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Zenkichi, the Samurai

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Zenkichi, the Samurai

Post by Takeshi on Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:36 am

Name: Zenkichi
Rank: Sannin
Clan Link: Yagyuu-Kurome, Akame, and Midorime
Bijuu Link: /
Zenkichi stands at an average height of approximately 6 feet tall, and weighs a healthy 68 kilograms. Although Zenkichi has maintained a lean physique, his muscles are naturally compact which gives him a thinner appearance than most while still allowing him to retain his physical strength and endurance. This is mostly due to malnutrition when he was still in the lab. He keeps his dull yellow hair at a moderately short length, usually allowing some to cover his dreary eyes. Zenkichi's skin is lightly tanned from spending the majority of his time in the outdoors because of his love for outdoor. His face is notably void of fat and his defined jawline is somewhere between average and slender. A small portion of his upper torso is scarred with minor burn and cut wounds, though they had faded over the years and aren't as easily visible. Zenkichi wears a default stoic expression with furrowed eyebrows that typically display his indifferent personality.

Zenkichi is typically seen wearing a light weight brown hooded coat over his loose fitting, white shirt. In addition, he wears brown loose fitting pants, and a pair of handmade leather sandals. On his head, Zenkichi puts on his hood to help block the sun from his eyes and keep the heat from his face. Zenkichi usually wears his headband around his arm, hidden in his cloak.

Personality: Zenkichi is an adventurer. As such, he has changed to meet the demands of an ever changing environment. Overall he has a versatile personality that changes depending on the situation. Mind you his mood may slightly alter that as well. Since he was a boy he's been traveling around, so there is no true sole personality that Zenkichi fits.

As he traveled the world, Zenkichi realized just what an evil place it was, noticing mainly the particularly evil aspects of every place he visited. He would never consider the benevolent parts to be greater than the evils hiding within the shadows. Always, he wished for the evil to be wiped out. When with anyone, Zenkichi suspects an underlying evil that must be cleansed, whether that be through hard work or killing.

When meeting someone for the first time, Zenkichi tries to be quite kind, gaining their trust to the fullest. While doing this he picks out all the flaws they seem to have, as well as anything he considers to be an evil aspect about them. He keeps these things to himself and holds these facts to them, making a mental note whether to fix them or destroy them.

Being an explorer of sorts, Zenkichi rarely keeps many friends. Considering his age and his hobbies, this is understandable. However, his strong sense of goodness and urge to kill those who would dare do evil tend to keep regular people even further away. No one really gets to know the real him because he's always acting as everyone's best friend, picking up traits of people that people seem to like.

When Zenkichi confronts an enemy, be it evil or not, Zenkichi is relentless in getting the job done. If he had the option to kill them, he would do so, for he reasons that if they are a fool enough to fight him, then they should do well in the afterlife. If he is outmatched by his opponent, he will keep his options as wide as possible, prioritizing survival. When fighting one below his level, Zenkichi may toy with his opponent, typically also lecturing them about their evils.

Zenkichi's hobbies consist of traveling around, and if that's not possible, then just exploring the general vicinity. When not killing off those he considers evil, Zenkichi likes to enjoy nature just as it is, be it a maelstrom or clear sunny day.

Zenkichi's morals are quite selfish. What he believes to be evil can vary at any time depending on his view of the person and the situation. In reality his principles were set at a younger age than he is already and are changed as he pleases. If he just doesn't like someone, he may just create a reason to call them evil and destroy them.

Although Zenkichi is determined to destroy all evil, he doesn't particularly find himself siding with the “good”. Really, he considers himself to be “Neutral” more than anything, especially since he comes up with his own version of what is evil at any rate. In simpler terms, he assigns things he doesn't like the alignment of evil as if he is worthy of judging people, but stops just short of that by calling himself Neutral.

Specialties: Weaponry, Ninjutsu
Elements: Fire, Lightning
Current Stat Points: 205
Strength: 60
Health: 20
Speed: 60
Reflexes: 40
Stamina: 15
Chakra: 10

Technique Points: 135
Techniques/Jutsu Unlocked:








Items on your person:
Items in Storage:
Ryo: 2000

Your Story:

Other Characters:

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Re: Zenkichi, the Samurai

Post by Takeshi on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:48 pm

Added ryo section and 2000 ryo. Enjoy Smile


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Re: Zenkichi, the Samurai

Post by Takeshi on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:12 am


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Re: Zenkichi, the Samurai

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