even less to see her smile. More or less this is to keep people from speaking to her, since she mistrust people anyway she feel those who shy away from her overwhelming presence have something to hide and will avoid her. This is in no way saying she hates people, but since they usually fall into the expectations she has for them she would rather they not be around her until they have proven themselves. Satsuki is a firm believer of following the rules so much to the point that she takes it upon herself to read the directions, laws, or anything that one would expect a set of rules for. Ignorance for not knowing the rules is extremely unacceptable and Satsuki does not look kindly on those who do. During her times at the academy she was very much a disliked student because she went by the rules and had no problem calling others out on their rule breaking. It annoyed her to no end when someone knew the rules and broke them anyway, it made her skin crawl and to this day it drives her mad.

Very peculiar is Satsuki's natural preference of order goes much deeper than just the mental, it effects her physically as well. If she feels something is out of place she will fix it. A door left slightly open, something just a tad off, anything not neatly in place or in a set order, these things set something off in Satsuki and she is compelled to fix it. In short, our dear Satsuki has a severe case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ( OCD for short (. Her obsessive comes from the thought and sight of things becoming out of place, order, and exactness. These things eat away at her brain until she become compelled to correct them in what she feels as neat and in place.

When it comes down to it Satsuki is honest and loyal. She will do what she must to maintain peace and order amongst her clan, in the village, and for the sake of the Mizukage. Though Satsuki believes in following rules and following directions, she will never blindly just do so. If she feels that the orders she has been given are working against maintaing peace and order she will question it and point out the faults. If a conclusion of proper measurements cannot be made Satsuki will remove herself from the situation and happily take the punishment. In no situation will she leave her teammates to die or leave them behind. It goes against her moral code to do so and finds it utterly disgusting for anyone to be so cowardly. This being said she won't ever put someone else's life over her own or over many others. What's one life to many? It's counter productive and in the case of Satsuki she would save the latter.

Her priorities and goals do not allow her the luxury of getting friendly with the opposite sex. She would honestly rather not get involved with them in anyway other than a professional standing. She quickly rebuffs any advances towards her, seeing them as petty physical desires. Satsuki finds it most annoying when women throw themselves at men or allow themselves to be chased by many men for the sake of their own selfish desires. She strongly believes in women being treated as equals along with men in the ninja world, and not to be looked at as weaker or less competent. Though she understands that as a woman she has a slightly upper hand because of the art of seduction, she can never bring herself to use her body in terms of gaining the advantage. The mere thought makes her very uncomfortable, heck anything sexual in general causes her much embarrassment. Though she is of that age ripe for the picking, her upbringing has always taught her that those sorts of thoughts and actions were for those willing to settle down. Satsuki does not ever want to settle down and would rather die a ninja than live to be a wife. Though much of her clan expects her to produce offspring, she openly rejects the idea.

More times than none Satsuki finds battle or fighting of any sort a very serious matter. She understands her role in any battle weather or be alone or in a group is to stay alive ( and keep others alive in the case of teams. ) With this being said her style revolves mostly around immobilizing her opponent and knocking them out, killing only when necessary. She does not mock her opponents and gives swift often painless deaths. She has little patience for drawn out battles and would much rather not fight at all if possible. Either way Satsuki is a healer first and foremost and puts her best into making sure her comrades live another day.

+Her Clan
+The Mizukage
+Keeping things clean
+ Peaceful Music

-Rule breakers
-Things that are out of place

Clan: Kiryūin Clan
Bloodline: Subzero

Ice, Water
Ninjutsu, Medical

Stats: 175 [ 10+ from grand opening ]
Health: 40
Strength: 40
Speed: 20
Reflexes: 20
Chakra: 30
Stamina: 25

Village: Kirigakure
Loyalty: Her Clan, The Mizukage ( to a lesser extent )
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Rank: ANBU


The Kiryūin Clan

RP Sample:

" Uhn.. P-please give them back.. Give them back, don hurt them... N-no DON'T!! "
There it was again, just as vivid as the night before. Her body jerked up as sweat trickled down the sides of her face. The beating in her chest was savage as it tried to put her body back into a state of homeostasis. With each passing moment her breathing returned to its normal pattern. The dreams turned to nightmares and it was almost unbearable to go to sleep at night.
Tears fill her eyes as she felt the pain and guilt well up in her heart. Pulling her knees to her chest and resting her head upon them she cried silently until no more tears came out. These nightmares would plague her relentlessly with each passing day. No one could comfort her nothing would keep the nightmares away. Her weeping ceased as she took a few more moments to compose herself completely. Rays of sunshine peeked through her curtains and spoke of the morning outside. It was a new day and a beautiful morning.
Though for this young woman it was a little more than that.

Asahana Nara a female of exceptional beauty sat in her bed just a little longer to shed the sleep that seem to take hold of her body. Her day would start like everyday would. Slipping out of her bed her feet hit the soft carpet beneath them. Her morning routine would go off without a hitch. Quickly she started to making her bed and cleaning the apartment she resided in. Asahana could afford to live more lavishly but she preferred to live humbly. Moving around her house she dusted,swept,mopped and tidied up.
Nothing was messy or dirty in her home because of the constant upkeep. If anyone were to walk in the place they would take note on her heritage. From the paintings to the decor it was clear to see she was of Asian descent. Her home smelled fresh and clean but never over bearing and always welcoming. The upbringing from her parents groomed her well making her respect the things she owns and raising her into a proper female.

Asahana was finished within thirty minutes as she finished watering the last of her plants. Her home was clean and she was happy.
Looking over at the time the Nara rushed to the bathroom. She never showered at home in the morning, ways opting to go the the public baths instead. The minerals and salts in the water woke her up and put her mind and body at ease while giving her an invigorating burst of energy. During the night she bathed at home so that sleep would follow right after. Pinning her hair back into her trademark bun the midnight locks were never seen down in public other than the baths. Her hair reached down to her bottom in a straight, sleek path when it was let down . Sticking in the last pin she pushed a few strands behind her ear before dressing into a fitted black kimono and white sash. Asahana secretly wished to herself that no one would be at the bath even though it was only women. She felt very self-conscious about her body, particularly her behind which was far the round and jiggled when she walked. Walking out of the bathroom she found herself back into her room removing The Bashōsen that was placed in her care after joining the weapon corps. Securely strapping it to her back . The fan made her look like a peacock with its red and white feathers fanning out behind her. It was such a beautiful weapon and it worked hand and hand with her graceful movements. The time was nearly eight and Asahana shuffled her way out of the house slipping on her shoes,headband,and weapons pouch on her way out. Being a ninja anything could and will probably happen so she made sure to never be off guard.

The walk to the bath was a pleasant one. She bowed and said hello to a few people and before she knew it she was at her destination. Upon entering she bowed to the woman at the front desk, smiling as she spoke to her. This bath was beautiful as it was for females only and served a wide selection of foods.
" Hello, may I have the green tea and some beef dumplings please. With the standard bath. "
Asahana knew it was a weird combination for the morning but she enjoyed it very much. Bowing slightly once more as the woman handed her some warm towels Asahana glided off to the changing area. Because of her fan she needed a special locker that was bigger than most and well secured. Undoing her sash and removing her kimono she wrapped the towel around her quickly. Next she pulled her hair from its binds and let it fall down beautifully. She was certainly a sight too see as her clear blue eyes set off her milky skin which in return brought out her eyes even more.
Asahana closed and locked her locker and walked into the bathing area. The smell was wonderfully sweet and calming. Walking further inside she noticed another female. The female from the looks of it could be slightly younger than her but Asahana didn't look too long. Bowing quickly she made her presence known.
" Good Morning Onesan, are you enjoying the bath? "
Walking into the bath as she got more into the water she removed her towel as too not get it wet. The water opened up her pores and sent a chill of pleasure throughout her body. Her midnight locks floated around her like long tendrils as it hit the water until she pulled it back and gently pulled it all to one side so that it hung together over her shoulder.
The water covered her breast as she sat down into it, enjoying the feel of it all waiting for her breakfast and possibly a response.

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