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The Plot Thus Far - [4/15/2014]

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The Plot Thus Far - [4/15/2014]

Post by Suijin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:03 am

Together with Sasuke, Naruto went forth and faced the foe of the shinobi world, Madara Uchiha. With the newfound powers given to them by the Sage of Six Path, they combined their abilities and went forth with their last attack. The spirit of intelligence, Indra’s spirit, together with the spirit of determination and love for his teammate, Asura’s spirit, fused together and created a power that defeated Madara’s hatred. All the sacrifices and effort by the shinobi world had succeeded in defeating their common enemy. On that day, the shinobi world learnt one lesson; their teamwork can overcome any obstacles. Knowing most of their villages are in rubble, the shinobi of the world combined their remaining assets and effort to rebuild the one, and only Village, Konohagakure, in honor of their two heroes, Sasuke and Naruto. Under the rule of Naruto, the shinobi world slowly progressed, with peace maintained.

As years passed, shinobis slowly became stronger, their jutsu became more effective, their bodies became tougher, and their skills became more refined. However, with power came greed, which slowly destroyed the foundation Naruto laid upon the village. People decided to leave the village, because they disagree with such system. And slowly, people began leaving Konoha to spread themselves out.

Hundreds of years have passed since the last Shinobi World War. Villages have expanded so much, that they are having border disputes. Kages are getting greedy. Shinobi are getting more bloodthirsty. Will you join to protect peace? Will you fight for your village’s wants? Or, will you join the evil organization that is rising, to conquer the Bijuu and gain power stronger than ever? It is time to sign your destiny; on the contract of blood.
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